Hippopotamus Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Hippo deamsA hippopotamus can show aggression in the wild when its territory is threatened or he feels cornered. He is an animal equally at home in the water as it is on land. This gives him the ability to blend into any environment. Hippo is usually a peace-loving creature until he feels his home and family are under threat. Then he lashes out, becoming unpredictably dangerous.

For the hippo to visit your dreams, it can symbolize the aggressive characteristics of you. It is a reminder to tap into your hidden strengths. Use your power and influence to achieve the best outcomes. You are more empowered than you think. Hippo can also mean you are being territorial. You feel threatened. Someone or something is pushing you into a corner. Who is overstepping your boundaries? Who is trying to manipulate their way into your life? What is it precisely that makes you feel this way?

A visit from a hippo can also mean your life has been emotionally turbulent for a while and it is a time where this is cleared. This may come from forgiveness, understanding, or just being ready to move on You will find peace and grow into your future.

Hippo can also symbolize your negative feelings about yourself. You may feel inferior mentally or physically to those around you. Do you mentally compare yourself to others all the time? Do you have self-esteem issues with your appearance or with how you think? Do others unintentionally make you feel this way? What are you going to do about your low self-esteem?

Hippo alerts you to feelings of low self-esteem. These are usually your own perception. Hippo encourages you to look deep within to change your perception and consciously choose to be positive about yourself. Seek support to help overcome these feelings before they become crippling. You may need to escape your daily routine to bring back balance.

The hippopotamus is an animal that is often considered very dangerous and territorial when in the wild. They are able to blend in with their environments and are willing to fight to defend their territory.

While they are generally peaceful animals, when threatened they will lash out anyone who comes near, especially when they have babies.

If you dream about a hippopotamus it can reflect your hidden strength and aggressive nature when you are cornered. These dreams may indicate that you or someone you know is being territorial about an issue or person.

Dreaming about a hippo may also suggest feelings of inferiority to the people around you. You may find yourself unsatisfied with yourself physically or mentally when compared to the people around you. These feelings are often based on self-perception and low self-esteem.

If you find that you are constantly depressed about your appearance or your career, you may want to look at all the positives in your life that you are overlooking. The inner feeling of being a loser can often overwhelm our positive thoughts and make us depressed when we should be happy.

Sometimes dreams about hippos can represent our inner worries about fertility and childbirth. If you are constantly worrying about getting pregnant than perhaps this dream is an indication of those deep-rooted fears.

When Hippopotamus crosses your Path

Hippo can cross your path to show there is no reason for boredom in your life. You have the creative ability to revitalize your life with exciting new projects or hobbies. You have the freedom to choose.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does the hippopotamus represent an aspect of yourself or is it someone else you know?
  • Have you been feeling depressed or suffer from low self-esteem?
  • Is there anyone in your life that gets very aggressive when cornered with a truth they do not want to face?
  • Does the Hippopotamus represent your spirit animal and it is meant to guide you?

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  1. I had a dream that I was outside on a high fragile balcony. There was a large hippo down below me and whenever it saw me it would attack the fragile wood below. It wanted to kill me. It hated me! It was calm whenever anyone else was outside on the balcony but would attack when it saw me. I kept trying to hide in a blanket so it couldn’t see me. And I had to keep tricking it into thinking I was an old lady so it would kill me.

  2. Angie Hughes on

    My mom was in the middle of a lake and two gorgeous and large hippos were circling her. They were docile and not threatening. I have been very worried about her throughout COVID-19 due to her severe COPD and I’m interpreting this as my own need to protect her from something aggressive. Perhaps it also means that she will be ok and we will be lucky that she remains healthy. I’ve never had a dream about hippos before—that I recall.

  3. I had a dream last night that I was walking through a park with lots of people in it on a warm summer day, and humongous hippos were falling out of the sky and landing among the branches of trees…they were just normal grey and black hippos, so nothing too strange, just the size. when I looked at them, I was slightly amused but also worried that they would be put down because they were so big they looked like freaks of nature. after a bit, they were very efficiently taken down and carried away in lorries, and I felt a deep sense of relief…I don’t understand the meaning? In my dream I felt surprised at how big these hippos were, but then I assumed all hippos were that size because I’ve never actually seen one in real life, although in reality these hippos were the size of a bungalow.

  4. i had a dreamthere were 8 baby hippos I had to carry to the zoo in secret they started out the size of hamsters As I back packed them through various forms of transport (trains,, motorcycles, hiking etc.). I snuck them past borders and other dangerous situations. i would feed them and check to make sure they were ok even putting them in ziplocks full of water at one point so they would not dehydrate lol. They kept growing until they were about the size on large guinea pigs. I then woke up before reaching my destination.

  5. I dreamt i was in a dinner party with many people. I responded to my girlfriend with something unnecessarily hurtful. There was a pause and she let it go. I was touched and kissed her. I went out for a break. It was high tide by the sea, the water was perfectly clear and still. People were swimming. 3 hippos were charging through the water like torpedoes, chasing a dog i think. The dog jumped to shore and the hippos followed. One came straight into me, but it was small and turned into a furry creature with a monkey face, and 3 horizontal ridges on it’s back. I stroked it and wanted to keep it, though realised it had to go to the zoo or back to the wild as exotic pets are not allowed.

  6. Shawn Green on

    I had a dream there was a hippo swimming in the river. We were camping somewhere in the rocky mountains. Then there were a few more hippos and all leaving the water towards me and two men. We quickly left our seats knowing hippos are aggressive. It was kind of like fleeing approaching bears. Then a man was jogging along the path towards the hippos. He could not see them around the corner. He could not hear me shouting as I tried to warn him. I chased after him and he finally saw me. When he removed his earphones I warned him of the hippos. Now there was one behind us. We were trapped. We sought shelter in the trees. Suddenly there were cabinets that allowed us to climb to the branches. The man offered me a joint. I told him I could not. My employer won’t allow it.

  7. I am 5 months pregnant and Last night I dreant I was given a baby hippo to look after. He was telephathic and could speak 24 languages and loved the rain. I paraded him around introdcing him to all my friends and family. So strange. At some point he turned into a baby rhino and then a baby elephant

  8. I have a deathly fear of the dentist. I’ve always had extremely traumatic experiences involving the dentist since I was a child, and because of this I’ve been terrified to go to the dentist ever since. Last night I dreamed I was in a biology center and saw a hippo having work done on his teeth and all I could think was “his teeth are so big, he must not feel pain at all.” I think this dream represented my feelings of inadequacy involving my dental hygiene. I often see my friends who have perfect teeth and wish I could be that way, and what’s worse is I have a really hard time talking about it. I want to avoid this concern all together. I believe hippo was showing me in much stronger than I think and can go through with the visit to the dentist I’ve been putting off for some months now.

  9. David bolger on

    … Iv just woke from a dream can’t really remember in full but at the end ther was a hippo at first it was just in distance but seconds later I was sitting with some friend can’t remember who and out of nowhere this hippo had swallowed my daughter whom wasn’t even in my dream in think then I was in hysterics describing how frightened she would av being alone with that hippo……anyway I’m awake now a bit worried an destrest I’m split from finance about 3years now and we share custody of our only daughter is it a sign she’s being bullied or needs us/me for something n feels she can’t ask tlak to us I dunno please help

  10. Ditaba Mongake on

    It’s my first time having this dream whereby hippo tries tries to pull me inside water by my legs. What could this mean, um worried.

  11. I’ve been having this dream on and off since I was 10 years old I’m almost 20, this dream began after the first time after I visited the aquarium and saw a hippo for the first time. I’m staring through the glass gazing at the hippos and I somehow fall into the enclosure and as soon as I hit the water the hippos begin to attack me then I die. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS

  12. I had a dream that three rhino was attacking a hippo and hippo was seemed very tired he was trying to escape but all three rhino was kept on attacking .

  13. I had a dream I was sitting around this body of water along with a few others, it was daylight, & all of a sudden a hippo jumps out of the water & bites me! It managed to catch my right ankle. I escaped but was pretty badly injured. Some that were around surrounded me to aid me & help me up. I remember the pain & punctures the hippo left around my ankle. I was limping the rest of the dream.

  14. Cory OConnell on

    I dreamed I was a teenager and I was at the zoo with my extended family as well as my childhood best friend. My friend tripped over a hippo.

  15. Debra Richardson on

    Last night I had a dream about a Momma and baby Hippo. The baby played no part in my dream. However, the Momma put me in her mouth… she did not hurt me, she just applied pressure around my body. I’m wondering what this means.
    I do have some thing’s going on in my life that are causing lot’s of emotional pain…. wondering if it is related somehow.

  16. i dremt that people were scared in a park setting. they were saying watch out there is a giant pig in the bushes. i was looking in the bushes at it. then it came out, but it was a baby hippo and it came at me wiggling its ears . i jumped out of it way. then i woke up on floor, i fell out of bed.

  17. I dreamt i was swimming in a pool. When i went to a other part of the pool, suddenly the water was a lot darker and lot more dirty. Then a hippo came out of the water and attacked me, he was really big. I managed to escape.

  18. Hippodreamer on

    I had a dream i was walking over hundreds and hundreds of small baby hippos. I was very scared that i might hurt them. And every time i would step on the baby hippo it would make a horrible sound. I was doing mybest not to step on them, but itwas difficult not to.

  19. I dream many hippo there was not just but many that playing in the water and I take them to the boat. What is this meaning if you can till me

  20. I dreamt I bought a baby hippo without much regard to how I would care for it once it got older. I was visiting with a vet who was helping me but I had to sign paperwork and pay. They sensed my worry / concern about the fears I had about caring for the hippo when it got too big and urged me to sign up for a Pets and Qi meditation session. The baby hippo was so realistic.

  21. I dreamt that I was visiting the new school my children will move into. And I stumbled upon a smiling hippo and I was so happy to see him and started jumping happily Infront of him and he was very playful.
    In reality I am divorced and my children are moving away with their father to another city.

  22. I’m pregnant and had a dream of a red hippo which also transformed into a red ram ……I don’t understand that part where they can change

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