High School Dream Symbol


High School – High school is a dream symbol for promise and potential; it is also a symbol of awkwardness and struggles to fit in socially. Your own dream symbol of high school will depend in large part on your own experience of high school, as well as the emotions and events surrounding the dream.

In general, whatever events occur in high school in your dream are characterized by immaturity and uncertainty about the future, but a sense of hopefulness and optimism. Dreaming about high school may also be a chance to revisit your younger self. You may be reminded of dreams and ambitions that you had back then, and realize that you need to revive some of them.

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  1. Hi I was dreaming about getting chased through a school and getting away. I came across a garage and was talking to a guy and we started to go through all this antique stuff there was a picture ect then the owner off the stuff invited me in the house and showed me more stuff on the wall was lot of what look like mirrors but was a TV screen that’s where the dream end can you help please.

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