Hometown Dream Symbol


Hometown – Dreaming about your hometown is a very personal dream symbol, and its meaning depends on your actual experience growing up in your hometown. Did you grow up in a small town or a large city? Were the people in your town friendly, unfriendly, or annoyingly meddlesome?

This is not a dream symbol with a single meaning, but reflecting on your experiences growing up in your hometown can give you insight into what the symbol means for you in particular. The feelings and experiences you had growing up are being evoked in this dream. It may also represent a fear of failing in your journey or endeavors, if you give up on a trip in your dream and return to your hometown.

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  1. Twice or more i dream like this .im in my hometown wanting to see my children only but i dont want them to see me i only waiting them to see outside which particularly a basketbal court waiting there to go out.im not really go in house i dont know why in dreal is to looking for them as monitoring.til now i dont know the meaning

  2. Dream of returning to my old home town to work for some project. As I walked around a bit, I remembered the old stores that had been replaced by newer businesses now in the old buildings. Happy, yet bittersweet, reminiscences.

  3. I always dream about me being chase and im always running to save my own life. I have hundreds of dreams like this one but this is just a mild one where i am not being killed but the people who i am close with. I saw myself running away from different things and people who are refraining me to go away in that home town. Theres this one guy who almost died because inforgot to let him take one medicine while he work his car for us to be save but he end up choking and i did everything so inlet him swallow that medicine even tho he is breathless and no life. And he came back tp life again. In this dream there are many beggars who are just kids being trapped in that town. Beggars who fight. Jeep who’s not letting you go down because their route is just roaming around but in that town only. They forbid you leaving and i always wonder why i have these kind of dreams

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