The Complete Guide to Dreaming about Your Home (each Room)


Home Dream Symbol – Dreaming of home is a symbol of stability and safety. This is supposed to be a place where you are free to be who you really are without fear of judgment or betrayal. The feeling you have about your home is revealed by the things that happen in or to your home in your dream. For instance, a disaster such as a fire or a flood hitting your home indicates your feeling of instability in your life.

This may be a lack of love from your family, or it may be some other form of insecurity in your home life. On the other hand, dreaming of coming home may indicate that you are about to enjoy a period of peace in your life, and that dreams are about to come true.

Your Dream House

Dreaming of a house signifies yourself. The parts of the house are the parts of yourself such as your subconscious and psychological and emotional sides of your personality. See individual descriptions for a better understanding of your dream.


Dreaming of an attic in a house represents your higher self. It can be showing you about life. An attic full of things symbolizes the things you have accomplishes throughout your life. It affirms you live life to the fullest most of the time.

Living in the attic can mean there may be financial trouble coming to your life soon. You need to prepare for this financially tough time. You may need to put in a budget and stick to it for a while. An attic that invites you warmly is a sign of great love. Visiting an attic symbolizes becoming poor. This is a warning to be careful when it comes to financial matters. Dreaming of cleaning an attic represents your desire to improve some parts of your life. An empty attic can mean there is trouble on the way.

Living in only one room of a house signifies your feelings about yourself. If the attic is a scary place, then this could be how you feel about your waking life. Consider what it is that you fear. A tidy attic filled with nice things can mean you are doing well at work. Hiding in an attic is a sign you avoid some responsibility in your waking life. What do you try to avoid? Your life may soon be filled with turmoil. When a dream frightens you, it represents you may have lived through other tumultuous times. This can be a reminder of that. It can also remind of the wisdom you learned from previous times. You may need to tap into that to help you in your current situation.

Finding valuable treasures in the attic is a sign that you have much support around you. There is always someone who will help you in times of need. You just need to remember to ask. A creepy attic represents your inner fears. What do you fear that blocks you from moving forward? Do you fear success? Do you fill yourself with self-doubt which can override your passion or actions? It is time to deal with these fears if you truly want to achieve success.


Dreaming about your backyard symbolizes your subconscious and your memories as a child growing up. It can also be about the secrets you keep. Is there something you hide from the world? What is it that you are afraid of? Being less than transparent will not help you move forward toward achieving your dreams. It will stunt your spiritual growth. This is a message that you need to stand in your truth if you want avoid a life full of trouble.

A backyard in your dreams can mean you have neglected some part of yourself. Do you go along with things as long as they do not directly affect you? Are you someone who lives by the old saying “not in my backyard”? Do you care if the same thing happens in someone else’s backyard?

Notice the condition of the backyard in your dream, as its condition symbolizes how well balanced your life really is. This can signify the issues and challenges you try to ignore. These are probably things within yourself. Stuff you do not want to deal with. These can be feelings and emotions that upset you when they come to the surface.


Dreaming of a balcony represents your need to feel protected. You may feel a need to call for support from family and friends. Dreaming of being on a hotel balcony, with a sea view, indicates you are protected by universal energy. Being on just an ordinary hotel balcony indicates you search for peace and harmony.

Balconies can also represent your inner power. It is a time to have faith in your own judgement when you make important decisions. You may even have to consider how your decisions affect others around you. Balconies represent you have the leadership qualities and inner wisdom to influence others.

Dreaming of a marriage set on a balcony indicates you will soon celebrate a special occasion of some sort. Walking out onto a balcony in a dream represents you find freedom soon. Stay positive. Avoid being negative especially in public. Seeing yourself under a balcony is a sign you seek other people’s approval. Why do you need to do that? Do you not approve of yourself? Or do you merely seek others’ perspectives on life?

Looking down at people from a balcony is a sign you do not feel you are as good others. Do you feel you are inferior to the people in your life? What makes you feel that way? This may even be subconscious. A door in a balcony represents your resourcefulness. You have the ability to ensure you have what you need, even when times are tough. Jumping from a balcony warns things are going to get rough. Surviving the fall from the balcony indicates things will improve.

Being trapped or chased across a balcony can mean there are emotions you need to release These may get in the way of what you are trying to achieve. Are you having trouble coping with the negative pressures in your life?

Dreaming of falling from a balcony or committing suicide is a cry for help. You need to ask others for help. When you ask, there will be more than enough support to help you get through the current tough times. You will eventually be happy if you try. Follow your heart. This type of dream may leave you feeling down or uneasy in your waking life. It is a time to contemplate what you want out of life. Listen to the wisdom and advice of the ones that you care about. They will help you find the right direction.


Regardless of how a dream about a basement makes you feel, it is a sign of prosperity and new opportunities about to cross your path. It can also indicate that any worries you have, particularly in matters of the heart, have merit. You need to act now. Something is not right with the person you love. A dark basement represents your anxieties in your waking life. This is a reminder to face your fears. You need to acknowledge them so you can leave those fears behind.

Basements can symbolize subconscious thoughts delivered to your conscious mind. What you see and feel in a dream in the basement will help you achieve greater understanding. A creepy basement warns of tough times ahead. You need to be prepared. Walking through a messy basement cluttered with discarded things indicates your own confusion in waking life. It is a time to declutter your life so you can see the way forward clearly. This can mean getting rid of poisonous people and material things that no longer serve your highest good. Leave the past behind.

Being attacked in a basement signifies your hard work will benefit others. Maybe you are studying law, medicine, or political science with the intention to help build a better world for the future. Visiting a neighbor’s basement indicates you enjoy working in areas where you can use your creativity and travel. Do you dream of this? How can you make this happen?


You physically cleanse yourself in a bathroom. So, dreaming of a bathroom symbolizes cleansing yourself of old ideas, thoughts, and prejudices. It indicates a growing spiritual awareness. This can be a good opportunity for growing your business successfully.

A bathroom connected to a room with white walls is a clear message from the universe. Your subconscious is telling you it is urgent that you listen. Trust your intuition. A female who has lost a partner dreaming of a bathroom can mean you need to disconnect from someone or something. There is no point continuing down this path. It is time to take a new direction.

Seeing someone cleansing themselves in a bathroom can mean you need to support others in making a major decision. A woman having this dream can mean you need to take time out for rest and relaxation. A man dreaming of bathing signifies you will soon get good news.

Bathrooms are good luck. They bring happiness to your waking life. These dreams can represent new clarity about something that worries you. Cleaning a bathroom can mean tough times are coming. You need to be prepared. Using soap to clean the bathroom indicates problems in a relationship will soon be solved and you can both move forward. Cleaning the bath can represent losing someone close to you or poor behavior that results in consequences. A filthy dirty bath can represent others’ resentment of your behavior. You really need to address this if you want to attract prosperity and abundance into your life. Seeing an empty bath may represent missed missing possibilities that could change your life.

Dreaming of being in a bathroom indicates abundance is on the way. Seeing dirty running water is a sign you are in immediate danger. Clear, cold running water indicates a life with good health and abundance on the way. Washing your feet in the bathroom indicates sentimentality. Using warm water means you have new exciting new plans. Using cold water is a sign that tranquility will soon grace your life. When the water is icy cold, this can warn of arguments and possible attacks from those who would betray you. Who in your circle of friends may be planning to betray you? Taking your time in the bathroom symbolizes the care you take with your health. Using soap as part of your bathing routine indicates old relationships may reignite.


Bedrooms represent unfulfilled desires and goals when they appear in your dreams. You may need some sort of negotiation to bring what your dream about to fruition. It can be a sign this is worth pursuing, for success is achievable. You may need persistence.

A woman dreaming of a beautiful, feminine bedroom or of sleeping in a luxurious bed, brings good news of a love unity. An unmarried woman dreaming of lying on a bed brings good news of a marriage soon. Some bedrooms can just be a reminder you need time out for rest and relaxation.

Seeing yourself in a bed in a familiar room brings news of surprise visits from friends who live far away. This can bring you much excitement. Dreaming of sleeping in an outdoor bedroom symbolizes you will profit from your hard work. An empty bed made up with white sheets, and a blanket, is a positive message that soon your anger will calm down. It is a time of forgiveness. Is this true of yourself or someone else? What makes you angry? Changing the bed linen brings positive messages of abundance. A messy bed can warn of future disappointment in love. A messy bedroom can warn you need to be careful of those you trust for someone may try to betray you in some way. A dead body in a bedroom is a sign there are those who rely on your support. You feel you cannot let them down.

Dreaming of a hotel bedroom can represent traveling for business. Building a bed can mean there may be major changes that require you to physically move location in some way. Dirty beds generally symbolize possible trouble. Clean beds are positive signs.

Childhood Home

Moving house and major life changes can bring dreams of your childhood home to the surface. This sort of dream can represent who you were at that time in your life. Pay attention to how this type of dream leaves you feeling when you wake up. This can signify a need to go back to the basics. To the roots of who you are to help you deal with issues in your current waking life. These can be emotions, fears, thoughts, or habits that have their roots in your childhood. They may have a negative effect on the life you live now or you have changed your perspective since then. Do you find the same old issues haunt you? Do you pick the same ‘bad boy’ type to love? Do you have a habit of not learning past lessons? You need to put more effort into leaving the past behind.

What happens in your dream childhood home reveals the areas you need to address to resolve your issues. Revisiting these scenarios will directly relate to how old thoughts, habits, and patterns formed in your early days. This helps you to resolve ingrained patterns to prepare you for the next phase of your life. Did your parents provide a positive, supportive home? Or, was it filled with negative conflict?

Dreaming of your childhood home empowers you to take control of your emotions and fears to build a better future.



Dreaming of a door represents new and lost opportunities, and obstacles in your future. It can mean you will have to deal with hard times at some stage throughout your life. It can also mean you have missed an opportunity to move your life forward another step towards success. Were you overlooked for a promotion at work?

Seeing a door in a building can indicate there are barriers holding you back. Locked doors can represent setting your goals too high or maybe someone is using your trust against you. Are you reaching for an impossible dream? Open doors represent achieving success in the near future.

Reaching the safety of a door and slamming it on someone who chases you, can mean that someone will soon come into your life who will become your protector. Hearing a knock on the door brings surprising news. It can also mean you are asked for your opinion on something that you do not have first-hand knowledge about. You knocking on a door warns you need to take good care of the ones you love.

Open doors bring positive energy into your life. It is also a sign you may soon welcome guests. Opening a door may reveal a new secret or you may work in harmony with others at work. It may also symbolize a new direction. A start of a new path. Seeing the front door of a house burning warns of death around you. If it falls from the entrance, this can mean you will betray your integrity. Are you planning to do something that betrays your integrity? A squeaky door can warn of conflict within the home that brings everyone bad luck.

Standing behind a closed door can suggest you will encounter obstacles while trying to find the answers. Slamming the door symbolizes others gossiping gleefully about your life. Closing a door indicates you make a conscious decision to ignore the gossip and get on with your life.

Painting a door represents you have control of what happens to you. You take your responsibilities seriously. A light-colored paint indicates you earn the respect of those who matter to you. A darker color can mean you feel like an outsider. You may feel people do not accept you for who you are. Are others always trying to change you? Do you feel others stifle who you really are? Do you feel other’s unfairly judge you?

A broken front door can symbolize your partner falling ill. If a door is left ajar, this predicts your partnerships will be long and fulfilling.


Seeing a driveway to a house in a dream signifies an end to a journey or path. It is time to rest after a long journey. You are at peace at reaching your destination. A rocky driveway indicates obstacles will soon put themselves in your way. You will need persistence to find the path through or around them.


Dreaming of a fence can represent an obstacle blocking your path forward. Do you speak your truth? Do you feel ‘fenced’ in? Is there someone or a situation that tries to control you? A fence can also symbolize the value you place on personal privacy. Are you trying to shut out the world? A hole in a fence gives a glimmer of hope that you can overcome any obstacle. This can also symbolize others trying to breach your privacy.

Climbing to the top of a fence symbolizes climbing to success. Climbing over a fence warns that while you accomplish success it may not be with integrity. Do you betray someone? Do you break the law? Has success crossed your path through dishonest means? Being ‘on the fence’ can refer to trying to make a decision about something.

Building a fence can represent building a solid foundation; sowing the seeds for future success. It can also mean you want to block something out. Falling from a fence can indicate you have overcommitted yourself in some way and face failure. A fence in the water signifies you may have erected an emotional wall to protect yourself. Has your trust been betrayed? Do you not know who to trust? A dilapidated fence can mean your life is falling apart. A new fence can signify new beginnings. The physical state of the fence is a clue to the state of your emotions.


Dreaming of a floor symbolizes those that support and care for you. It gives you a solid base to work from. It can also represent being ‘floored’. What surprises are in store for you? Have you been caught by surprise by someone? Getting down on your knees to kiss the floor symbolizes the gratitude you feel for all you have in your life.

Polished floors can mean you purposely ignore your intuition. Why is that? You consciously understand the power of your gut instincts. Why do you suppress such valuable wisdom? Slanted floors warn you have wandered from your true path. Do not get distracted.

Dreaming of a floor on higher levels of a building indicates your level of spiritual growth and the level of success you strive for. Floors on the lower levels represent your more natural instincts such as your sexuality. It can also warn you are at risk of failing.

A rubber floor can mean you are pushing your boundaries. It is a time to explore more deeply the truth of who you truly are. A rubber floor can also represent you strong support system. You family and friends accept you for exactly who you are. They ae always there when you need them no matter what.

Dirt floors can represent a need to simplify your life. The simple things in life can teach the greatest lessons and have the most significance in your waking realty. Dreaming of carpeted floors is a sign you will also have enough to survive with relative comfort. There is no need to worry.


Dreaming of a garage represents your behavior. Taking a car for repair to a garage represents there are parts of your life you need to consider fixing. Have you been lacking motivation? Has procrastination been your friend? You need to take action if you want to move forward on the path to success. Do you need help? This is a message that all you need to do is ask and help will be there to support you.

Looking at a garage from the outside can mean things are not always as they seem. Consider whether what you say and that actions you take match each other. A garage can mean you feel a need for protection. Have you been busy working for success too long without time for anything else? Do you need a vacation? You need to take time out to rejuvenate if you want continue achieving success.

A garage full of cars indicates that an older person will offer advice to help you overcome a current challenge. Old cars filling the garage, waiting for repair, can mean you will soon reap the rewards from a new project or business deal.

Entering a garage can refer to your need to reuse and recycle rather than discarding the old to update to the new. Leaving a garage can represent your tendency to save things for the future. You never know when they will come in handy. Be wary or, negatively, this is a message you are stagnating.


Dreaming of guests visiting you brings good news to your waking life. An enjoyable visit from someone is a sign there is happiness and joy coming into your life. When a guest brings a gift to your home this is a sign there are positive blessings on the way. A baby brought for a visit brings much happiness and hope for the future, and the possibility of positive growth in your family.

Having surprise visitors can be annoying as you may not be prepared. Your house may be messy or you just did not feel like talking to anyone. Dreaming of surprise visitors is a sign there is trouble on the way. It may be that someone pressures you for your attention or just want to take up a lot of your time.

If you dream of someone you do not want as a guest, this indicates this person is no longer an important part of your life. It may also be this is someone trying to force their energy onto you. Who makes you feel uncomfortable? It is time to remove these types of people from your life by setting up boundaries to keep them at bay.


Dreaming of hallways is a sign you have allowed someone to control your life. Hallways represent the lessons you need to learn. They show you what parts of yourself needs work to help you achieve success. This will help you remove any obstacles to you moving forward.

When you dream of running through hallways, it is a sign you have been through some tough times. Empty halls mean you need to take some time out to spend on personal growth. You may be too emotional to be objective. Narrow halls warn of losing material things and wide halls indicate your ambitiousness. A bright lit hallway is a sign there are petty misunderstandings around you. It is a time where you need to be careful about who you trust.

Walking down a long, dark hallway represents worry, unhappiness, and insecurity. This can mean you face some sort of trouble. Walking out the other side of the hallway means you will sort out any trouble that bothers you. Hallways in dreams usually warn of trouble ahead. You need to be prepared.


Dreaming of your home represents different parts of your character. It shows you what parts of yourself you need to work on. The second floor of a home represents you higher self and the basement your subconscious thoughts. Some parts of your home can represent different times in your life, and how you felt and thought at the time. A dream about your home reflects how you feel about yourself in your waking reality. It can also bring good news in the future.

When you dream of your home consider what it symbolizes. The state of you home, where you are, what happens, and how you feel will give you a clue to this dream’s message. If the house is falling apart and needs renovating this can mean, there is a part of you that needs work. Or someone close may suffer a minor illness. Dreaming of going home and the house is clean and tidy, is a sign you will enjoy success in work and business.

Home Improvements

Dreaming of renovating or improving your home symbolizes the work you need to do on yourself. Take notice of the improvements you are making in the dream to get a deeper understanding of the dream’s meaning. Adding an extra room to your home can mean you need to change your perspective. Be more open to different ideas. Putting a roof on your home can mean you need to set higher goals. Have you set your goals too low? Do you have any goals at all to work towards? It may be a time to reassess your life.


There ae many meanings behind a dream of a house. Take notice of all elements of the dream to get a deeper understanding of the meaning. Owning a house can mean you are doing well financially. A burning house warns of danger. You need to protect yourself. A wrecked house can mean a situation in your waking life will not end well. What can you do to prevent this? Seeing another person’s house in ruins can mean there are quarrels with the neighbors. This may make life uncomfortable a home so you may need to act with grace.

A house in a dream can mean someone makes you feel threatened. If it is a strange house, this can mean you may move house soon. Someone else in the house can mean you need to be more open in your communication with others. Dreaming of moving house indicates you have many interests you are passionate about. Do not hold back. A house usually means you need to follow your heart.

Standing outside a house can mean you are interested in things outside your home. Having work done on the house can mean you may need to do some work on yourself in your real life. A beautiful house brings joy and happiness. A house at the beach indicates it is time for rest and relaxation. Being all work and little play is not a good recipe for success.

Buying a house can mean you are in love but it may not last for very long. It can also indicate good health and wellbeing. Be careful of making on the spot decisions. Building a house signifies luck in your job or business. You have enough confidence in your skills and abilities to work towards success.

Seeing a wrecked house can indicate that someone close to you will face hard times soon. Cleaning your house is a sign of a happy life. Your life will be filled with abundance. A country house can mean you will have some financial difficulties. It can also represent a life of peace and quiet. Seeing a house being pulled down is a sign you will argue with someone. This can mean you ae not on the same wavelength as each other.


Dreaming of a keyhole represents new ideas, feelings, perspective, wisdom, and even a glimpse at a whole new life. These may be things you have never thought about before that come to the surface. A keyhole in a dream brings big changes to your life.

A keyhole symbolizes searching for something but you may not even know what it is. It can be about personal and spiritual growth. Are you keeping secrets? Is there a solution you seek that eludes you? What mysteries do you try to solve Seeing a keyhole can mean there is an end in sight to something soon.

You may dream of seeing a keyhole when you have travel plans or plan to move your whole life to somewhere new in your waking reality. This is a warning the time is not right for success in these areas. It would be wise to wait.

A keyhole can also mean you need to remove yourself from a negative situation that is consuming your life. You need to surround yourself with like-minded people and positive situations to help you walk your true path. A keyhole can also symbolize you are the keeper of some secrets and you do not really know why. A broken keyhole can mean that a happy relationship will turn sour and may even end. This is a reminder that you cannot make another love you if it does not come from their heart. Dreaming of repairing a keyhole indicates your self-confidence in yourself and your actions throughout life.

Keyholes may indicate there is an argument with someone you care for that will hurt you deeply. When you look for support you may find others lack sympathy. It can also symbolize missed opportunities. Looking through a keyhole represents new opportunities, and plans and second chances for the things that matter to you.


Dreaming of a kitchen symbolizes life transformations and changes in how you work towards achieving success. Be open to new opportunities you may not have considered before. Cooking in your kitchen is a sign of spiritual growth and good relationships with your family. Cooking also symbolizes the many amazing friends in your life. The kitchen is the heart of your home so it often indicates there are positive, happy times ahead shared with friends and family.

Being in a kitchen indicates positive communication with the people around you, as well as a positive health and wellbeing. Negatively, being in a kitchen can warn you may need to take better care of how you act and what you say if you want to avoid being sued for defamation. This can have a severe negative effect on the ones that you love if you allow your actions to become defamatory.

Seeing yourself in a kitchen can predict that you will soon marry or there will be untold happiness in your life. It can also bring good news from afar if the kitchen is clean. Expect bad news if he kitchen is dirty, dark, and dingy with no furniture or food to sustain life.

A woman seeing herself in a kitchen can mean there will soon be interesting things happening in your life. A clean kitchen signifies you will have a visit from people you care about. A messy kitchen warns you may suddenly get sick. Cleaning the kitchen can mean you are full of hope about a healthy, happy future.

Having relatives in your kitchen can mean your financial affairs will improve sometime soon. A kitchen full of food indicates abundance. You always have enough to meet your family’s needs. A kitchen with little food indicates you lack courage in your convictions. Do you suffer self-doubt? A bright kitchen indicates clarity and understanding in your home and relationships. There is much love. A big kitchen is a sign you will have a happy marriage and family life. A kitchen in need of repairs represents arguments and problems ahead.

Living Room

Dreaming of a living room represents your daily troubles and how the world sees you. Your living room is a safe place where you can be your true self away from the judging eyes of the world. It also indicates your behavior and perception of the world. Dreams of a living room represents your need of space and freedom to live your life in your own way.

Entertaining guests in a living room can mean achieving success will come at a high price. You may need to consider whether the price is too high to pay. An empty room is a sign that you have driven everyone away. Have you been happy? Do you take your anger out on those closest to you? Continuing this way will see you completely alone. You need to change your ways. A crowded living room full of an assortment of furniture and people can indicate your lack of time to attend to your own healthcare. You need to take better care of yourself.

A living room with office furniture indicates your focus is on your career, or business and financial matters. If it is full of old trash and junk it can mean you are on the road to self-destruction. You need to action. Seek help and support. You may need to refocus your attention outwards rather than dwelling within. It also means there are parts of your life or personality that needs work. You may need to change how you see the world. Not everything is all about you.

Living rooms are where you gather with family and friends, to spend time together. Seeing a fireplace in the living room sends a message of peace and warmth. It represents love in your heart.


Good neighbors can make for a peaceful life, but bad ones can make your life a misery, Neighbors popping up in a dream can mean there are major changes coming your way. A new neighbor, or a local person, in a dream indicates positive changes to your love and social life. Someone new will soon cross your path who will become a close friend. You may even meet your soul mate.

A dream of a malicious neighbor or being angry with a neighbor warns of trouble. You may end up in a fight with them or you may intentionally be pushing people away. The relationship between you and the neighbor indicates you feel like an outdoer or that others stand in judgement of you. You need to shrug this off and focus on what matters to you.

Having an affair or being too close to a neighbor is another sign of trouble. This type of relationship can cause jealousy and all sorts of hurt, as well as possible revenge. Identify the person in your dream for that is who you need to be wary of in you waking life.


Dreaming of a patio represents your openness to someone or something in your life. If the patio doors are open, this represents an open mind. If they are closed, then you have no interest in getting involved. What in your life requires an open mind?


Dreaming of a porch represents how you portray yourself to the world. Take notice of the size and condition of the porch for a better understanding of your dream. A closed or screened porch can mean you isolate yourself from others. You may value your privacy. Be careful you do not stop letting others in. An open porch represents your open, sunny, outgoing personality. You find joy in most things in life.


Dreaming of a roof indicates how well you look after yourself. It signifies your health and happiness as well as your awakening subconscious transforming into conscious thought. A roof can reflect the worries and trouble going on in your waking life. Or, you may be involved in something or behaving in a way that is not in your best interests. What are you doing?

A roof can represent your dreams and desires as well as your hopes for the future. Consider how a roof leaves you feeling after the dream. Is just having a ‘roof over your head’ enough? Or, do you aspire to greater things? This can be a warning you may be discounting the simple things in life. Some of the simple things are among the most important to be grateful for.

A leaking roof, in need of repair, can indicate you feel depressed and you are not meeting your goals. This indicates there are parts of your life that need addressing. Positive or negative feelings about a roof in a dream, reflect the way you really feel about yourself. It is a reminder that you can choose how you feel, perceive the world, even how you react. It is all in your control. It is as simple as making a choice. The more positive you are the better your life will be. If you choose negativity, then that is the life you will manifest. What is your choice?

Building a roof can mean you will have a long, happy, safe life. This is a time where you feel happy and safe in your waking life. You know what you need and want. You know how to balance your life to achieve success. It may be you sometimes feel there is something missing. Know that this is okay for you are still on the right path. This may just be a phase you are going through.

A dilapidated roof that has been left with little or no maintenance can cause safety hazards. A roof that collapses can mean you have set your sights too high without the skills or knowledge to back you. You have been operating on shaky foundations and will need to rebuild with a strong support base. You need to take responsibility for any trouble in your life for it is all of your own doing. Avoid blaming others.

A fire in a roof symbolizes getting rid of the negativity in your life so you can move forward on your true path. It is time to look to the future.


Dreaming of a ceiling refers to your perspective about someone or something. You may be trying to work something out. It can also warn you have set yourself limits that you may need to reconsider for these may hold you back. A clean ceiling means you will have a safe, happy life.

Seeing a water damaged ceiling can mean you are avoiding an emotional issue. You repress these feelings because you find them too hard to face. A damaged ceiling can warn there are those close who would betray you. You need to be careful of who you trust at this time.

Dreaming of floating to the ceiling reflects seeing things with a new perspective. Getting stuck on the ceiling is a sign that no matter how hard you try, you have trouble breaking old habits and ways of thinking. Try harder!

A ceiling that collapses reflects your ideals and beliefs tumbling down. Are you disappointed in yourself? Are your expectations too high? Low ceilings mean you need to work on your self-confidence for you cannot achieve success with a lack of self-esteem. You may still hold on to your old way of doing things. These will hold you back. Let them go. Old obstacles have no place in your future.


Chimneys in a dream signify family, home, love, and belonging. A chimney is also a phallic symbol. If it is not in use, then a chimney can represent releasing sexual tension. Seeing a chimney fall can mean you or your partner are experiencing impotence. It might be time to seek help.

Dreaming of sweeping a chimney can mean repressed frustrations are coming to the surface that need expressing. You may not be able to hold them in anymore. A fire burning in a chimney is a sign of abundance coming your way. An old chimney in poor disrepair can signify there is deep sorrow around you and someone you care deeply for may face death.

Chimneys overgrown with plants and vines mean that you may receive an inheritance from someone who dies. While you grieve for your loss, this gift has the ability to help make your dreams come true. Hiding in the chimney can symbolize the pressure you are under. You may even be depressed.

A young girl dreaming of climbing down a chimney warns you may do something wrong that embarrasses you, and your friends and family. Climbing up the chimney mans you will escape any harm or hurt.

Secret Room

Dreaming of finding a secret room is a sign that as you grow emotionally so does your self-confidence. You may be ready to take on new projects and opportunities.


Dreaming of stairs symbolizes progress towards your goals. Climbing stairs affirms you have put in the work to achieve success. Falling down the stairs warns there may be difficult people in or about to enter your life.

Walking down stairs symbolizes someone you love may not return your feelings. This is a time where you need to be open about how you feel. It is not a time to hide them behind a façade. Be warned, for if you do hide how you feel, you will lose the one you love. Seeing someone walk downstairs signifies you have recently had to deal with a nasty type of person in your waking life.

Sitting on the stairs can mean you will be robbed in life. This will leave you facing hardship in your real life. A golden stairway symbolizes spiritual growth. It is time to reconsider your current path and whether it will fulfill your dreams. Stairs on a beach reminds you need to enjoy the good things in life. It is not all about hard work. Tripping on the stairs can mean to be careful to avoid being involved in a scheme of some sort. It will not be to your benefit and may even harm your integrity. Cleaning the stairs means there are better things coming into your life to improve it for the better. Stairs are usually a positive dream.

Spiritually stairs can symbolize heightened emotions. Entering a house up a wide staircase indicates there may be friends who intentionally work against you. Climbing stairs and one breaks is a sign your financial problems will get better.

Going upstairs is a good sign but going down them can warn there is trouble coming. Feeling dizzy while on the stairs is not a good sign. Negatively, stairs represent spite, pride, arrogance, and trouble in the near future. Falling over on the stairs indicates failure. It means a loss of social status, money and health.

Wooden stairs refer to mistakes you may make at work or in business. Stone stairs indicate your hard work has paid off and now you work independently. Long, steep stairways represent being tired and feeling unfulfilled. Take a break. You need rest and relaxation.

Rolling down the stairs means you will have trouble with an affair of the heart. Dreaming of short flights of stairs warn that you need to work harder to achieve success and that there is possible danger approaching.


Believe it or not, dreaming of a toilet is all about good luck. But, it can warn to be careful to be grateful for the luck in your life and the abundance it brings. Dreaming of a toilet brings strong messages. Being in a toilet signifies major life changes in the near future. You may win a lot of money or get that promotion you wanted at work.

Dreaming of being in a sewer pit covered in sewerage symbolizes you expect success. Old outhouses outside an old house signifies your prosperity and abundance. This dream may give you a glimpse of your prosperous future. A new toilet that is not yet connected symbolizes inaccessible wealth. You may get access when the toilet is plumbed in.

A dirty toilet in your dreams reflects toxic thoughts, being judgmental, and negative beliefs and feelings. It can mean you are communicating poorly. You need to address how you talk to others. An overflowing toilet that is not flushing indicates you have trouble getting rid of all sorts of negative things including toxic people. Do you put up with endless negativity to keep the peace? Are there things you would rather not do but do them anyway because it is what someone expects?

Seeing a valuable item being flushed down a dirty toilet indicates you let something go that you have a bad feeling about. Maybe you should have persevered for success. You may have been closer than you thought.


When a veranda features in a dream it is a symbol of hope for the potential of the future. You may be well on the way to achieving your dreams. This type of dream can indicate your need for power of some sort in your waking reality. Verandas can also represent a laid-back attitude to life. You probably enjoy having the best and appreciate that your family are close. But, you may need to take more action if you truly want success.

Admiring the house from a veranda is a sign of wealth and abundance. You will always have all you need to do with what you want in life. This is a positive message that lets you know you will soon be able to afford an impressive property and materials things. Seeing the house in this dream brings stability and a regular income to support the type of lifestyle you want. This is a time where you should not take unnecessary risks. You need stability to move your life steadily forward.

Being at a party on a veranda signifies you share all that you have. This is a positive sign of rewarding business dealings or you may go into partnership with someone else. This is a great time for forming partnerships as well as for networking to form new connections. It is a positive time.

Being romantic or having sex on a veranda means these are happy times. How does this relate to your waking life? This can mean your love life will improve in your waking life. For a woman dreaming of a veranda means that you have grown personally, which is a sign you will have a happy marriage and family life.

Walking on a creaking veranda, or seeing it crumble and fall, is a sign there will be some sort of disappointment in your life. An old house with an old, rundown veranda indicates that something from your past, you have not dealt with, comes back to haunt you. This can cause trouble if you do not deal with it this time. Sitting on an old veranda can mean you live in the past. Are you are stuck in a rut in your waking life? It is time to take action.


Dreaming of a wall can mean there is something standing in your way. This dream represents something holds you back or there are obstacles blocking your way. Walls come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and these all affect the meaning of the dream. Walls usually represent situations but sometimes people too. Just know that seeing a wall in dream will mean there is something standing in your way.

When you build a wall, this indicates you push people away. If you do this, then people will go away. They will leave you alone. Is this really what you want? Creating walls against obstacles that might arise can mean you need security or protection of some sort in your real life. Knocking down a wall is a sign you are opening up and allowing others to support you when you need it.

Walls represent masculinity and can mean there is a strong male influence in your life, or there has been in the past. This could refer to your ex-partner or your father, and how you feel about them. This dream can represent repressed feelings. Do you have trouble expressing yourself? You need to stand tall in your truth. Dreaming of a wall surrounding something important to you is a sign you need to think about how you really feel about this in your waking life. It could be that this is sopping you moving forward in your life. You need to face your feelings to unblock your path. These can stem back to the relationship between you and your father. What sort of relationship did you have?

If you are someone who has trouble expressing themselves, this sort of dream can warn you have put up walls around yourself. What do you fear? Who or what do you want to keep out? Walls can also represent insurmountable and everyday troubles in your real life. It is time to get these under some sort of control. Climbing a wall can mean you are ready to face the issues so you can move forward.


A window in your dream symbolizes hope and new opportunities coming into your life. Small windows warn not to get too excited when something good happens. Big, open windows reflect your open-mindedness to new things. The window of a dark house indicates you need to change your perception about someone or something. You could also be low on energy. Closed windows indicate betrayal and loneliness. What actions do you need to take?

Dreaming of looking out of a window represents your perception of life and your gut instincts. Are you trying to make a decision? It can also suggest it is a time where you spend more time in the external world. What do you see when you look out of the window in your dream? This will give you a clue to what you need to do in you waking reality. Looking in a window represents introspection. You may be reassessing things in your waking life.

A broken window can reflect a twisted view of life and vulnerability. Are you being eaten up with bitterness? Fixing a broken window is a sign you are starting to see things differently. You may be changing your perception about something or someone.

Using a window to gain entry or to leave a building can mean you are being secretive about something or someone. Are you involved in something underhanded or criminal? What secrets do you keep? This dream can also mean you are proactive. You are out there creating your own opportunities. Falling or being pushed through a window suggests you are being pushed into doing something against your wishes. This may compromise your integrity. Say no and mean it.

Hanging from a window can mean you have the ability to influence how others think and see. A knock at a window can mean there are many opportunities about to cross your path. There is much to look forward to in your future.

Being on the outside of a locked window can mean that secrets are being kept from you or you blame the trouble in your life on others. You need to take responsibility for your actions. Foggy windows can mean you are not being transparent with others. You keep a part of yourself hidden with certain people. Tinted windows relate to your privacy. You may prefer to remain mysterious to the prying eyes of the world.

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