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Holy Grail – The Holy Grail is an ancient legend of Christianity. It is supposed to be the cup which Jesus used at the Last Supper, which was the Passover meal he shared with his apostles the night before he was arrested by the Romans and later crucified. According to Christianity, Jesus instituted the Eucharist this night, and the Holy Grail was the vessel that held the wine turned mystically into Jesus’ blood and offered to the apostles.

holy-grail-dreamThis cup, the Holy Grail, was the subject of many medieval stories of quests by the pious to find and retrieve this Holy of Holies. In the Arthurian stories, the last quest of the Knights of the Round Table was the quest for the Holy Grail, before the fall of Camelot. In modern understanding and in dream symbolism, the Holy Grail is used to indicate the ultimate thing that can be found in a particular field.

It is a myth associated with miracles. Dreaming of the Holy Grail can mean there are miracles on their way to you. There is something that will soon be fulfilled you have worked long and hard for. You may have spent years working and searching for the answers. Now the answers finally reveal themselves to you. This is a time when the impossible becomes possible. But, you may need to continue to do whatever it takes to succeed.

There was the famous mythical quest for the Holy Grail. So, if you are searching for the Holy Grail in a dream, this can directly represent what you search for in your reality. Maybe you are trying to find yourself. This could be a time for a new perspective. Maybe it is time for a complete change to your lifestyle.

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  1. I had a dream that I was supposed to get the holy grail and take it to god it was a bright beautiful glowing cross floating but before I could touch it I woke up

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