Honey Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Honey Dream Symbol – Dreaming about honey is an auspicious dream of prosperity. It indicates that you are soon going to be given a windfall and be the happy recipient of unexpected blessings. Dreaming about honey also is a sign that your hard work is about to pay off in the form of a wonderful harvest.

Just as bees do not see the effects of their hard work while they are doing it, you may have been feeling like you have been working to no purpose, but have hope: soon you will be enjoying all the blessings of the work you have done, as circumstances finally come together for you.

Additional Honey Dream Interpretations

Fresh honey with honeycomb

Dreaming of honey means you need to be more open and honest in the way you communicate with others. It is time to speak out. Make yourself heard. Honey also represents wisdom, compassion, joy, love, and harmony. Honey in a dream can also simply be highlighting all the sweet things in your life. This may be a reminder to show your appreciation.

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  1. I dreamt that I was extracting liquid honey from the tree and I filled many dishes with honey. As I was extracting I was also eating the honey. What could be the meaning of this dream

    • Hi. I dreamed of honey last night so came here looking for answers. When I saw your post I was was reminded of a few things: Honey has soothing and medicinal qualities. Losing your voice in a dream could mean you are not feeling heard. Ask yourself what your father represents to you, and then relate those representations to yourself. For example, if your father represents “strength”, I would interpret your dream as: I am feeling unheard, I’m not able to express myself. But there is strength in me to take care of myself, to nurture myself, back to optimum health/healthy thoughts and feelings. I hope this helps. ­čÖé

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