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Hickey – A hickey is a sign of passion and physical love. It is also a symbol of ownership. If you dream of giving someone else a hickey, this symbolizes a desire to “put your mark” on them. Watch to make sure that this does not turn into a desire for control, and that a passionate relationship does not therefore turn sour.

If you dream that someone else gives you a hickey, this means that you want to be recognized as belonging to them. Perhaps you have been having a clandestine relationship and want it acknowledged openly. Make your desires known so that your relationship can continue to move in a positive direction.

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  1. All I can remember from my dream was that I had had sex and I looked in the mirror and saw that I had bruises on my hip and hickeys going up my chest and on my neck. I remember that I laughed about the one on my neck and said ‘how am I going to cover that’. The weirdest thing about it though is when I looked in the mirror the top half of me was very skinny and I had a flat chest when in real life I’m the opposite. Of all the weird dreams I had, this just confuses me.

  2. In my dream I was sitting at a school lunch table with a few people i did not recognise but one of them basically pulled me closer to them and gave me a hickey on my neck.through out the rest of the dreams I have that night I could still feel it thare.

  3. Before i had the hickey, the same guy forced me to have sex with him. And aft tat i was angry at him so i went out of the room and he chased after me and gave me a hickey. I fell in love with him. But when i woke up, i really had a slight hickey mark on the spot he sucked. What does this mean? Becoz no one gave me hickey before.

  4. what does it mean when a unknown girl give you hickey in your dream and on you kissing her on her cheek.

    also falling in love with each other.

  5. In my dream, I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were having a steamy make out session in bed, (I was on his lap), then slowly we started undressing, he started kissing my chest and I was like shit let me give my boo a hickey, I went to kiss his neck and the further I went I saw hickeys that weren’t from me, so I said “who the fuck gave you these?”, and his excuse was “the boys from football”, then the last thing I said was “so your boys are gay now?” And I went to pick up my top

  6. A friend of mine is not in any kind of relationships but she kept on dreaming of someone giving her a hickey. What would that mean?

  7. I dreamed that a friend and I was walking then he opened his jacket and gave me lots of chocolates that I love and I was so happy somehow I hugged him then he carried me and gave me a hickey on my neck and he was doing an another one on my arms, then I left because I was worried that any of my family members would see me, what does this means?

  8. I keep dreaming of my ex with a hickey from somebody else.. When we was together he had cheated on me and I found out by a hickey on his neck .. We are not together and I keep dreaming of catching him with a hickey .. What could this mean ?

  9. what does it mean when you dream about your boyfriend commonly and every time, they’re is a different scenario, but every time, he’s giving you a hickey?

  10. I recently have 2 hickies from my boyfriend who broke up with me yesterday and last night I had a dream that he was covered in hickies from his manager which is the girl he’s been talking to. What does that mean.

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