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Highway Dream Symbol – A highway in a dream represents the parts of your life that are moving forward. Is there something that has taken off quickly and unexpectedly? Do you have trouble keeping up with what is happening in your life?

Being involved in an accident or driving a junk heap can represent the state of your emotions caused by a life that is lived at a fast pace. And the problems that worry you in real life. It could also signify issues that are causing roadblocks to achieving your goals in life.

Being involved in an accident with another vehicle signifies a clash of ideas or an argument with someone involved in a fast-paced situation. Getting lost while traveling a highway means that you are feeling as if you are involved in something that is over your head.

You may feel overwhelmed. Maybe a new relationship or life situation is moving too quickly. This may be time to slow down the pace or you may need to ask for help. Are you worried you will lose your sense of purpose or direction?

Look at the condition of the highway to get a better understanding of the dream. A rough, windy road can mean disharmony and emotional turmoil. A straight, well-kept highway reflects your self-confidence and how well your life is going to plan. A built-up highway can symbolize taking the higher moral ground in some situation. It can also symbolize your feelings of superiority over others in your waking reality.

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  1. I have had a the same dream where a drive into steep highways and the car falls of, kind of like hotwheels tracks.

  2. I have a recurring dream of busy complex highways. Lots of intersections, over/underpasses. Always smooth freeways, but always at night. Sometimes I dream a long 4 lane freeway, but then I always come to a section where it meets with other freeways. Reminds me of driving in Los Angeles at night.

  3. Vanessa Bello on

    Last night I dreamt that I was in the passenger seat with my daughter, my ex mother in law was driving up a ramp on the highway, I notice she wasn’t slowing down for the curve coming up and I yelled at her to slow down.. as we got closer she started panicking and I yelled “take ur foot off the gas!!” Instead she hit the breaks hard and we flow off the ramp.. as we were flying I knew we were going to die, I held my daughter closely and prayed an our father . Can someone help me intrup this dream.. feeling a little uneasy about it. Thanks

  4. Sarah Stewart on

    I’ve had the same dream twice. I’m on another planet but we are on a road of some type, it winds around like a snowy mountain but the highway is incredibly fast and there is a rollercoaster feeling to the hills, everyone seems to find this normal but I’m freaking out, it doesn’t seem like there is any gravity. I wake up scared.

  5. This is at least the second time I’ve had a dream where I’m in a large city and somehow end up taking an exit on a freeway that seems normal but as I travel along it it is extremely high. I always feel really scared I’m going to fall off, like I’m on a rollercoaster that’s detached from its rails. I look down and realize my veicle is not touching the pavement. I always reconnect to the road and feel relived I didn’t die or crash. I’m my dream last night I was riding a box. By the time I came to safety the box was deflated and damaged.

  6. Christine LL on

    I’ve had a reaccuring dream about suddenly going up a starch of highway that becomes parallel to the ground. I always make it over but am always left with feeling of anxiety and severe dread usually someone else is driving. Last night I had this dream and my mother was driving. She has had some recent health issues. I felt more comforted by her driving and because I’d been there before knowing we’d make it. Any thought on what this terrifying bridge/ highway dream means ?

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