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Abraham Lincoln Dream Symbol

Dreaming of Abraham Lincoln is connected to who you are and your abilities. It represents authority and control in your life. This dream can mean you desire to be as smart and clever as Lincoln was in his life. You may not want to be Lincoln, but you may want to be more like him in his courage to stand up for his truth. This can be a subconscious message telling you that you have the ability to create a better life. It is all a matter of choice.

Seeing Abraham Lincoln in your dream is a sign you have his strong character and the ability to be a strong leader. This can be a reminder you have the same qualities as him. It can also be a time when your subconscious is prompting you with the answers through your gut instincts. You have the ability to achieve whatever you desire. You just have to believe and have faith in yourself.

Dreaming of talking to Lincoln about his life’s work can represent your desire to achieve things on your own merits. This is a message this is possible if you unleash the creativity from within you.

Adolf Hitler Dream Symbol

Hitler was the leader of the oppressive Nazi force and the destruction caused as they tried to take control of the world. Dreaming of Adolf Hitler can be an urgent message from your subconscious. If you do not fear Hitler, it can mean your life is out of control. It can also mean someone has you under their thumb and you want to break free of the control. This is a reminder that with confidence you can take back control of your life.

Dreaming of being Hitler in control can mean that you are trying to control something in your real life. It can also be a message you are being an overbearing tyrant. Who are you trying to control? Is there someone or something that you continually berate and belittle, or bully? This is a message you need to lighten up. It is not your place to treat others in such a way. Continue doing this and you will feel the force of universal retribution.

Struggling with Hitler, running and hiding from his troops in a dream, is a sign you are stressed out. Are you having trouble making decisions? This could be an important decision as a parent or as a boss. How you react to Hitler in the dream is a sign of how to deal with the situation in your waking life. If you run away, this can mean you are best walking away. It is not worth the fight. If you are hiding from Hitler and his forces, this is a sign this is not a good time to make a decision. Wait for a better time. Do not let others push you into making a decision. Standing and fighting Hitler indicates you desire to confront what worries you head on.

Dreaming of Hitler being in your life is a sign you feel threatened. You may feel someone in authority has treated you unfairly in some way. You may even feel threatened that if you do not succumb to the control then it will affect those close to you. This is a warning you need to remove yourself from the influence of this person or situation as soon as possible. You need to free yourself from the toxic poison this person brings into your life so you can move forward.

Cleopatra Dream Symbol

Dreaming of Cleopatra is a sign you may receive the highest honors for what you achieve. Be careful not to be too boastful for you may make yourself unpopular with others through such pride. It is better to accept any accolades with quiet grace. Dreams of Cleopatra can also mean that you or someone close to you is being insensitive about their success and possible new found power. It could mean that you and others go out of their way to use underhanded tactics to embarrass those who receive honors for their achievements. You may go out of your way to do the one thing others do not want you to do.

Cleopatra gracing your dream can also mean that you annoy those around you when you seem to always get what you want. No matter how impossible it seems. You maybe being insensitive to those you care about. Is this what you do? It is a time to reflect on where you are on your path and assess if you are going in the right direction.

George Washington Dream Symbol

Dreaming of George Washington can indicate you want to be free of a dangerous situation or people. You may want to take extreme chances to be free of who and what tries to oppress and control you. It is a time where you feel you have to stand up to all fear. The stakes are too high to fail. This is a sign you may risk it all for independence. You may defy others’ ultimatums or take a leap of faith to achieve your success independently. Do not allow others to draw you into their hidden agendas or somewhat shady plans. You may dream of Washington when you are faced with a choice between walking through life dishonestly or with integrity.

John F. Kennedy Dream Symbol

Dreaming of John F Kennedy can represent idealism that can bring you danger. Maybe others call your ideals conspiracy theories. Or, you may be so hell bent on gaining power you do not stop to think may others will take revenge for walking all over them. Your blatant attitude of doing whatever it takes can win you many enemies. Your obvious disregard of others will bring you much misery.

Dreams with John F Kennedy can signify that although you achieve your goals, you may still be jealous of someone. These feelings of envy can wipe out any positive feelings you have from what you achieve. This dream is a warning to change your perspective of the world. If you do not, there is nothing but misery ahead.

Alternatively, seeing John F Kennedy can mean there are new opportunities on the way. These can be just what you need to help you change your life. But, if you are not careful, it could all end in disappointment. There may be tough opposition that comes unexpectedly. This may shock you when you realize how violently opposed people are to what you propose or to who you are. This is a warning that there is nothing your enemies will not do to stop you from making positive changes in your life.

Julius Caesar Dream Symbol

Julius Caesar was the ruler of Rome who ignored the prophecy of his death. This was not something he usually did as he was a superstitious man. A soothsayer came from the crowd to predict his death on March 15. This day became known as the Ides of March. Despite all the warnings he ventured out on that day and was assassinated. This dream may be warning that there is something you ignore. This could cause danger to you and your family. The danger is most likely to come from someone close to you. Someone you trust with your life. What do you ignore? What puts you at risk? Your subconscious is screaming warnings to beware for you are in danger.

Mao Tse-Tung or Pol Pot Dream Symbol

Mao Tse-Tung or Pol Pot were tyrants, despicable leaders of their people. If they visit your dreams this is a warning there are people around you out for revenge. They are deliberately trying to destroy you. It does not matter whether you are innocent or not. They do not care. For in their mind you have wronged them in some way and you need to pay. You need to put up protection. Cut these people out. It will be obvious who they are. They are the ones who drain your energy. Who leave you feeling negative whenever you come into contact with them. Cut them off from access to you.  Do it now. Before it is too late.

Napoleon Dream Symbol

Dreaming of Napoleon can mean that integrity is the most important thing in your life. It is the overriding principle in which you make decisions. Respect is important. But you believe respect is earned, not given lightly. You may feel there is no integrity in giving respect to someone or a situation that has not earned it. This maybe something you struggle with in your reality. You may need to lighten up a bit. Go with the flow. Such an intense attitude can scare people out of your life. Is this what you want?

Nero Dream Symbol

Nero was the cruel Roman emperor who killed leading citizens on a whim. During his reign Rome experienced a fire that destroyed half of the city. Dreaming of Nero can represent there is someone around you being deliberately cruel. They may go out of their way to make you seem a fool and highlight this to the rest of the world. They may seek to destroy you. Seek to have your reputation go up in flames.

The Pope Dream Symbol

Dreaming of the Pope can mean you wish to communicate directly with God. You may currently feel lost and need help. Your emotions maybe running hot and cold. Totally out of control.

If you dream of being the Pope, this indicates you have the confidence to ask any questions you or others may have of God or the universe. You are not afraid to ask God directly for help. You have deep faith and belief in what is unseen. Dreams of the Pope is about restoring your faith and belief in yourself and the world you live in.

Queen Elizabeth Dream Symbol

Dreaming of being Queen Elizabeth is a sign that you have control over your life if it is a positive dream. You may even be in the public spotlight. Although this is a powerful position, it puts you in front of all for judgement by others. You may feel you do not have the freedom to make independent choices. Or, that if you make a mistake, you will be harshly judged. You may fear being publicly embarrassed or ridiculed.

If this is a negative dream, where you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Or, you may wish your life was not so visible. This is a sign of stress in your waking life. This could reflect you are stuck in a career or a job that is beyond your knowledge or abilities. You may need help or support. Or, be unprepared for the changes taking place.

If you feel oppressed as Queen Elizabeth, this indicates how you feel in your waking life. A woman having this dream can mean there are problems within your relationship or marriage. It may be there are no easy answers to the conflicts between you. This can also indicate that you have jumped into this relationship much too quickly. Is this something you often do? Fall into love quickly without allowing the relationship to gradually grow? Maybe you are in love for the sake of love. And, when the reality of everyday life sets you may want to discontinue the relationship.

Seeing Queen Elizabeth can be a good sign when she is in a good mood in a dream. It can mean you are on the right path. That you are secure in your belief in yourself and what you want out of life.


Dreaming of royalty signifies prosperity and happiness when you are socializing or marrying royalty into your dream. If the dream is negative or leaves you feeling embarrassed, this can mean you may be the brunt of someone’s idle gossip. It is a warning to keep your affairs close to your heart. Be careful of who you trust.

Stalin Dream Symbol

When an oppressor such as Joseph Stalin visits your dreams it can mean there is someone around you that is trying to oppress you. But it can also warn this person is you. You can be oppressing yourself and blaming others, or be trying to take total control over someone or a situation. You may not care what you have to do or how you do it to get what you want. Is this the path you are currently on? Are you being selfish about the life changing decisions you currently need to make? Do you not care how your decisions affect others? Does someone do this to you?

Alternatively, you may find yourself in the position of having total control. This may not be something that makes you feel comfortable. You may dislike the idea of anyone having total control or repressing anyone. Your belief may be that all have the right to be who they want to be. You may believe in freedom of choice.

Winston Churchill Dream Symbol

Dreaming of Winston Churchill can symbolize you are currently feeling the effects of depression. It may be a time to seek counselling to help you through the tough times. Do not be afraid of others’ judgement for most understand the debilitating effects of depression. There is no shame in finding it hard to cope with the challenges of the world. It is a time to seek help.

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  1. susan rowe on

    i had a dream last night about Winston Churchill. I had traveled on this path and met him, in a corridor, he was very relaxed and went for a pee, and afterwards was enthralled by bubbles as he had never seen them before, i took a mouthful of washing up liquid and water from a tap and blew a couple and he managed to bounce one on his hand, then he followed me with his family, his wife and 2 children back along the path i had come. the path began to be covered over by water, and we had to wade through it, then it was swimming through it, as all the land was covered, and on our right over a bank was the sea. I saw a man standing on some rocks, as the sea waves were coming over his head. We found a raft, and got on, it had a sail, and it took us along, and we came to the end of the path. there was a gate, we found the way out, and back to a meeting I had left earlier, which was similar to my early schooling classroom, and where my husband was organizing little discussion groups.

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