Hiding Dream Symbol


Hiding – Hiding is a very common dream symbol. We are likely to dream of hiding when forces in our life are causing us to feel out of control of events. Though this is a common symbol, it can also indicate that a certain abuse is happening. You may be emotionally hiding from an abusive parent, boss, significant other, or anyone else you feel you cannot get away from.

If you dream of hiding, you need to self-reflect very seriously to determine whether this is a signal of stress, or if one of your relationships has become abusive. Note that you may or may not run and hide from the actual person who is abusing you, and it can be difficult to know if you are being abused, especially if the cycle has been happening for a long time and is emotional rather than physical.

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  1. I had a dream where I was hiding in a bus from my kidnapper who had dyed his hair pink and blue. Actually there was a gang of kidnappers who got their hair coloured this way.
    Plz help!

  2. Rebecca Murray on

    I dreamed of working as a provider and I found a 7 or 8 year old girl there and I was trying to give her some thing to eat and as well to the old lady. I was trying to make cold cereal in a bowl

  3. Tikisha Lewis on

    I for a long time dreamed of the world being in a state of disarray such as (the walking dead) but without the zombies. People are running and hiding finding shelter day after day. Although I have never seen what what seem to be hunting me it felt like i was needing to run and hide from it. I am always running and hiding. For a long time and still today from time to time I can dream something and i can see it come to pass years later. It would come pass as a deja vu. I often if the world will become a place of survival of the fittest and there would be no food and water. I don’t know but I can go on and on about my dreams.

  4. I dreamt I was in this odd make-shift glass-type house where the only room that was private was the bathroom. I was rearranging and reorganizing a lover’s (no idea who this guy was as I am married) things trying to make it cute and comfortable. I had a feeling I needed to look in the bathroom. When I did he was pleasuring another girl orally. He was only slightly apologetic with no real remorse. She became agitated and angry. I ran away in hurt initally. Then I found myself in a drainage ditch hiding from the girl. She leaned over and yelled something inside to me and I woke up. There was a small fear of suffocating, possible snake bites or water coming and trapping me in. None of those things happened and they were fleeting.

    So strange and random… I am married and have been for a decade. I have no idea who either of these people are in my dream.

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