High Chair Dream Symbol


High Chair – Dreaming of a high chair is a sign of youth and dependence. You need not actually be young in order to feel young, and like you need help to do basic things. You have a low level of self-actualization and you may find yourself making excuses for not doing things you know you should be able to do. You must determine for yourself what you need to be able to accomplish your necessary tasks, and then make a plan for how to accomplish it.

Do not try to expect yourself to be able to accomplish your goals without any sort of support system, but at the same time do not allow yourself to make excuses for yourself. Achieving your goals often requires overcoming your adversity, and it may require climbing up on the table yourself instead of waiting to be lifted into a high chair.

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  1. Mary Rose Alorro on

    i dream that i was sitting on a high wooden chair. there are three wooden chair,the two chair was not so high and the third chair was very high where i sitted. in my dream i didn’t know how i reach the high chair,my dream start that i was already sit on that chair. And i feel so afraid,i want to go down but i don’t know how. And the wind was blowing. i want to know what is the meaning of my dream

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