Hold Dream Symbol


Hold – If you dream that you are holding on to something, this signifies a fear of losing it. You have an unwillingness to let go of something important in your life, and you fear that having it taken from you would be greater pain than you can bear.

It is important to remember that it is possible for the things we own to actually own us, if we are not able to part with them without pain. If you dream of holding something and fearing its loss, consider whether that thing has more power over your life than you want it to have.

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  1. Laura Lynne on

    I’ve had repetitive dreams about bears over the last few years. Recently I had a dream that I was driving a luxury black 5% tinted sedan, but I was sitting in passenger & driving the car with my mind & no one was sitting in the driver seat (also a repetitive dream I have). I had gotten to my parents house & I parked the car on the front lawn, instead of the drive way. It was mid day & I got out of the car & opened the back door. My cars end was stretched out, like a limo & I held the door open waiting for whoever was in the back to get out. When no one came out I went to get into the car but then this giant brown bear popped his head out. I was scared & he immediately started to push his head into my hands & started having me pet his face. He kept pushing his nose hard into my palms(like dogs do) & I continued petting him, but I was still terrified waiting for the perfect moment to run away. As I continued he became more aggressive with his head buts until I freaked out(cause I couldn’t hold my fear in any longer). As soon as I screamed he backed off & started to slowly get out of the car. I backed away in fear & he stood up on 2 legs & held his hands out & kept repeating “I get it” as he slowly backed away from me. He had gotten far enough away & I jumped back into the passenger seat & sped off. I was probably going 100 mph & when I looked into my side mirror I saw that he was holding onto the back of the car & running with it. He was screaming something but I couldn’t hear him because I was screaming & crying.

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