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Hell Dream Symbol – Hell is commonly a symbol of divine punishment or retribution for wrongs that you have committed. Dreaming about being in hell is an allusion to your feelings of guilt or refusal to admit it. Dreaming about traveling through hell indicates that you may be going through a difficult time in the future, whether near-term or more distant and you need to prepare for the difficult times ahead in whatever way possible.

Dreaming of being in hell represents retribution and punishment for your wrongs in the world. This is symbolic of turmoil coming into your life in the near future.

Hell, in a dream, is a warning to prepare for the tough times ahead. This type of dream can also warn there is someone that controls you in your waking life. This can warn it is time to get rid of toxic people from your life.

Related Dream Interpretations

Being admitted to hell is a warning you will commit a serious crime of some sort. Really? Is this what you want for your life? Beware of letting others influence you into making poor decisions.

Additional Hell Dream Interpretations

A dream featuring hell reflects the challenges you currently face in your waking life. This is a message to let you know that nothing is ever hopeless. You need to see things with a new perspective. Dreaming of hell can relate to you giving into the temptations that cross your path. Do you have bad habits you have trouble giving up? You understand that you will face punishment for the wrongs you commit. But, it may not be until you face death that you can change your ways.

Seeing hellfire close warns trouble may soon find you or you may be manipulated into doing things you have no wish to do. This will make it a difficult situation for you to get out of. Being covered in hellfire is a sign that someone may push in front of you in some way. This could cause you to take the action you may soon regret. Walking through the fire unharmed symbolizes you will face many challenges as you walk through life. Always be prepared to stand up for your personal truth.

Coming out of the hellfire with a blackened face is a sign you get enjoyment from some sort of evil or criminal pastime. Be warned. You will face a lifetime of judgment from others if you do not change your ways. Finding yourself in hell, and it is a surprise, warns that you will be poor for much of your life. But, this will be of your own doing for you may walk away from all responsibilities and commitments in your life. Are you being lazy?

Escaping hell to start a normal life is a sign you will soon put all hardships and personal mistakes behind you. This is your second chance to achieve success with integrity. Escaping from Hell can also mean you have trusted a friend and lent them money. This is a warning that it will be a long time before they can pay you back. You may need to be more careful when helping others out financially.

Feeling as though you are a prisoner in hell warns you will soon face severe challenges in your waking life. You could soon need to face some serious health problems. Or, maybe you have repressed difficult feelings for too long and they have turned into bitterness. This is a message to stop living within yourself so much. Get out and spend times socializing with friends and family. It is a time to find happiness.

Seeing a friend in hell means there are troubled times around your friends. This could even warn there is soon bad news about one of your friends. Hearing yourself scream in hell signifies your friends cannot support you through some difficulty with your enemies. You could be screaming in frustration. Being tortured in hell is a sign you are purging all evil from your soul.

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  1. I had a dream that my sister was in a cage in hell and I couldn’t do anything to help her. I was in hell myself and i could see her. Could this mean my sister may have some hard times coming? Any other meanings?

  2. i had a dream that i was in my school but i somehow watched from a wooden door with a window in it that my some of my associates and some friends were walking to a carriage and they all looked at me like they were sorry as they walked past , then they got into a carriage , the surrounding looked like they were in a desert while i watched through the door but when i opened it , there were green lands and pretty river and such but when when i closed it i saw them again being taken away on the carriage

  3. Sukhjinder singh on

    I had a dream where me and my frnd is traveling…we stopped in a village to eat something…and then I pay them for food but people are in the village in the ghosts…They tried to lock me up in the room but I escaped and started looking for my frnd…at and of the village I seen people’s coming out from a land where smoke is going on…I look for my frnd but I seen him nowhere…then I thought I was in a wrong place…as I was coming back watching all this ghostly people’s going towards that burning place…I seen a guy…who give me a money…then suddenly one of guy who going towards to that fiery place jumped on me and started pulling me in to hell…he almost put me in but I had my fingers stuck in to the upper ground…I saw my hand melting in to a skeleton…but I pulled my self back up along with him…then I started beating him up…one person who was going into direction told me that guy I m beating is sorry for pulling me in…so I freed self…and started looking for exit…then that person told me you gotta go back through…cow,s gate…I was hoping them to help me…but still I can’t trust nobody…then this dude I chose to help me…we started waking towards…cow,s gate. ..we were getting close to gate…it was like a maze were I was…I can’t find the dude…he was ahead of me…then I reached a place where all this people were sitting and singing Lord’s praises and they all looked at me…I was stopped by a lady who was guarding that doorway…she told someone that she found a human in doorways…I was watching all these people with tears in my eyes..through jail sell like bars from doorway…but I was inside cow,s gate..and before they decided my fate…that they will let me in or no…my dream broke up and I woke up…?! What is meaning of this dream if anyone can tell me plz…?!..

  4. Hairo Soriano on

    I dreamt that I was in hell with my mom and while I was in hell with her I saw the lord as well shackling demons I then realize my mom was getting shackled by her own self and then I saw this hot lady in a train station and I said wow she’s hot then look back to my situation and I started to get worried for her then she told me to relax this is temporary this is her destiny then I left her walked up the train station stairs left hell and I ended up in my neighborhood crying and crying & crying thinking of my mom felt lonely with out her…

  5. I had a dream where I didn’t actually see hell but felt as if I was falling into it just really slowly as if I was being held by something drilling me down in there slowly… I felt so much heat but I couldn’t see anything it was pitch black, not even a glitch of light was showing. I heard people screaming and was saying help me it burns and I heard a man and a woman’s voices everywhere. The heat was getting so much stronger so I just woken up.

    • Shannon Bocock on

      Hi Alissa my name is Shannon and I am a Christian. There may be thing you have done in your past that you have not yet confessed to it’s time to repent and ask the Lord to make you truly sorry for the things that you have done. You got a taste of he’ll and it’s real my friend.Put God first before anything every day tell him good morning and thank him for waking you up read the bible. There maybe things that you are ashamed of and have forgotten some of them. You may have forgotten your sins but God has not. Ask him to remind you of all your sins. I hope this helps.

  6. Carl parker on

    I’ve alway’s had Dream of the world coming to an end being left alone as a child in a world burnt to the ground from the after math of the world being scorched by fire since i was young but was wondering the meaning of recent dream of My very close cousine that passed and was trapped in Hell and looked like Demon creature and I had to fight my way into Hell to save him and bring him back and finally escaping with him his appearance turned back to his human form after we talked and he told me Remember a family is forever I teared up on him telling him no matter where u are nothing will stop me from making sure ur safe and then like a sad memory within the dream I realized he was gone again and he disapeard in a cloud of white smoke

  7. Jeffry miranda on

    I had a dream that im in hell but its not hot but i see fire then in a second theres a man comin from me he was tall long hair and have a beard and he is super bright and i confess to him and sorry for the bad doing in earth then he talk to me …he said 5 hail mary then suddenly ..i a wake for my dreams ..

  8. I am I’m a relationship with my girlfriend and she has had some spiritual revelation. She had been having the dream for weeks. She is in hell being tortured and she’s screaming and I happen to be there too. It’s scaring us. And we to the part of almost breaking up. It’s killing her and it’s hard. She already has major health issues. We don’t wanna loose each other. We’ve been dating for almost 8 months. I love her so much. What does this mean? Could you help us understand.

    • James hammond on

      Plz you must stop every act of sin and confess your sins to God and ask for forgiveness.if you want to marry her pray and ask for directions from God before you do so. You can read job 33:15,18. God bless you meanwhile you can contact me on the WhatsApp line +233558700085.

  9. I had a dream that I was with my friends and a hurricane came. It tore the building apart and we ran ended up on the beach the moment I stepped on the beach I fell through the earth and was engulfed in flames.

    • I had a dream that I was in my old school and then was in hell where this man that all black talks to me and a bunch of other people and gives us a form to sign that had symbols and language I couldn’t understand but he basically said if we tell people about what we experienced in hell then we would get punished I remember going into a different room which had a coffin in it and the whole building was really big all I remember doing was crying in my dream the whole time ..

  10. What does it mean when I’m almost entering hell, but someone gave me a letter and in the letter there is something written a Message from God, telling me that I should be careful and think twice, and God is reminding me that He loves me? I hope you could leave a reply thankyou 🙂

  11. Very vivid. It started with torture typically depicted in hall imagery, but those of us tortured built strong comradery. We then where moved to a murderous zone with views of others tortured as we were before. Demons slayed and slaughtered as we looked on to watch. A way out into the normal hall we then longed for was within a football field length covered in hall fire. As victims attempted to flee across the erupting hellfire monsters resembling aliens would devour them. Rumors spread of those who made it back to the original hall. Eventually all comradery was broken and it was discovered the only way to avoid the torture was to wear a piece of technology that appeared to be a bioorganism. Wearing the technology forced the wearer to see and feel the pain they put on others as they became the demons fishing the torture and the aliens devouring fleeing victims. It was the only choice to escape the soul devouring torture. I was offered the mask and I woke up.

    • Wow your dream sounds like a vision of what’s will happen in the end times. Read revelations in the bible but you’ll need to study it with a seventh day Adventist faith. Because the revelations is hard to understand on your own as it has a lot of symbolic meanings to it that only a Christian can understand and will be able to explain. You dream is talking about the revelations thats all I can say. Study and you will see is similar to your dream. And also tell a pastor about your dream. Don’t go to Mormon catholic or jehovah witnesses they don’t read the true bible but their own book. It’s important to go to the right people for ur answers

  12. All I remember of my dream of hell was a concrete corridor with rooms on either side, the rooms were about 10ft by 10ft no doors kinda like large shower cubicals no tiles just old crumbling concrete, people went in to the rooms to recive their punishment, I went in to my room i had a chainsaw in my hand and was expected to chop my own limbs off,I don’t know if I did or not but I know I “wasn’t” scared. It was all quite formal like you had a choice it was just excepted of you to carry out the task so I was back in the corridor I stand in front of one of the rooms again and can tell if I go in the walls would close In and crush me, again I was expected to just go in and allow this to happen I felt a bit of fear at this point i turn to a man in the corridor I assume he was a guard of some sort he didn’t speak and was wearing robes like the sort you see in chirismas plays I said I didn’t want to do this one could I do something else I got no reply. after that I went to lunch apparently you get lunch in hell dreams are strange things. anyways I didn’t like it more about the feelings whilst in the dream then the Dream itself. On a Side note, I got a st Benedicts medalian that very night from a friend it’s meant to protect you from evil ect I’m not religious/superstitious or anything it just looked cool how wired is that.

  13. At first I went to heaven just to be pushed down onto hell and once I got there many others were also there with me but not next to me I didn’t even know anyone in the crowd I wasn’t scared of the place actually it was a pretty fun place to be I was talking to the devil and calling him names because it was all in good fun but then everyone turned into a dessert and he told me to take 5 small jumps and I did but on the last one I was the one who was devoured first and once he swallowed me I woke up in bed

  14. my dream was about me in hell. there were so many other people. i got in trouble and MY BESTFRIEND was the person who’d take you to this weird room and put you in this weird shower thing and flip a switch and it’d be acid. in that room their were other shower things but they had a gate so the people wouldn’t get out, there were people stuck in there. but i looked and they weren’t different people. they all looked the same., like a woman in a dress. and then after the torture she walked me outside and there were stands, like stadium stands and everyone was sitting in them, waiting for something to happen. and there my dream ended. my hell didn’t have any fire. does anyone know what this could mean? comment back..

  15. I tecently just had this dream. I was at the house im living at now and everytying felt very odd like I was high in some sort of way like my husbands car was in my yard moving but it actually wasnt no one would look or talk to me and the sky was going dark. I looked at the sky and the trees, the trees had writing on the leaves, “youre going to hell”. I difnt wake uo grom that dream but instead I had about 6 other dreams after that back to back. I woke up crying and scared. I dont want to be alone and dont want to go back to sleep.

  16. this night i had a dream were i was with a family member of mine in an odd house or
    apartment which i have never been to before, so from nowhere i was in the closet with collection cards which i collect sounds quiet abit weird but thats how odd dreams have their effect.
    And when i got out from the closet there and walk a few yards a big vortex of fire which everything was sucked into from nowere i even saw souls getting sucked into this thing.
    The weird thing was that i actual felt the heat which was the most scary part to me i found a place were i could endure getting sucked into but i still felt the intake of the force of that burning vortex/portal like thing i dont know if it was hell but if it was it sure made me shocked.

    ive also had another dream of hell but long time ago
    in the dream i basicly saw the lake of fire with just the tip of the head of people who got dragged in to the lava there was no emotions at the faces as i could see cause the heads just got down in the lava so fast
    when i tried to get out of that place a number of statues was nearby which a big demon like creature tried to comunicate with it was a demon like language i could not understand so i just kept going at the end
    when i just ignored it appeared as a red 7-9 foot tall demon like creature i was so scared i woke up 3 seconds after i encounter this thing, i dont know if this was a warning sign about my life or anything else,
    but as i read alot of people have simular dreams about this horrible place so atleast i dont seem to be the only one with this kind of experience.

    god bless and thank you for reading.

  17. My mother had a dream about my sisters and me since there’s four of us she had a dream about us, that she was walking in a middle of nowhere and saw something in the sky and a wind & she was screaming and praying in her dreams and that it took us , and we were in the ground of hello with my father my mom told me about it I’m scared she told me to pray every night and read the Bible I’m scared something will happen to all four of my sister and ecspially me

  18. I dreamed of hell that the lord
    Took me their for a night I met the leader of hell but he wasn’t evil he was doing his job he sat a pedofile on the bench he said if your not sorry for what you have done you won’t be forgiven by the lord he cut him up with a sword and then he was in pieces but bones he shoveld him up and put the remains into the fire and he showed me the piles of skills bones and bad people in hell .. then the lord took me up to heaven and showed me heaven and said I gave you a gift on earth to see this it was a beautiful dream I wasn’t even scared of hell their were black things in the corner with black robes on.. but they can’t leave hell because their evil but the lord was by my side in hell he can go their during this dream the lord moved the clouds aswell.. I’ve been told I’ve got a gift by mediums many times.. hell wasnt scary though in the dream it was quiet.. xx

  19. My dream of going to hell was i was walking through mounds of ash and initially was being attacked stabbed bit but that didn’t bug or affect me I had gotten used to it but the trouble was i had to face every mistake every screw up everything i ever failed on i was all alone i couldn’t run hide or fight…..then the strangest thing of all was i actually talked to the devil and being already scared but i wasn’t affected and called him out right away for i have no love for the devil only god but then he started hurting people i cared for in front of me and i was powerless to help them

  20. I NEED HELP.. I dreamed that I was goimg to hell from a weird elevator that it was going down through the ground and I was traveling for 14 days untill I arrived in Hell with my best friend. It wasn’t creepy at all there.. The elevator was pretty creepy… I saw a demon – dog but it did not heart us.. I had an addicted life in the past.. But I changed country last 3 weeks so all of those shits gone… I see better life in the near future but this dream made me worry… And I don’t remember if i returned from there on my dream..

    • Dude, I just had a dream that I was in an elevator and it took me to Hell! And when the doors opened I felt the heat rush in. I didn’t see any fire though. I could hear rain that for some reason we knew was blood raining down. It felt like I was on a serious mission to end something, but I don’t remember what. I came back to earth and then we headed back to Hell, and that’s all I remember. It felt so vivid man!

  21. Jesse Coleman on

    I don’t know how be able to know if i get respond, but im having dreams of Like you described in this article. It seems like you know a little something about the dreams im having. Basically its the dreams of being tortured & having your friend there try to help you. & sometimes they’re not able to. & there’s no getting out. Its like a non stop cycle of torture. Its been happening for months & im thinking it stems for something evil.

  22. Chester ming on

    Last night I had a dream of hell coming to earth. I was sitting down around friends and family in a glass case next to a building.(idk why) then it started to rain. It was odd to everyone cause rain wasn’t common. Everyone stood up and walked out the box. From a distance I seen a storm coming, like no other. I stared at it trying to make out what kind of storm when the ground and other things started to get sucked into the sky. Idk if others seen it but I panicked and started to run. As I ran across the street to a gas station. I kept looking back at the storm. I heard explosions and screams. I’m running and don’t get a great look but I see lines of fire shoot into the air like a fountain and a man standing on a podium rise up with the lined higher then any building around. I don’t see the man only his shadowee figure. Then I start to see scary burnt beat up and soldier like men walking from this scene looking like monsters ready to kill. One comes close to me and follows me across the gas station parking lot. Then we began to fight but I can’t exactly remember the rest. I just remember thinking.. how is this possible. Why did god put us here if this was going to be the end. How could I defend myself or escape I was hopeless. I seen it kind of go away like there’s no way I have hope. Then I woke up. Now I could have died in the instant cause the man was close and I remember a knife but idk who had it. Him or me. So who knows all I know is it was real I seen it happen. And it shocked me. I always hear about Armageddon but never seen it like that. Anyways im in bed with my wife now and I gtg.

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