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Holocaust Dream Symbol – The Holocaust is a dangerous and tragic dream symbol. It indicates fear, hatred, and the cruel truth that there are people in the world who wish you ill and want to harm you. The Holocaust is a symbol of the full extent of human cruelty. This is a terrifying and dark dream, and it may tempt you to hide and cower in fear, hoping that the threat will pass you by. Remember, though, that hiding is simply a continuation of the cycle of hate and fear.

The threat that faces you in your Holocaust dream can only be defeated by love. You will have to examine what exactly your Holocaust threat is in your real-life and address it with warmth and light, which is the only thing that can dissipate the darkness and hatred that threatens you.

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  1. I had a nightmare were me my 2 friends also my crush were at this camp and it looked like a summer camp I ran off from then to pick up something I dropped and they were gone.panicking I got into a random line to see kids crying well other teens because I’m in 8th grade. The teachers would bring kids into a room and lock them in there we had no idea what was happening I wanted to see my friends so bad but she got pulled into another room and was screaming. I got into a line thinking they are letting us out of this camp. I go in to find it a gas room bodies on top of bodies lying on the floor lifeless I didn’t want to die and I begged and pleaded to let me out some other people did as well but it was no use. I felt heavy until I closed my eyes and fell to the ground and died.
    It was so scary I woke up crying for like an hour.

  2. I had a dream last night. I started when I was at the football game but I had this sense that I needed to run, I was with my friend at the time, so we started running out of the field but by the time we got to the gate there was these people. You couldn’t see their face but you could see their clothes. They were scientists. We heard a woman screaming and it kinda got all blurry until we wound up in my the church that I grew up in, we don’t go their anymore. The men were all over the place but for some reason we stayed.? I heard my friend scream so I tied to hide but one of the men saw me. I ended up hiding in a small nursery room in between some toys…. I started to cry…. he walked into the room and I hear him scream “I found the spider”. What does that even mean? It was a horrible experience. It related ne to the Holocaust Bc they were killing almost everyone. Pls help

  3. Donna Thompson on

    I had a dream about being in a concentration camp. I was looking at all the dead bodies stacked on top of each other. I was fine in the dream as long as I did what I was told to me. It’s like I was there in person but no one really paid attention to me. The dream last for 30 minutes almost like I was watching a movie.

  4. I dreamed that I was in a dirty, oppressive place, no idea where or what it was, then I saw a frightening evil looking building with chimneys & ventilators on the roof. Then, either someone said, or it was the voice of my own thoughts, this is Auschwitz-Birkenau. That’s when I woke, thankfully.

  5. I keep dreaming about being Anne Frank, and being in the Annex, but then they still come and take us to the camps, but it’s all more modern. But it looks almost exactly like the movie based on her diary, too. But I also never appear in the dream as myself! This has happened soooo many times that I don’t even know what to do anymore. It’s really scary. I only once dreamt about being myself in the Holocaust, and that one was the scariest by far…

  6. Kaden Baker on

    I had a dream last night where these people came and invaded my neighborhood and turned it into a prison camp. We lived in houses but not our own.we had no power, no water, no food, and no where to go. Our parents were seperated and you were put with four children ranging between 5-17 if you do anything wrong they will come to your house and liquify you, then send your remains to your perents in a different camp. You ranked up. Like a video game. That gave you more freedom and more food/water. Then I woke up.

  7. I had a very strange dream where I was lying on the ground and it felt as if I was coverd in mud. I realised that many decomposed human bodys surrounded me.
    A young man told me something about the Holocaust as I tried to get upbut I couldn’t do that because my body was heavy.

  8. I had a few dreams about this, and it kind of scares me.
    The first one being, I was in the plains and it barbwire was surrounding the area. There was carts and railroads, like those carts were you carry coal. I was a prisoner, and so was other people I know, like relatives. A guard came up to me and some other person next to me, but before he could say anything I woke up. It might seem like nothing much happened but it was terrifying.
    Second was sort of the same thing, but I don’t really remember how it went. I don’t know why I have these dreams. I know there is another one, I just can’t remember.

  9. I had a mix match of dreams and I don’t even know if you could call this dream “A Holocaust Dream” but I was in a classroom that was black and white and a bomb was about to go off. I helped a girl named Anne Frank escape but she died later on anyway. I woke up went to school and told all my friends about this dream and then the weird part was Anne Frank was at my school. At this point I started to cry and hug Anne but then the dream ended. This dream lasted for 19 hours and I woke up with tears in my eyes. This is a WAY cut down story.

  10. i had a dream that me and my friend lived in this town and they had to sacrifice people for population control purposes andthey lined me and my friend up to be burnt alive with this big group of people and they covered us in gasoline and lit us on fire but they didnt put enough gasoline on me and the flames didnt reach me. i saw my best friend being burnt alive and heard her screams. then i tried to kill my self and light myself on fire but the fire wouldnt burn me. then i looked at the forest behind me and there was my brother (who passed away irl) holding a baby and beckoning at me. so i ran towards him and when i got to him the baby was choking so we helped it and then the baby stared right into my eyes and i noticed the baby had white eyes and it said in maori (my first language) you think you have escaped but you will burn. that dream just felt so real to me and it scares the crap out of me.

  11. I had a dream about the holocaust but the creepy part is that i have never seen images or videos or anything that has to do with it ever… in my dream i saw the men with their gas masks and uniforms very detailed and how they buried holes as graves and the surrounding was to horrifying to describe. How did i dream this if ive never seen it? In fact ive never even read, heard or put intrest into reading about it and on top of that the whole dream was in a sepia tone color. How can this happen?

    • I dreamt I went to Germany on vacation with someone, I couldn’t see her face. We did the whole site seeing thing, then we walked up on this place that the silence was so deafening, we went in the gate but had to go down like a rabbit hole to get there. Finally found the opening and started looking around and walked into this building, but it was like it was in the present tense, everything was there, the nazis were there, it was like in the 30’s. Walking through the offices and hallways with them all there, then everything was gone and it was silent again. No one was there, birds were chirping.

  12. I had a dream where I was walking to the subway from school, down there people are running saying if you are a jew you should run. Nazis – or some sort were trying to kill us. I run to my house, instead of my real family sitting there, my child is there ( i dont have a kid but i am jewish). A nazi knocks on my door and sits in my house, when a man comes in, my husband. and i remember feeling the most real love for him, like i’ve never felt that in my life. and then my sister calls me and I wake up.
    It was the weirdest thing in my life, I have had holocaust dreams before, but I am jewish so I have always thought its because my family spoke of it or something. But the guy in my dream was the weirdest thing ever, i had never felt a dream be so real in my life

  13. I had a terrifying dream that my two oldest children (6 and 4) were dressed in yellow shirt and jean overalls and all the children were being taken and made to lay down on the beds of these giant work trucks, to be taken somewhere. My children weren’t there yet, probably waiting ( there were probably thousands of the children there). Next thing I know my four yr old asked me’ “mama, when this is over, can we go to aunts house?” Even though she said aunts house, I knew she meant grandmas house. I cried so much and said yes of course that it woke me up.

  14. ok so i was fighting this “nazi” and i had my hands in their mouth?? Like one hand was on the roof of the mouth and the other was on the bottom and i’m pretty sure i was trying to break their jaw. Anyways, i’m pretty sure I came up behind them since i saw them trying to capture someone. In the end, i was captured and they brought me to this place and they was a slide you go down i’m pretty sure. So i saw this cute boy and i seduced him w/ a sticker i put on that said cute?? so um he had hearts for eyes?? so like it was really nice in the concentration camp. it was like a modern day one cuz it had computers in it. it was like a computer lab and i saw one of my friends there and then i was playing a random, free game. thats all i remember.

  15. I had a dream where I was a German Citizen, in a town with a port, somehow I was able to leave the port and walk down the street, everything was bright and happy, but deep down I knew what was going to happen to everything else around me, but I wanted to remain oblivious to it, then I woke up.

  16. My dream.. wasn’t really the Holocaust. My best friend and I were walking down our highschool hallway. And in the passing classroom, our friends and the whole school were being burned for not being Christians though I’m sure they are in really life.
    Anyways.. me and my friend are in a classroom now but were the last group. Our ceiling was see through for some reason, so we could see the bombs falling from those planes. It was happening all around us. I had to hold his hand. Then I woke up frightened. So yeah. It just reminded me of the Holocaust.

  17. I’ve had three dreams in the past year that have all been holocaust related. The first one I don’t remember much of other than I’m on top of a building in a big city that’s all fenced off and we are all waiting to get moved to a concentration camp and I’m trying to escape. The second one is ran by the cat off of (cat in the hat the movie) he is pretty much hitter. Which I don’t remember much of details for that one either. Last night I had another one, it’s pretty much the same as my last one other than my family, friends and I are in this room and it’s pretty much we are sitting there watching a movie its like a concentration camp room and me and a family friend go outside for a minute and it’s like summer then when we turn around to walk back to the room its instantly covered in a bunch of snow and freezing outside and about 50 feet or so in front of us is a mountain lion or wolf or something and it’s biting me but it doesn’t hurt much i fight it off and then it drags my friend down some rocks off the side of the mountain and I throw a rock at the beast and my friend gets away. I don’t know why or what the hell is going on with my dreams but they are crazy and its always ran by a bunch of dr. Seuss characters. They are just whack

  18. In my dream instead of being part of the holocaust, me and my mum were going there to do investigations and it was set in the present day but once we got into the death camps everything from the past returned. There was one horrible part where we couldn’t get in through the main door so we climbed over a fence and we had to walk over endless heaps of dead, naked bodies. Then there were many parts where we hid, got found, hid again, got found again all until we hid in this one cupboard that turned out to be a delivery truck. The driver was a Jew in hiding so got me and my mum to safety. Then there was a lot of strange imagery: there was a man walking down the street on fire which wasn’t bothering him; there was this “Holocaust House” (some tourist attraction that my dream made up) but all of the windows were smashed so I left. I can’t remember the end but that’s basically it. I’d love to hear some replies to my dream :). I’m 15 by the way.

  19. Deborah cotterill on

    I am writing this minutes after i have just had a very strange dream that i wAs a jew during the hollacaust . Much of the dream was a mish mash of events that was happening to various people in my dream . I could experience the true fear of these people and therefore this made my dream for me a panick as i tried to help these people .

  20. I have been having this reoccurring nightmare for years…im just there…im not part of the scene just a ghostly bystander if you will…anyway I’m in the middle of the desert…the ground burned everywhere…there was a single train parked there with the boxcars… (sometimes I see people in them sometimes not) front of me are two little boys (blonde hair) (one about 6 the other about 8- and looked like brothers) they were kneeling down hands behind their heads…there are to nazis yelling at them taunting them hitting them…until I watch them pull their guns simultaneously and shoot these boys in the head…and I actually see it in detail…I’ve been having this dream for about 15 years and I now have boys that age so it scares me even more

  21. I dreampt my husband and I and someone else were tourists and we were driving in a car. It was summer and green and forest like outside. We went to see a cave that was the nazi death camps. The cave was like a basement but the steps were stone and the walls were stone like a cave. Then I said this doestn’t seem so bad, but when I heard my voice, I was then in the spirit world and I could sence the souls and the crimes and I was so frightened and we left right away.

  22. I had a dream last night that dated back to the 1930’s during the Holocaust. But it was different you had a choice to go to the camps or not. There was a building and in front was a huge crowd of people to include my two friends Blake and Grant, and I. My friends wanted to go to the camps for some odd reason it was like a death wish. They both had matching tattoos of an open heart on there shoulder and it symbolized hope. At this point in the dream blake disappeared and I didn’t see him for the rest of the dream it was just me and grant. I begged and cried for grant to stay and to not go. But just kept saying he has to go he doesn’t have a choice but that was the weird thing he does. He grabbed my shoulder and told me he would be back he just had to go ask a question in the building. I followed him in and hid behind the door frame to see what he was doing because was curious if he was lying on about what he was doing. I don’t know what Grant did but one of the SS soldiers shot him and killed him. Once that happened I woke up. I don’t understand this dream if anyone knows what it means please help.

  23. Hi.
    This was a very odd dream. There was a group of people all working together in a field, about 30 of us, also black, Chinese and gypsies. We knew we were about to be hanged, and even the guard- lady- was crying, becaue we were Jewish. We had even drawn lots, I was to be no.5. I thought this was so pointless, I was desperate to change the decision but then I woke up.

    • I had a dream that I had the power of light and they were doing experiments on me and I saw Hitler and he was talking in Russian but I under stood him he was saying why can’t you die I told him shoot me as much as u want I will heal. So they took there shots then I placed my hand on the wound and it healed I met the creature they made I turned him back and finally it went to the time they were realising people and they found me after we had a feast . Btw nationality is everything that hates encounter. Jewish German I stallion French Canadian Ect…

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