Hitman Dream Symbol


Hitman – If you dream of a hitman, this indicates a threat in your life. Somebody is trying to sabotage you on your way to reaching your goals. Worse, someone may actively be trying to harm you. A dream symbol of a hitman is often a faceless threat representing general stress.

This dream symbol may also represent the feeling that someone in your life lies in wait watching for you to make a mistake and then attack you. You may have been bought up with extremely strict parents or be in a relationship that is in some way oppressive.

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  1. Laura Lawson on

    A woman knocked my door and she asked for a cigarette. When I told her I didn’t smoke, she turns round with on in her mouth already lit. She tells me she’s going to burn me with this cigarette, as someone has paid her to hurt me.
    I shout in my sister, who manages to convince this woman to leave without hurting me. She leaves but returns.
    This time she wants to stab me. She tells me when she does it,not to tense up as I’ll bleed more and just go with it.
    The threat to my life makes me go mad and to protect myself, I hit her with a pot (we are standing in my kitchen).
    She calls someone, and next thing I know some guy is pouring petrol around my house. I’m terrified but not about me but because my 3 dogs are in the house with me and I’m trying to save them. I also try to phone my parents to speak to them but I’m unable to reach them.

  2. I had a dream about 2 men that were waiting for me at the parking lot to kill me I killed one while saying that’s one down any when I arrived at the other hitman he was standing still and I said that’s the second one and the guy seemed like he was waiting for me to attack and then I laughed so hard at him for thinking that I would attack with my father then the hitman got angry tried to kill me but he shot my neighbor he had the wrong Door and then he would go after me and then I woke up

  3. I saw a dream about a hitman(?) trying to snipe me and my family from the opposite apartment. I warned everyone about someone suspicious holding a gun standing behind the window. No one listened until my youngest nephew got shot by the sniper. Everyone got shocked but no one ran away from the living room where the man could shoot us easily.. So I dialed the police’s number but no one listened again.

    At one point the man started shouting at us, talking about how he’d ruin our lives.. After my mom got shot I woke up.

  4. I had a dream about a hitman, I was there in my house with my parents but then this plumber knocks on my door asking If I had a broken pipe, My parents somehow had broken the shower tip and needed it, my father insisted that he could do it himself but somehow the guy came in. Everyone in the neighboorhood trusted the guy except me, I was sceptical about him, he always looked at me as If I knew that he was going to try and kill me. I tried to alert everybody but nobody listened when he arrived you could here a motorcycle-like sound days passed and I got more and more skeptical aout the guy, then I got to the day I was certain of what he wanted to do, I hid everywhere, and told my parents to do so but nobody did. I hear his motorcycle arrive ad I knew he was going to kill me, then everything morphed into my school (That’s how things happen in my dreams) Then I realised, he wasn’t interested in everyone else he just wanted me. It almost felt as if he wasn’t paid to do so (Which may be the case) I was running out on the main exit and I hear him get out. Then I just hear his rubber shoes making noise and getting closer and closer, then I woke up. I was shibbering. I still am.

  5. RocketDude on

    i saw two men on a bike trying to shoot a man through a window in the building i saw them do it and escape then somehow i met the person who hired those men to kill that guy and i tried to blackmail her for money. lol

  6. I had a dream that I was the one who hired the hot man to kill a family member I dearly love. I saw his face and watched him slit his throat. The dream went on for a long time because I even went over to check on him panicking and he survived the attack. While relieved he was alive I felt a great deal of stress that someone would find out it was my fault

  7. Jesse James on

    I dreamed that I was hired by budist monks to kill two people. I killed one but only injured the other. Then the monks wanted to have a meeting with me where they asked if I was willing to finish the other person off and I said there was too much heat at the moment. My partner and I were written very small checks for our deeds which I started cussing about because the banks we’re already closed . Then my partner brought me about $500 cash and said he had gotten $600 cash and that on the envelope was written running blind. I felt like my partner had kept more money than he told me we had gotten but I wasn’t sure if my feeling was correct.

  8. Have had this dream twice in a matter of days, really clear and so real, had to force myself to wake up ­čÖü

  9. I have had this dream before, not often. But there is a whole crew of hitmen coming after me. I hide and slowly make my way away but the pop up around every corner. I have to be very stealthy to keep them from getting me. In the dream my husband is nowhere around, but I can talk to him on the phone. In the dream he is so umemotional, distant, and unconcerned about me.

    Some input on someone else thoughts would be nice. I think I know what it means but still not totally sure I am right.

  10. TheGuyWhoJustCantStopSmiling on

    I saw a dream where I was getting shot by a hitman but I managed to dodge all of his bullets and I guess he just gave up and left me. But what if that was me who was trying to kill myself? I never saw the identity of that hitman. Kill myself as in change something about myself.

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