Helicopter Dream Symbol


Helicopter – Helicopters can represent your search for something in your life, especially when you dream about helicopters at night with their searchlights on. If you are searching for something in your waking life, dreaming about helicopters is meant to give you help on your journey. If you dream about military helicopters if is quite possible that it means that there are part of you at war with each other and that you are feeling confused about a difficult decision in your life.

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  1. I dreamed about how i was playing tag in groups with my dance mate in the dance studio but its sort of different. It was full of rooms and kinda like a maze but i know where i was going. I was following my two friends and we were running around searching room by room and making sure we were not getting caught. The game konda scared me. We ended up in a room with other people from the same team where we would lose to the other group because we were trapped in a room. However i refused to lose and i rebelled around the room trying to escape so that i would win.
    And then the scene changed and i was walking down the road and i met with this indian lady and her toddler who was half goat. He could run very fast. Suddenly a helicopter crash somewhere and all the building starts to collapse and it was like in the movies of 2014. And i was protecting the indian lady as i was covering her so that the building would not drop on her . And suddenly she turned into a little black kid around the age of 4 . However i just pulled him as if i know him as the building was all collapsing and it was starting to flood. People were screaming trying to save their lives from the destruction. Suddenly the one that i dislike which was a girl told me to follow her. We climbes an unstable building and i was always carrying and supporting the kid and we somehow reached a very high and unstable tower. A millitary helicopter came and he screamed for help but it wouldnt let us in because we were dirty and it was afraid that we were infected by some sort of disease . It flew aways and i was so angry and mad and hopeless as i was still with the child. And then the scene changed again and i was eating with the military and i saw the guy who abandoned us at the tower. I punched him and i woke up.

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