Hiking Dream Symbol


Hiking – Hiking is a wonderful and beneficial dream symbol about nature and your goals. If you dream about hiking, you are moving toward your goals in a slow, deliberate, and purposeful manner, and you are sure to achieve them. You are also in union with nature, which means that you are setting about your goals in a holistic, natural, and beneficial way.

A dream about hiking means that you are going about accomplishing your goals in the right way, and you should continue as you have been on the path. Make sure in your waking life that you take into account all the surrounding circumstances of your journey, so that you can continue to accomplish your goals in a way that makes the world a better place.

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  1. tania barnes on

    My daughter had a dream that we were taking a hike in the mnt an halfway up the mnt a rockslide crushed my body an cut my head off.The person who was there to help put my head in a jar an gave it to my daughter saying thats all that is left. then a few days go bye an she noticed that fish eggs were growing on my head in the jar.then she woke up an came to sleep with me in the bed.

  2. Had a dream my boyfriend and I were hiking together. We were just hiking trails and not mountain climbing. We were both happy and smiling. – What does that mean?

  3. Had a dream that i was hiking up high with a women i know as a good friend possible more it was wonder. Then she just disappeared and i was alone. The a massive hurricane hit and water was swirling all around me. It got that bad that i called my parents to say good by. I then jumpped in to a huge river but happerly.

  4. I dreamt I was hiking in an artificial mountainous room with dim lighting and the stones towards the top became wet and it was difficult for other people to get through it, but my friend ran ahead past the slippery rocks and i decided to follow after them.
    once we got to the door to the next floor, we saw a room for rich people that was built in the 20s and there was a hallway for the servants and lower staff and they made it so that the ground in the hall tilted and sunk on one side ever y 20 minutes. it creeped me out a lot and i yelled at some people for taking part of the class there on a field trip.

  5. Lizzy Renee Gingersnapped on

    I had a dream last night, where the Mountain Or Mountains were Off In The Distance about a Thousand Miles Away I guess, but They were basically Right In The Town!!! and something about Me trying to Cross A Very Busy And A Very Dangerous Intersection and Trying To Make it Home or Back Home….Also: The Mountain Or Mountains Were Snow Covered With Deep Or Lots Of Snow Like You See In Winter even though I was Still Here In The Sweaty South! Just Weird Dream In An Ever Weird World Aye??

  6. I was dreaming my sister and I were hiking down a mountain side and up a weird turned mountain but when I was pulling up the backpack I seen a mountain lion behind my sister and I called her to come yelling and looking for what to scare it off but then I woke up

  7. Last night I dreamt I was hiking from one end of my country (NZ) to the other. The environment was rich with our luscious bush and challenging with our ever-changing weather patterns. Through the snow and the rain I pushed on, determined to meet my goal. I felt extremely peaceful and yet 100% focused on meeting my destination as a means to complete my goal. It was truly a beautiful dream and it mirrors my life perfectly. Yesterday I had made a decision which involved a change so challenging that I was unsure whether or not I could achieve it. This dream is confirmation and I guess it can assure me I’m on the right track. Thank you for this definition – it’s spot on!

  8. I had a dream last night that I was hiking in a smaller version on the Grand Canyon (it was warm, and the rocks were reddish) I was with some people I knew and some I didn’t recognize. At one point I remember looking down and being angry because all my finger nails had broken in half. And I said “wtf, I have been growing these for three weeks!”.. What I got from this dream is that, I am trying to find my way (hiking) but I am also scared of being hurt, or having things not turn out the way I would like (broken nails).

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