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Hercules Dream Symbol – Hercules became a god by struggling through 12 almost impossible tasks. Dreaming of Hercules can symbolize taking on difficult tasks in your waking life. What tough challenge have you taken on lately? Or, are you stuck in a rut and struggle for freedom and independence?

hercules-dreamsDreams of Hercules can warn that excessive arrogance or conceit will win you enemies. This will win you no favors. Others may even look down on you for this attitude. It could be you are disappointed in your relationship. Maybe you expected things to be one way and they are just the opposite. Maybe your partner is not the person they presented themselves to be.

Are you constantly arguing with your partner? Do you want to resolve things or has it gone too far? These maybe things that weigh heavily on your mind? It is a time to take action one way or the other so you can both either come together or move on.

Hercules in a dream can also mean you will find the strength and courage to stand up to or face tough challenges that come your way. You will be honest about how you see things. This sort of dream can be a warning to be wary about exaggerating your own abilities. It may even mean you get that promotion you dream about.

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    I dreamt a panther ran down my street when i was walking out from my drive way….and scared the shit out of my family. But somehow despite ,y fear i ended up on my front porch playing with it; yet still scared. It got to the point where we were communicating with body langauge and i somehow understood it telling me it was about to go rob the ice cream man for food….we kinda laughed becaused it seemed like the pather was saying he might bite a bitch for some food. After it left to get food i got everyone inside the house, lovked the front door and we went, through the back door. To my surprise when i got inside i saw the front door open. And upstairs was the pather licking some random baby my mom had. She was scared. So i tried to get the baby from the pather and i think i did. Somehow the baby disapeared, i think i gave it to my sister. But then we all started to leave the room and i kinda jumped at my mom like “why the fuk would yu let the panther in!?” Then it grabbed my arm as it it were upset i yelled at my mom and i woke up shortly after tht

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