Hitler Dream Symbol


Hitler – Hitler is a dream symbol of oppression, cruelty, and totalitarian control. If you dream of Hitler being a character in your life, then you probably feel a terrible threat and injustice in your life from someone who has authority over you. You may also fear injustice for those who are close to you. The person who has the power over you to inspire a dream of Hitler is a terrible influence in your life, and this dream is a sign to remove yourself quickly from the influence of this person.

If Hitler in your dream is identifiable as a particular person, then you will need to free yourself from this person. Remember that your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious interpretation of events. The person who is Hitler in our dream may not actually be as evil as your dream shows, but if he or she is having this effect on you, you need to protect yourself nevertheless.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. In the dream I was a hitlet and when war was over I was arrested, but thet I ran away, but then someone familiar catched me !

    • Mal Gulinello on

      That’s so weird because when I dream of Adolf Hitler I see this caring and loyal person who’s always there to support me or just there for me in general. Which is why I am so confused as to why this article says that Hitler is a dream symbol of cruelty and oppression.

  2. This is going to sound awful and fascist but I dreamt I met Hitler and he was nice to me. Said he didn’t mind that I was English…but in real life I hate Hitler(doesn’t everyone) and I know that he is evil and committed genocide, so why did I dream this…

    • Braxton Worthen on

      I had the dream like that but he told me to finish his work and I had a feeling to do it. I mean like I like hitler for his brilliant ideas but killing jews i hated him for.

  3. In my dream i was in a big house with loads of young children, a gobby girl from school and my parents and an alarm went off. This dream repeated three times, the first time i set it off, the second and third time someone else had set it off. Anyway, this alarm is there, we gather everyone downstairs in the ‘bunker’ which was my living room. We locked the door and closed the curtains. Then someone tried to break through the door but i was behind it stopping them. Then they shot at the lock so i opened the door and kicked them while grabbing the gun and shot the person. The person for me was an Android Hitler, which i have never dreamed about before. So the dream repeats, this time i start in the house, the alarm goes off, we go to the bunker. But this time he shoots at the door, i crouch down then i go up to try and block his gun but it doesnt work and i doe and supposedly so does everyone else. Third time i get everyone to the bunker before the alarm sarts. The curtains are opened to the street this time and i see loads of people in what i think were nazi uniforms just standing outside of the house. Theres about 5 or six of them. Then Hitler looking really crazy (like in that funny subtitle video) runds down the street and barges through these people. His legs are also comically high like the watermelon viners running vine. Hes holding this black gun. I close the curtains before he sees us. He goes inside and finds us again. This time when he shoots the door and i go up, he shoots me but i go throught the door and start fighting him. I bite his arm and he starts going upstairs, then i pick up his gun and start shooting at him. He then stops and starts going back downstairs quite slowly while im still shooting at him. Then i remember hes an android and cannot be killed. Metal starts emerging from his shoulders and stuff and i realise the gun wont stop him. I die and then i woke up.

    I think if i use the interpretation given i can try and make the person controlling me go away but i cant, not even if i went to the extreme of shooting them. Or maybe there is a possibility but the way to do it is difficult and long winded. The repetative thing could be the repetative discomfort i have with the person i think hitler represents.
    Any other ideas feel free to share

  4. I had a dream were we were in a chapel and already knew that Voldemort and the Death Eaters were coming for us (they later turned into Hitler and the Nazis). In my dreams we always try to hide but we hide in places that we can’t escape from and then they came into the chapel very slowly because they knew they had control over us. Somehow a huge battle started and we could escape and ran as fast as possible, my father said he would know a good hiding place. So we went to an old factory building, ex workers let us in secretly and we climbed up in some kind of hiding place. It was a super flat and narrow room and we could only lye there. Then my sister saw some taps and asked what they were for and then a match lightened up in the corner of the room only to reveal Hitler’s face who then turned on the taps that were actually gas taps. I am traumatized.

  5. I had a dream in a very familiar area that I go to nearly every day. A modern setting but it was as if I was in the middle of WW2. Tanks were all over the place and hundreds of Nazi’s. But I was the only one on the opposition. I remember sneaking around and seeing Hitler right in the middle of the road with his military near. I came out with a grenade launcher and shot him probably 50 times. But every grenade bounced off him and didn’t do anything. It was as if I wasn’t even there. He never acknowledged me nor did his military. I remember being very frustrated and wondering why nothing was happening. Also, I was the only one fighting them. I shot him till I woke up. But again, nothing nog came from it.

  6. I had a dream that Hitler was a house like thing and and I continue to ask him are you Russian or German but I ask you one more time after about the 6th time and he died I was there in a room with more people someone ghost the ghost where playing a saxophone like thing there was a small band in there and there a few humans like me, some dude called Richard and other guy called josh. The ghosts then begin play the trumpets and they all looked at me with a devilish grin I looked at Richard and he whispered “don’t worry just do as I say” then 40 odd soldiers walked in the lights turned off then back on and I looked at the wall. My name was written on the wall in Blood I looked at Richard yet again and he said “play dead”and i lied on the floor and put tomato sauce on my chest as they’ve been shot when this happened Josh sat on me as though I was a chair who then started to pull how to put I thought you was intestines and I let it out a scream Richard looked at me and said” it’s just sausages” the ghost to look at me they look as though they just seen something that Ghosts should never have seen I don’t realise the ghost were dead soldiers of here all of a sudden Hitler burst through the door he was screaming as though someone just kill them he looked at me pointed he said burn the witch burn the witch Richard still in front of him and said she’s not on page she’s mine all of a sudden won’t accept me I shot and killed Hitler’s coast walk out the door I quickly ran over to Riches by anybody and I asked him Richard I know I haven’t known you for long but I need to know is Hitler Russian or German he whispered or grabbing my head I love you my dear I love you I love you we don’t know if he’s recipe jam and if you realised the future and there’s a thing call Dougal she look it up in might say he’s a Russian or in might say he’s Northern he gently setup and his last time you said your child was like you had kissed me as though nothing happened he died laying in my arms and I realised something I was pregnant even though I’m only 12 he’s Hitler’s two came back in and looked at me and whispered come here little girl come here I woke up at 3 a.m. and I thought it was all over then my mother said oh Natalia the learning about Hitler this year I side with

  7. I dreamed I executed Hitler. I was picked out of a group of witnesses to be the executioner. His mouth was opened and it contained a capsule, which was also opened. Then I placed a cyanide pill in the capsule which, along with his mouth was closed….and the deed was done.

  8. I had a dream that he was trying to kill me. But I told him I was a Nazi and saluted him, he then saluted back then started coming towards me with a knife and I told him to do it again and he did and I said that I loved him and I was a Nazi. He then went past me and didn’t hurt me, he killed other people then came back to me and sat next to me and layed down with me. I woke up after that. My Führer was in my dreams, Heil Hitler!!

  9. Rebecca Tilley on

    I had a nightmare last night I was having a spiritual reading done and the fortune teller with a scared look on her face said I feel a presence she looked up behind me and said it’s hitler. Just as she mentioned him I felt a rope being placed over my head and tightened around my neck. I was being strangled by it. I felt my body completely let go as though I was dying but I woke up somehow. It felt so real. He did whisper something to me but in sheer terror I was panicked it felt as though it were real.

  10. Bella Morrison on

    I just woke up from a dream with Hitler and about 20 of his men: I was dreaming and thought I woke up, but I woke up into another dream. I woke up to my boss and I sleeping in a car at a dead end when we got woken up by bright lights. I didn’t realize what was happening until I turned around only to find Hitler and a handful of his men standing behind the car we were in. After I turned back around I flipped down the mirror to look at something and a huge wad of bright pink gum fell into my hair. Right as this happened, two if Hitler’s men were approaching to remove me from the vehicle and add us to the crazy tall train they brought with them. The two men who grabbed me were new and in training so I basically escorted myself to the train. As we were standing outside waiting to get on board, I took notice to the fact that my boss and I got separated so I walked over to the two men to ask if I could be with her and before they could respond, I saw Hitler and a few city cops walking back go the train so I ran back to my spot and that’s when I woke up from real.

  11. I had a dream I hailed Hitler while he walked past me with a guard. I had this dream before I started even learning about him in school but I still find it strange that he was in my dream.

  12. In my dream I was in a bar with 2 women dressed in old fashioned clothing from World War 2, we were all drinking beer in a very small booth! One very pretty woman gave me a large cold mug of dark colored beer! She told me to drink it and she’d be right back! Their hair was even done as it was beck in the 40’s! Wearing grey or beige dresses I don’t know what I was wearing, but I felt as though I didn’t belong there. Wrong era!! I pulled out my wallet which was today’s type wallet and I remember the women staring at it! I knew I blew it for whatever reason and I was nervous! Then I was held hostage by Hitler in a room upstairs in a small row home and I remember knowing if I did not escape I’d be killed! Then that’s when Hitler walked in and I was pretending everything was normal trying to hide the fact I had a cat and kittens in the room! He hugged me and I reciprocated not willingly, because I didn’t trust him! I just wanted hi to leave the room so I could lock the door! So, he hugged me, felt like too long of a hug for such a cruel and de entire person! He then stood back stared at me and left, no words spoken! I put all my clothes in a basket and grabbed my kittens and had friends outside waiting to help me escape!! I remember 2 African American people , which were a man & woman couple, very nice and just wanted to save me! I felt very safe and knew they cared! But I also knew that night they were going to be killed by Hitlers men and it was because of their house number, WEIRD!!
    Very ominous feel to this dream! House was digusting and dirty!
    The get away car was an old fashioned car, light green!
    Once in that car I felt safe!!

  13. I had a dream I was a sister of Hitler. It was before the war, and we were trying to make our house into a hotel. We were arguing. I really have no idea who would have a totalitarian effect on my life though, and in my dream he wasn’t manipulating me.

  14. I had a dream about the 3 world war hapening that the Hitler has ressurected and his german army also.They were atacking my country and my town.And in the dream i had a chance to see how was it on both sides on the army side and on the innocent people side.When i was on the side of innocent people it was horrible feeling lije im dead from inside could barely esvape the german army shooting an also black robed KKK were killing the remainig people on the streets.And then on the german soldiers side was even worse as i felt in a dream that i was gonna be sick killing those people with the thomphson gun and as i was scovering the city i have seen my mother beging for life and people runing in panic and madness.And the last part of the dream i decided to throw down my weapon and join the ressistance.

  15. Had a dream that i was watching t.v with some guy, that i guess was my friend. He was making a joke about the Nazis and did the salute thing. Then suddenly Hitler saluted back on the t.v, telling something in German. It scared me, causing me to wake up.

  16. I just woke up its 1:45 in the afternoon. But this dream was just strange. I was siting in my garage with my mom , dad, Hitler and 30 some odd German soldiers. My mom and Hitler were siting at the table in the garage. The two of them were trying to find a way to get me my dad and the soldiers out of harms way for the encroaching us and British forces but the forces dident know where we were. I saw many us army trucks drive by and i was able to capture one with the handful of unarmed German forces. I took the truck and parked it in my garage and started loading all men that would fit. I denied Hitler for the last spot in the truck next to me and instead i opted to take the two young boys and their baby sister because the young are still pure in the eyes of god and deserve to be saved. By the time it was time to leave Hitler came up to me and asked me if i could end it all for him,and was handed a pistol i dident think twice i shot him right between the eyes. Well that shot captured the attention of nearby us forces witch were now searching frantically for the source of the shot so i ran inside my house and grabbed my us army jacket and grabbed the large tarp folded neatly in the corner. I put on my jacket because i was driving and put the tarp over the soldiers in the back but when i went to put the tarp over them one of the soldiers handed me large heavy MG and told me to load it and put it on the gun mount on the driver side door. So i took the order and put it on the door. By now my dad and mom were outside in the thick fog Siting in our dodge pickup telling me when it was clear to move. Well i never heard that it was clear i heard that the us forces found where the shot came from and to get the fuck out of their. I heard our pickup start and floor it the hell out of their followed by gunshots. I started the truck put it in gear and floored it out of the unopened garage door, setting the us forces off guard with the door and ramming the Humvee. Granted i knew we were about to take fire so i turned the MG on the us forces and let the lead fly killing a unknown amount of us forces. We got off the short dead end road that i live on and i started heading for my old house out in faragrove Michigan 9649 don rd to be exact. It was out in the middle of nowhere like 40 mph winds is a breeze. The entire ride was very very quiet once we got out of Saginaw county tx to the tarp and my us army jacket making the men at the checkpoints not even bat a eye at me. once i arrived at the house my parents were already their. they turned the power back on tried to turn the heat on but the pig was empty. I walk into my old house and find out that my mom grabbed the vacuum and was busy cleaning the house that no one has been in for 5 years. By now the kids that i picked up were my dads top priority and he asked the soldiers to find a mat in the back of the truck that i drove their. One of the soldiers found one and gave it to my dad who changed the little girl. Ok so everthing was fine inside so i went outside with the two boys to see how unloading the truck was going i guess between the 30 of them that truck was empty very quick because the pole barn had a pile of supplys guns medical kits so forth. So i asked did we have any propaine gas so we can turn on the water heater and furness one man walked up to me he look no older then 18 so i look at everyone the oldest soldier their looked to be about 20 because of his beard but all of them looked 16-18 years old. so I gave out a order to find gas for the appliances to fill that damn tank and told the oldest looking one to come with me we got in the dodge and started heading to the gas mane where they would fill gas trucks. I was hoping for a truck of some sort got would have been parked their that was full of that we could fill well we never found a truck but we found a pig and some tools. We bolted this tank to the bed of my dodge and started filling the tank . once full we drove it back and emptied it into the pig in the yard then unbolted and set the tank in the garage. I went inside the house will all of the soldiers and went down into the basement to light the pilot light while the soldiers were setting up shop in the living room and in the bedrooms upstairs. I got the lights lit and we started making hot water right away. I let all the men know that the shower was now warm and not cold and most of em lined up at the door. So i went over and turned on the furnace. By now It was 10 at night and was geting dark and all the lights were on and windows open so i closed all the window drapes and went outside to turn off the lights in the pole barn and close the big doors. while out in the garage i heard a cat that made me jump and turned around to see the smallest kitten that you could find she wanted the jerky in my pocket so i gave it to the kitten thinking ok she will leave me alone, Well that never happened and i was followed inside the house by the cat that by now i named monkey because she crawled up my paint legs. It was late so i layed down on the couch that no one wanted because of its age but i dident care. once i fell asleep i woke up irl and came out into my garage and started looking up what the fuck hitler ment its now 2:50 in the afternoon and thats all i can remember.

  17. I had a dream that Hitler took over the U.S and dropped a bomb on us and i caught on fire but i was at the beach so i just flapped around in the ocean so then i was fine which doesn’t make sense but after that i was forced to sell food at a stand ..yeah.

    • i saw Hitler a couple of times in a vision, last week, and he asked me to pray for him.
      i thought about it,
      i replied i can not
      i saw all the innocent people he killed and i said i am sorry but i can not
      i usually pray for people who come to me in a dream or a vision
      ie Jesus famous people, just him i could not.
      and then well his vision was gone.

  18. My dream was that I was being terrified by a city on fire and no one was around me and I heard the crashing o buildings coming down and through the smoke a tank was coming towards me, hitler was the only one in the tank driving towards me, however I no longer felt afraid, and I felt more relived than anything, his hand reached down to mine and I got in and that’s when I woke up. I keep on having dreams like this, I’m so confused and at a loss, what’s going on?!!!!

  19. OK, but what if Hitler is in a Cage and everythings like that Billy and Mandy episode with Fred Flintstone but in the place of Fred Flintstone it’s Hitler?

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