Hero/Heroine Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hero/Heroine Dream Symbol – Dreaming of heroes and heroines is a message to remind that you are the hero of your own life. Think about it. Every day you face life and death in some way. Deal with massive challenges. And overcome many fears and threats to your life, family, and friends. Do you run and hide from what threatens you? Or, do you do the best you can? Do not be so hard on yourself. Ensure you take a little time out each day to relax.

hero-dreamsLook at what happens to the hero in your dream to help you understand the meaning of the dream. If you are not the hero of your own dream, this can mean you do not accept responsibility for yourself, your actions, or yourself. Until you do, your suffering will continue. Do you avoid taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions? Do you make promises you find hard to fulfill?

A female dreaming of a hero in her dream is usually about protection. It can mean that as you reach greater independence you need great courage to overcome your fears. You have the strength to overcome anything to reach your heat’s desires. Do not let the fear of past negative experiences stop you from achieving what you need.

Dreaming of a hero can mean you admire their bravery and character. This can mean you wish to be more like them in your own waking reality. Being the action hero is a sign to make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It can also be a reassurance you are doing everything possible to face personal challenges with integrity and courage.

Additional Interpretations

A hero in a dream is a symbol of interior strength and courage. It is important to remember that, in a dream, the physical strength you have in your body is representative of your interior mental and emotional strength, and the extent to which you feel that you have control over your own life.

If you dream that you yourself are a hero, then, this is an auspicious sign of your own feeling of strength and the control you feel you have over your life. If you dream of someone else being a hero and saving you, this means that you do not feel in control of your own life, but that there is someone you can trust to help you through difficulties in your life.

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  1. I had a dream that me, my friends and sean bean were pretending to be heroes as a prank.
    Does this mean that my own feeling of strength and control i have over my life is a joke?

  2. I saw a film hero, but his skin color is as westner and has a blonde hair and beard. He was receaving an award from the police department for his heroic thing in real life.

  3. Aurisha Turner on

    I had a dream that some guy was giving away free water ice to kids and all of a sudden he pulls out a gun to shoot them. When I saw this I jumped up and he ran so I chased him down jumped on his back and put him in the sleeper hold until he finally fell and then I got the the gun from him and the cops showed up afterwards.

  4. Hello,

    I had a dream that i ended up saving everyone , but got hurt in the process, I was sliced with a blade but I still kept on going. but it was weird because there was two people and they were related, and the young brother was the one shooting everyone and going crazy. He was only doing that because he had to prove a point to his older brother that he can kill people. while I was hiding from the brothers, he was shooting, and there’s a lot of people, it was at a rave event; I had never been to a rave before, when I saw the big brother with the gun , I was going to sneak up behind him and take him down, but the little brother had a blade and came from behind and sliced me. I was feeling hurt but kept on going, the big brother just stood there and didn’t even shoot me. What was weird was while my dream was happening, I kept on telling myself I dreamt about this before and It seemed for familiar.. it was like if I knew what was going to happen already.

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