Heaven Dream Symbol


Heaven Dream Symbol – Heaven is the symbol of absolute happiness, enlightenment and eternal life. Dreaming about heaven is a sign that you are blessed by the gods.

Dreaming of heaven rarely has anything to do with death or the afterlife, but rather usually is a symbol of happiness and joy on earth. When you are happy beyond explanation, your subconscious naturally tries to find a way to express what it is experiencing.

Additional Heaven Dream Meanings

Dreaming of heaven is about bliss, joy, and happiness. Everything in your life is going well. This is a time where everything you work for is unfolding. You feel positive and filled with joy. You are optimistic for the future. Heaven is intangible. It is not something we can experience while being in the physical world. Dreaming of heaven can reflect your desire to strive for perfection and happiness throughout your waking life.

Related Dream Interpretations

It can also mean there are tough things in your life you are trying to avoid. Heaven does not exist in our physical realm. It is more a state of mind. You may dream of heaven to remind you what you work for when times get tough. This does not mean you will be wealthy. But, it does remind you that things always get better. It also allows you a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals.

Dreaming of going to heaven can mean there are new opportunities coming your way that will take you closer to your goals. Visiting heaven in a dream can symbolize reuniting with the people you love who have crossed over. This means you need to reconnect with friends and family in your waking world. Spend some quality time with those you love.

Negatively, dreams of heaven can mean you spend too much time wishful thinking. You could also have unrealistic expectations and goals. Do you expect too much of yourself or others? Do you expect strangers to have instant answers? You need to accept the fact that you are responsible for solving your own problems. It is not wise to put too much faith and trust in strangers to find you the perfect solution. You need to take responsibility yourself.

Being refused entrance into heaven can mean there is something happening in your waking reality that blocks your way forward. Do you feel jealous of others? Do you feel anxious you are not good enough? Yu may need to build up your self-confidence.

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