Hippopotamus Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Hippo deamsA hippopotamus can show aggression in the wild when its territory is threatened or he feels cornered. He is an animal equally at home in the water as it is on land. This gives him the ability to blend into any environment. Hippo is usually a peace-loving creature until he feels his home and family are under threat. Then he lashes out, becoming unpredictably dangerous.

For the hippo to visit your dreams, it can symbolize the aggressive characteristics of you. It is a reminder to tap into your hidden strengths. Use your power and influence to achieve the best outcomes. You are more empowered than you think. Hippo can also mean you are being territorial. You feel threatened. Someone or something is pushing you into a corner. Who is overstepping your boundaries? Who is trying to manipulate their way into your life? What is it precisely that makes you feel this way?

A visit from a hippo can also mean your life has been emotionally turbulent for a while and it is a time where this is cleared. This may come from forgiveness, understanding, or just being ready to move on You will find peace and grow into your future.

Hippo can also symbolize your negative feelings about yourself. You may feel inferior mentally or physically to those around you. Do you mentally compare yourself to others all the time? Do you have self-esteem issues with your appearance or with how you think? Do others unintentionally make you feel this way? What are you going to do about your low self-esteem?

Hippo alerts you to feelings of low self-esteem. These are usually your own perception. Hippo encourages you to look deep within to change your perception and consciously choose to be positive about yourself. Seek support to help overcome these feelings before they become crippling. You may need to escape your daily routine to bring back balance.

The hippopotamus is an animal that is often considered very dangerous and territorial when in the wild. They are able to blend in with their environments and are willing to fight to defend their territory.

While they are generally peaceful animals, when threatened they will lash out anyone who comes near, especially when they have babies.

If you dream about a hippopotamus it can reflect your hidden strength and aggressive nature when you are cornered. These dreams may indicate that you or someone you know is being territorial about an issue or person.

Dreaming about a hippo may also suggest feelings of inferiority to the people around you. You may find yourself unsatisfied with yourself physically or mentally when compared to the people around you. These feelings are often based on self-perception and low self-esteem.

If you find that you are constantly depressed about your appearance or your career, you may want to look at all the positives in your life that you are overlooking. The inner feeling of being a loser can often overwhelm our positive thoughts and make us depressed when we should be happy.

Sometimes dreams about hippos can represent our inner worries about fertility and childbirth. If you are constantly worrying about getting pregnant than perhaps this dream is an indication of those deep-rooted fears.

When Hippopotamus crosses your Path

Hippo can cross your path to show there is no reason for boredom in your life. You have the creative ability to revitalize your life with exciting new projects or hobbies. You have the freedom to choose.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does the hippopotamus represent an aspect of yourself or is it someone else you know?
  • Have you been feeling depressed or suffer from low self-esteem?
  • Is there anyone in your life that gets very aggressive when cornered with a truth they do not want to face?
  • Does the Hippopotamus represent your spirit animal and it is meant to guide you?

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  1. I dreamt that I went to the lake with 2 friends. Then the hippo came and got one of the friends And was held by hand. They could move side by side as friends and as if they are loving each other. Then the hippo brought this friend at a palace where there were deep waters and started making this friend of mine drink the water by immersing her in order to have her suffocated. When we realized it would be dangerous to live her like that, we went to her rescue. Then she was saved. What could this mean? .

  2. I dreamt last night I had a close encounter with a large hippo that was in my garden. The singer from the band Crumb was also there, she wasn’t scared of the hippo. I was kind of hesitant around it. It came up to us with it’s mouth open, and she fed it a little cat treat, which somehow satisfied the big hippo. The hippo then got into the house by climbing through a window and was looking around the kitchen.

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