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Hijack – To dream of hijacking or being hijacked indicates a loss of control over your actions, or a gaining of control over someone else’s actions such that they lose their own control over them. This is a violent activity, and indicates a definite loss of respect for the person being hijacked. If you dream that someone else is hijacking something of yours, do not trust that person.

They are trying or will try to take control over something that is important to you, and it will no longer go the way you intended it to go. If you dream that you are hijacking someone else’s activity, this is a sign to do some serious soul-searching about your relationship with that other person.

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  1. last night i had a terrible dream that i invited a good friend of mine to go to a gala dinner, while we where in the ceremony a group of thugs come in dressing well as if they where also invited guests, latter on they all starts to put on on their facial musk and order us to go on the floor so they started to collect our jewels before they reached me i took off my wedding ring and i hide it in my mouth latter me and my friend we went upstairs to hide and my friend was the last person to enter the door before i struggle to lock it with the key that was just spinning around and i can see clearly the thugs are after us with guns and siccior then i woke up!!!!

    but in real life my friend she has been trying to conceive and today she is 4 month pregnant please help i don’t want her to loose her babies

  2. I had a dream where I was trying to hijack a spaceship of some kind, but it self-destructed. I escaped, however, in an escape pod.

  3. I just had the worst dream ever!!!! I dreamt that my boyfriend whom I adore and been with for almost a decade was sitting in his cat listening to music. There were other people in the car aswell. I walked away. Someone can to tell me that everyone else got out the car except for my boyfriend and that the car was hi jacked with him in it. I was going crazy begging everyone to let me go look for him. Another man said that he would go. Eventually he came back with a letter from my boyfriend saying that he loves me. It was basically a suicide note or a letter saying goodbye. I realised in my dream it wasn’t my boyfriends hand writing. And then I woke up.

  4. I had a dream last night that I was at Mexico visiting my family, but on my way back in a bus, I was alone for some reason. When I was on the bus some kids started flipping the bus over but I got out. I tried to take a picture of them (The kids flipping the bus) but they got away. I then went inside the bus but no one was hurt it was all Normal. I tried calling my mom to tell her what happened, but then some men with ski masks came in the bus with guns and knives (They reminded me of the drug cartels and ISIS) I was hiding the corner trying to contact my mom, they saw me and put a gun to my head and a knive on my throat then I woke up.
    (I have a Panic disorder and it’s been happening everyday lately. I think about death then I start hyperventilating, my face turns Pail, and I want to cry and scream. Do you think that has anything to do with the dream??)

  5. I had a dream an african man hijacked a white lady, then there were scenes of him almost getting caught, but he evades. He eventually goes outside the city (where he hijacked the car) and finds a man whom offers help to strip the car parts for money. Then there is a brief arguement over money sharing. I work at a contact centre. This is my second month and i am having problems making sales and reaching weekly targets. What is more significant about my job and this dream is that the campaign that I work for is for car trackers for vehicle recovery and tracking. I have just recently recieved a Final Written Warning for misconduct and now I am constantly underpressure with my performance. Yesterday I moved from the place I was postioned. I was sitting next to the “Best Sales Woman in the company, who has been there for five years” whom I have learnt somethings from her, but recently I have felt that I have over-stayed my welcome. I am not sure if this dream is work realted of personal.

  6. I dreamed about being in the city with my friends, about to go to a bar, we haven’t had anything to drink, but were about to. I don’t know why, but we went for a ride in my dad’s vehicle. I stopped at a red light and my friends went out of the car all out of a sudden, and I went out with them. They said something similar to: ”Hey, the bar down there is a good one, let’s go there.” And they went down there on foot. I walked about 25 meters away from the car, and went back to pick up the car. I went inside the car, getting set, about to turn on the engine, when some tough looking man popped up out of the blue, a few meters away from the car. He had a gun and seemed not to be targeting me, but then suddenly when he was right beside the driver’s window, he suddenly changed direction and aimed at me. He made body language to tell me to get out of the car. I was shocked, I was trying to make body language, like ”2 seconds” Then I was ready to quickly turn on the engine and quickly accelerate away, but then immediately he showed that you don’t mess with him, so I was shocked and in disbelief, seemed like no matter what I did, something terrible was gonna happen. Either I was gonna get shot, or my dad would get very disappointed and mad at me, so I couldn’t choose anything, then I woke up.

    I have financial problems at the moment, which is quite stressful, could it have anything to do with that?

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