Hologram Dream Symbol


Hologram – Dreaming of a hologram is a symbol of false appearances. A hologram is an image that seems to be real, and even to be 3-dimensional, visible from all sides and with the appearance of weight and solidity. However, if you try to touch it, you will see that it was only an illusion. The hologram dream symbol is an indication that the item you see is not what it seems.

If you see a hologram of a person, this indicates that the person presents a fa├žade, and cannot be trusted to be who they say they are. In addition, circumstances may not be as they appear. Question all appearances and do not assume that something is real just because someone claims it or because you think you saw something.

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    My dreams tend to jump around but one episode in particular I was supposed to be going to a zoo but it turned out to be something like a science fair but everything in it was futuristic like things That haven’t been invented yet one in particular was a complete hologram of some land with buildings and hills and other stuff but I had a feeling that it was a battle ground to be honest I knew it was a battle ground for some type of war currently taking place this is just the latest of a series of dreams I’ve been having lately usually I rarely if ever dream as I said before jump around like multiple dreams in one dream kinda would like answers as I have Alot of questions about Alot of them all of which I can remember most of the details and I’ve had way to many dejavu instances and also one of my ex’s have had a few interesting dreams about me

  2. Im dealing with mines on a daily basis . Some dreams are portals. I dont have normal dreams and now i can hear them talk while heafing to dream state. My dreams are set in my apt but walk outside is a different color or. Something missing inside the apt. The people would actually talk on a higher spiritual level what does this mean? Am i losing my mind or what?

  3. I don’t even think it was a dream I think it was a vision. I was trying to go back to sleep a couldn’t. I saw sort of like a shadow of maybe it was an animal with fluffy tail. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But then there was this bright green light that turned into what I say was a hologram. There was a circle and inside the circle was a man walking I kept trying to see who it was but could tell I was thinking it was a friend of mine that passed but I was scared if it was then I was afraid it would be my time to go. Anyone ever see something like this. It’s really bothering me and I want to understand it.

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