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Hell Dream Symbol – Hell is commonly a symbol of divine punishment or retribution for wrongs that you have committed. Dreaming about being in hell is an allusion to your feelings of guilt or refusal to admit it. Dreaming about traveling through hell indicates that you may be going through a difficult time in the future, whether near-term or more distant and you need to prepare for the difficult times ahead in whatever way possible.

Dreaming of being in hell represents retribution and punishment for your wrongs in the world. This is symbolic of turmoil coming into your life in the near future.

Hell, in a dream, is a warning to prepare for the tough times ahead. This type of dream can also warn there is someone that controls you in your waking life. This can warn it is time to get rid of toxic people from your life.

Related Dream Interpretations

Being admitted to hell is a warning you will commit a serious crime of some sort. Really? Is this what you want for your life? Beware of letting others influence you into making poor decisions.

Additional Hell Dream Interpretations

A dream featuring hell reflects the challenges you currently face in your waking life. This is a message to let you know that nothing is ever hopeless. You need to see things from a new perspective. Dreaming of hell can relate to you giving in to the temptations that cross your path. Do you have bad habits you have trouble giving up? You understand that you will face punishment for the wrongs you commit. But, it may not be until you face death that you can change your ways.

Seeing hellfire close warns trouble may soon find you or you may be manipulated into doing things you have no wish to do. This will make it a difficult situation for you to get out of. Being covered in hellfire is a sign that someone may push in front of you in some way. This could cause you to take the action you may soon regret. Walking through the fire unharmed symbolizes you will face many challenges as you walk through life. Always be prepared to stand up for your personal truth.

Coming out of the hellfire with a blackened face is a sign you get enjoyment from some sort of evil or criminal pastime. Be warned. You will face a lifetime of judgment from others if you do not change your ways. Finding yourself in hell, and it is a surprise, warns that you will be poor for much of your life. But, this will be of your own doing for you may walk away from all responsibilities and commitments in your life. Are you being lazy?

Escaping hell to start a normal life is a sign you will soon put all hardships and personal mistakes behind you. This is your second chance to achieve success with integrity. Escaping from Hell can also mean you have trusted a friend and lent them money. This is a warning that it will be a long time before they can pay you back. You may need to be more careful when helping others out financially.

Feeling as though you are a prisoner in hell warns you will soon face severe challenges in your waking life. You could soon need to face some serious health problems. Or, maybe you have repressed difficult feelings for too long and they have turned into bitterness. This is a message to stop living within yourself so much. Get out and spend time socializing with friends and family. It is time to find happiness.

Seeing a friend in hell means there are troubled times around your friends. This could even warn there is soon bad news about one of your friends. Hearing yourself scream in hell signifies your friends cannot support you through some difficulty with your enemies. You could be screaming in frustration. Being tortured in the hell is a sign you are purging all evil from your soul.

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  1. Mariah Castillo on

    I’ve had two dreams that I still remember vividly about hell. The first one was I was in my home and there was a demon I guess disguised as my son and it was in my closet and I was trying to keep it closed and then some people who I assume were my friends were going to rescue someone from hell and he said a chant and all of a sudden blood and fire started opening from the bottom of the ocean and they asked me if I wanted to go with them but I said no because I was scared to see what was down there. The other dream was I was disguised a demon and Satan was being about to enter the hall and when he came I couldn’t see him for some reason and we were in like a crypt I guess and the demons realized I wasn’t one of them and they started chasing me and I was calling on Michael the archangel and he saved me.

  2. Michael Shears on

    Michael Shears was floating in to a place where there was
    A bath tub
    With a sine that sed go to darkness in your steps
    Now that you are aware that you have in he’ll just
    Ok I have been working on this…
    Then were is the King who has been in the world hum
    Make us
    How ❓ is this God is coming from heven to rapsher
    Me know from your dream that
    I have been working on my own
    I looked into your ie
    I am Steven Michael Shears
    I am the only one that is in this place
    I can’t
    I am sorry
    Can you please help me out To go to the haven
    I missed my went to be able to find my way to the lords houses.

  3. Robyn Nickels on

    I assume my dream was of my own hell? The entire hue of the dream was a tan/brownish gary color. I was trapped in a huge hotel with other damned souls. I have this dream about once a week. Anyway, every room of the hotel was used differently to torture people. I also had to protect my children while I was there, but I think I was the only person that died, and my kids were just simulated beings. They would slip out of my sight and I would have to find them, as if me stressing out over something happening to them without me there was part of my torture. Also in this dream, there was a group of pedophiles that would walk around outside of the hotel. Their hands were penises and they would try to rape anyone, but their torture was that any time they were spotted by other damned souls, we had to beat them up and kill them over and over again. One other part of my torture was that I kept running in to someone and falling in love with them, and while they were in my arms, they just melted away…..it’s pretty messed up. I have had very vivid dreams since I was a child though, and I can control them most of the time.

  4. I had a dream last night about going to hell to save my brother and sister. I was taking my siblings to a bus stop and we waited with some other people. Then all of a sudden the sun was gone and so was the people. Headlights of a bus appeared and a wagon appeared from the mist and creepy trees. They went inside and began to go into a wall. Then all of a sudden i was able to see the wagon going down like a rollercoaster. Once i got my perspective i throw a yellow rock and followed these Aztec symbols that the wagon had left. I was in a tunnel with this hybrid,overweight, and tall person that was attractive to sound. I had to find 4 robs to open a portal. But when i had enter i didn’t get the 2 robs near the entrance so i went back and made a tap noise, a big hand began coming out of the holes in the walls. I dodge the hand multiple times and grabbed the 4 robs. The portal was open and i was in a store. A sweet and innocent lady was waiting near the portal dressed as a worker. She tells me ” u see these kittens, they are ur way out”. This horrific grin was on her face and in a deep voice she tell me, ” u must bit the heads off of each cat!”. I didn’t want to and began to cry. But i needed to save my siblings. The kittens were jumping from one rack to another. Once i caught a kitten i bit the head off. I was sick to my stomach. I must have bitten more than 20 kittens but the portal did not open. The lady began to laugh abd shout “u missed one!”. She began to rip her face off and was a a deform cat with human structures. She pounced on my and i woke up. I dont know what this dream is and im kinda nervous about it. But killing animals was a real torture…..

    • i had a dream that i was sent to hell but i wasnt suffering my family were there and lucifer was also their along with some other bad angles but they were actually pretty nice which is what i find really weird. Also in my dream their was an angel that was nice to me but would lure other victims in some train it looked like a subway and i think she would cut them and hell fire would break loose and kill them. i remember that there also was this door that if you were to travel to a certain point and reach 10% you would go in the door and go crazy. in my dream i also visited god and his angels and my family was there with me. they came with me from hell to see him actually we came to heaven to see a angel to help me out i forgot why. but she was a girl and i remember her complimenting me and then i was woken up

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