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Heel – The heel is the lowest part of the body. When people walk, they generally do it on the balls of their feet, not the heel. The heel is primarily used to stand at rest and balance our weight. It is the cornerstone of our body, without which we would be unable to be mobile. If you dream about the heel, it could symbolize a weakness as in Achilles’s heel. However, it also could represent strength.

There are many ancient references to people using their heel to crush serpents and other dangerous creatures. This is because the heel represents the thickest skinned part of our bodies that is the most difficult to penetrate. In this way, it is strength. In general, the heel symbolizes the duality of strength versus weakness. Dreaming about it is meant to convey the message that your weakness is also your greatest strength.

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  1. kay barrett on

    dreamt of my heel a lot of pain, when sock removed the back of the heel was a mouth gnarled with teeth any answers

  2. i dreamt of being in my childhood home, and my deceased mom asked me to look at her heel that had a huge round protruding cyst on it and 3 tiny white pimples on that in shape of triangle. I told her what I saw and that i could pop the pimples and she said no. I kissed her heel, and then she showed me she had the same on her other foot. Other deceased neighbors women were also there. I can usually figure these things out, but stumped on this. Any thoughts?

  3. I didnt have a dream but i had a pycosis that my dads friend put my heel in her private part it want a dream when she did this i was possessed now i am have scitzofrania and they tell me that never happened but there lieing im not sure but in a religious book i used to read theres a pic of a snake biting a heel i think there is a meaning to what they did to me i guess dont know what it means and i need answers.

  4. I had a dream that i was looking in the back of a large book of maps in the glossary for my achilles heel…

    • I had a dream about a large animal tooth coming out of my heel almost like a large whales tooth. Squeezed and it came out easily. Left big hole bandage after soaked in blood. No recollection of how it got in there

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