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Heaven Dream Symbol – Heaven is the symbol of absolute happiness, enlightenment and eternal life. Dreaming about heaven is a sign that you are blessed by the gods.

Dreaming of heaven rarely has anything to do with death or the afterlife, but rather usually is a symbol of happiness and joy on earth. When you are happy beyond explanation, your subconscious naturally tries to find a way to express what it is experiencing.

Additional Heaven Dream Meanings

Dreaming of heaven is about bliss, joy, and happiness. Everything in your life is going well. This is a time where everything you work for is unfolding. You feel positive and filled with joy. You are optimistic for the future. Heaven is intangible. It is not something we can experience while being in the physical world. Dreaming of heaven can reflect your desire to strive for perfection and happiness throughout your waking life.

Related Dream Interpretations

It can also mean there are tough things in your life you are trying to avoid. Heaven does not exist in our physical realm. It is more a state of mind. You may dream of heaven to remind you what you work for when times get tough. This does not mean you will be wealthy. But, it does remind you that things always get better. It also allows you a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals.

Dreaming of going to heaven can mean there are new opportunities coming your way that will take you closer to your goals. Visiting heaven in a dream can symbolize reuniting with the people you love who have crossed over. This means you need to reconnect with friends and family in your waking world. Spend some quality time with those you love.

Negatively, dreams of heaven can mean you spend too much time wishful thinking. You could also have unrealistic expectations and goals. Do you expect too much of yourself or others? Do you expect strangers to have instant answers? You need to accept the fact that you are responsible for solving your own problems. It is not wise to put too much faith and trust in strangers to find you the perfect solution. You need to take responsibility yourself.

Being refused entrance into heaven can mean there is something happening in your waking reality that blocks your way forward. Do you feel jealous of others? Do you feel anxious you are not good enough? Yu may need to build up your self-confidence.

Additional Heaven Dream Meaning

A dream of being in heaven represents peace and harmony. It is something we all desire. Are you seeking perfection? Do you seek happiness in everything? Do you know that there is no such thing as perfection? Heaven can reflect the stress and worries in your waking life. Are you desperate to get rid of your worries? Do you need help to find a solution?

Heaven also relates to spirituality and this can represent your deep connection with spirituality or religion. You may be dreaming of heaven because you are about to make a bad decision. Take more time to think about the decision you are about to make. Heaven is a reminder that there is success in doing good things and reminds you when you are going to make a mistake. What mistakes are you about to make?

Dreaming of entering heaven is a sign you will have an amazing lie. Your marriage and family life, as well as your career, will all bring you happiness and success. This is also a sign that you that you take the good and the bad, positive and negative, all in your stride as you walk through life. This I the basis of your harmony.

Praying in heaven symbolizes your desire to achieve success. This may even just be that you wish for the happiness and good health of your family. You will have success. Just trust your intuition to guide you. Life will be good. Just keep living your life with integrity.

Seeing a fountain in heaven represents financial matters. This is a sign that abundance will soon flow into your life. Sometimes heaven visits your dreams to bring you together with those who have crossed over. This can help you deal with the challenges in your waking life. Is there someone you long to meet up with again?

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  1. I came here because 2 days back I had a dream where I visited “heaven”..n it’s d 1st time in my life. But that’s not y it remained in my mind. It’s what happened in d dream..n how it made me feel. Something’s made no sense.. actually most of it. All I know is that it def has something to do with my real life, or what I’m going thru, or maybe what i desire. So basically I’m at home n it’s time for me to go to sleep. But there’s a visitor who accompanies my friend at my home. He’s a young ordinary guy. My friend introduces me to him quite excitedly. Im not very interested. I don’t know what exactly she tells me abt it..but it sounded like this guy can magically transport us to heaven for a while. I don’t believe n neither want to be part of it. But before I could say yes he recites something n we start to float upwards towards d sky. I keep shrieking. Until I finally go up n up above d clouds..I can see d sun at my eye level. We are swimming thru d clouds..like literally! (with d same hand movements) I’m confused..how can one swim thru d sky?! lol. I get skeptical..hope he’s not taking us to hell. And then I enter heaven. Don’t remember exactly how it looked. But there were lot of clouds. Passing thru that we came to a halt infront of a big mansion. I was confused again. I expected it to be literally “heavenly” like over d clouds with a rainbow, fairy tale-ish. But it was a modern day villa..like super modern..as if it were on earth. It actually seemed like it was on land (strangely in my dream heaven had both land and clouds) . I began to think..maybe god n his world isn’t how we think it is..maybe it’s just like ours. Maybe they wear d same clothes as us. Maybe they live just like us (with more morals ofcourse). After all who has actually seen him or his angels irl I thought. I felt good that God is just like us. As I came back from my thoughts I realised we had one more companion with us..another young guy (or maybe he joined us during our ascent..idk). then this guy who promised to show us heaven invited us into his mansion. And then, as if I’d already known before, this young guy turned out to be God himself..n I wasn’t surprised. It was god who invited us to his abode. & as I had presumed earlier he was wearing white shirt (which wasnt tucked in n sleeves folded till elbows) n blue jeans. He looked pretty cool. I was d last person to enter..as I was entering some thugs came from nowhere to attack me. They were trying to prevent me from entering. & I wondered how come this is happening in heaven?? God saw that n came to my rescue. He fought d thugs away. I was relieved..n assured that I’m still in heaven. I entered d house..n He was holding me in his arms..trying to console me. I felt protected. I got over d incident quickly. And then I began to explore d house. Wierd thing is d house from inside looked strangely opposite of what it looked from outside. It was old fashioned..with wooden furniture n design. I wondered if I was suddenly in d wrong house. & I was right..I couldn’t find my companions anywhere! Suddenly a woman came out from a room n enquired who I was. She was wearing an ethnic outfit with a head gear..I couldn’t tell what ethnicity. I replied to her in hindi. She recognised me as a foreigner..n replied in hindi saying ‘we don’t speak this language here’ ! I was alarmed cos there was an air of contempt n threat in her demeanor. I presumed there was a risk to my life. I was right. She immediately summoned more ppl angrily. I fled from there. I came outside n saw that d house was diff..I was indeed in d wrong house (but I don’t know how..it’s wierd I know lol). This is somewhere in what looked like a forest, def not heaven. More ppl came to attack me..I realised they must be tribals. They chased me around d house n I ran with my life in my hands. After this my dream is hazy. I don’t remember what happened..who saved me. Next thing I know I’m back in heaven inside that modern villa. I don’t know how I suddenly zoned out to that terrible place all of a sudden. Maybe this heaven isn’t all that rainbows n sunshine. maybe it has its loopholes. Inside that mansion it’s a whole diff universe. Like literally there’s a universe inside. I don’t remember what exactly happened inside that house, what we did n d sequence of events. All I vaguely remember is it’s like we were in some bigg Boss reality show house..which is magical. Rooms/halls appear which throws us to a new world each time. We are doing challenges..it’s all very hazy now. I can’t remember clearly what we were doing. all I vaguely remember is God was sometimes talking to us (or instructing us) in d form of that young guy (who was always smiling n warm), n sometimes only a voice reverberating all around us. It was a mysterious place indeed, but I didn’t feel scared; I was skeptical but also thrilled n slowly starting to feel contented. I had friends with me. Also I must add, no matter how wierd it sounds..that when ‘God’ was in d form of that guy..he kept, every now n then, showering love on me by hugging n kissing me..even on my lips (actually mostly my lips) infront of d others..n I dont even remember when n how it started. All I remember is that I never complained n neither did d others. Maybe cos he’s God afterall. I remember that I felt warm n loved whenever he showed this special attention. But I didn’t think much abt it. There’s one particular scene which is my fav. Im running frantically from something..don’t remember what, and then I see them; my friends sitting on d edge of a cliff overlooking a vast stretch of greenery n mountains by d side. I join them n my fear vanished. I know d young guy sitting next to me is an angel..or God as he says. He pulled my face close to his n kissed me again affectionately. it’s not like I craved for it. Yet it felt like just what I needed. He seemed sympathetic n was checking if I’m alright. When he kissed our 2 friends started mocking us light heartedly..they were like ‘ah..there u go’ lol. All of us are wearing white shirt/tees n jeans, sitting peacefully on d cliff savouring d beauty infront of us n watching d sun which was about to set. It was a beautiful feeling..so much peace..truly heaven! I felt I was where I belonged..with ppl who truly care for me. There’s another scene I remember clearly (among many that I forgot n I soooo wish I could remember cos I really like this dream lol). It was sort of our last challenge in that magical mansion (but d dream is far from over) we’re in a closed, dimly lit stadium. We 4 as a team r playing a game against some strangers (who look as young as us, more attractive, but intimidating). We are wearing cool uniforms (short sleeveless tight sports top n short skirt, with head bands n girls with high pony. I love this heaven!) They start throwing sharp objects at us n we must dodge them. For some reason they’re aiming only me. I manage to dodge most of them. Finally they throw their star weapon which is ‘chakra’. & I couldn’t dodge it. It strikes me on my foot n I thought I was dead..but i feel no pain! I thought we lost..but apparently we won. I thought maybe cos God is on our side. But I’m still not sure. & as if to answer my question, as if to gain my trust one last time..God opens up to us what he truly is. His voice reverberates n as usual we don’t find human form around us. We are guided outside d stadium to a room, what seemed like a musuem of motion pictures! Of historical events n famous personalities throught d history of this planet! I remember some faces like Albert Einstein..God tells us how he has appeared time n again on this planet through these ppl that we were seeing infront of us..to change d course of history, to make life easy or challemging for mankind n all his creation. Entire history of d world played infront of us. We were awestruck. I couldn’t have anymore doubts that he was indeed God..n that he really is watching over us or exists in us. (I even saw 2 famous bollywood celebrities among them..Amitabh Bachchan n Rishi Kapoor lol..I really don’t know how. But I got excited seeing them n God was like ‘yes..they too’ ) It was really an eye opening feeling. I could actually feel that God really wanted us to trust him completely. It was very fulfilling. I came to this heavenly abode with a void, an emptiness inside me..n I could feel it getting filled to d brim that moment. That was like d climax scene of all. But d dream isn’t over yet. There’s another scene..what seemed like a ball (maybe our farewell party) in the mansion. There were many ppl, all wearing traditional Indian clothes. 4 of us huddled together..only this time in pairs. First time I wanted to cosy up with my ‘Guy’, n he sensed it. Before he could whisk me away for some private time I sensed something beautiful sprouting between my other 2 companions. Love had eventually caught up to them as well 🙂 So next thing I know I’m back in Earth..but drama isn’t over yet. I’m inside what looked like a temple. And He’s next to me! God did descend back with me in d form of my ‘angel guy’. But before I could be happy abt it..d atmosphere gets emotional. He’s trying to explain something to me deeply. And as he does he keeps flags infront of me one after another..n I really don’t know what’s d meaning of it. All I remember is im not really accepting what he’s saying. Then he just leaves. And all of a sudden I understand what he was trying to say, I pick up a flag n start running towards d entrance of d temple with tears in my eyes. I don’t remember exactly what he said..but it was def something about following my heart, doing what I always want/wanted to do. I was feeling bad that I may have upset a God-like man..maybe an incarnation of his, by not accepting his advise. I know he’s waiting for me outside..n hasn’t left me, n that makes me sure that he’s truly my lover. I can’t wait to show him d flag as a sign that I will follow my dreams, as I cannot put words in my mouth, I am crying. As I step out of d temple n turn towards him with my flag..I instead see a devilish guard with a huge body. I freak out. Seeing d flag in my hand he roared at me ‘you have stolen a temple property, you will face death sentence in 2 min!’ The colour in my face vanished. I was petrified to my guts! I was falling backward..until He changed back to his original form! I couldn’t believe he played such a nasty prank on me! (Or was it my mind just tricking me? Idk) As I was cursing him he hugged me warmly, for he saw my decision in my hand. And like before my fears began to die (but I still couldn’t forget d nightmare I just witnessed..that too at such an inappropriate time!). And then my 2 friends suddenly appeared. They were holding some papers in their hands, our evaluation sheets (based on how we fared in ‘heaven’). Apparently based on our performances, God had assigned us our respective professions that were truly meant for us. My friend were thrilled with what they got. I saw mine..n it was written lawyer! I was a bit confused..cos I know my interest lies in medicine (I am a doctor irl). I wasn’t sure if I shd be as excited. My friend (girl) had got medicine..n she had already got admission in a college! Her bf couldn’t believe n was gloating her. I was unsure how to react, as I was having mixed emotions. I was happy for her but also envying her at d same time as I wanted to do medicine. Anyway..we left. Next thing I know I’m sitting with my angel-bf who’s also a human now. He finally introduces himself. & I’m surprised to learn that this guy was in my class in high school! & I never even once recognised him all this while. (Ofcourse he looks diff now, n also good looking). I sincerely apologize to him unsure of what our equation with each other is now. But he warmly smiles n says ‘its ok’ n gently holds my hands intertwining his fingers with mine..n I’m assured where we’re headed. The next scene, which is d end of dream, we are standing in front of our relatives as a couple, He looking more human now than last time, n I couldn’t help notice how diff I feel since d dream started, since my trip to heaven, it was like a life changing experience. I couldn’t believe that I don’t just feel more fulfilled than before, but also that I finally found someone who truly loves me. The dream concluded with my mom remarking ‘everything’s fine..but before u guys marry u must def visit this temple (I don’t remember which one she was referring to)’. He gives this cheeky smile n looks at me, n I cannot help but stifle a laugh..You are indirectly asking God to go to temple afterall! :D. I know this dream is sooo wierd!! Lol. But I couldn’t stop thinking abt it d whole day..even now. Cos I never had a dream like this..about heaven, God showing me so much love. I know amidst all d wierdness are hidden some deep messages that are trying to console my subconscious. None of this is made up. It’s an actual dream I had word to word, n not a figment of my imagination. Thank you for ur patient reading

  2. I had a (dream), or an experience back in 1992. Since then I I’ve have mentioned my experience but I am unable to know what I actually experience for being a dream or did I actually go to heavenly me tell you my experience Dec. 17th my mother passed away a few weeks later it was a Friday afternoon and I had taken a nap, this is what I dream… or experience I say experience because I don’t believe it to be a dream… it began with myself driving up to my parents home and I seenalit of cars there, as I was walking up to the door I was wondering what was going on. As I went into the house there were alot of people around alot of friends and co workers of my mother.. as I made my way through alot of them I see my mother sitting at the kitchen table, which I was completely shocked because I know she had just past a few weeks prior. There were papers she was trying to fill out, and people had Christmas presents for her because they were unable to give them due to her passing, it toookme a few minutes to actually get to my mother and have her attention completely.. I asked her what she was doing here, your not supposed to be here. Her response to me was that she was giving 3 days to come back and finish up things she wasn’t able to do before she had passed. At that point I woke up and for obvious reason very upset seeing how she had just past a few weeks prior. On Sunday I went and took another nap, and I found myself in the same experience again I was talking to my mother in her home I was still trying to get done answers from her asking her where she went how was it what could she tell me, her response was my time is now up it’s been 3 days which it had it was now sunday… So he was asking her anxiously well what do you do there are you alright anything I could get out, my mother brought me into her living room and she reached for a book on the mantle which I had never seen before, it was a good size book and looked very thick, when she opened the book it was as if the sun was beaming out of it , she explained to me at this point that what she does now, she told me that she helped people who pass, she helps them cross over. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She wanted to show me where she was going but she wanted me to gather my family so she could show us all. So I did , i had my husband my 3 kids my dad my sister. At the time of my mother’s passing behind her home was farmland with corn crops. As I gathered my family we were all holding hands my mother was In front of us all as we walked towards the farmland. My mother was telling us that we would feel some pressure and not to be afraid we would be fine as we continued walking it felt like we were all lifting up and there it was the 1st feeling if pressure nothing serious but enough that it felt like for some reason I needed to look to make sure my family was still with me and they were, i could see them all. As the feeling of going up higher this happened a few more times. Then my mother told us that we were going to feel the pressure this time it was going to be very strong always telling us not to worry we would be ok, as we went through the last pressure point it was extremely powerful and it took breath, and I looked fiend the line as I did for every time I felt that pressure, but this time I didnt see my family ,but I know they were there, i know I still felt my kids hands in mine. I saw alot of different flashes of things ,a house ,a dog an old man in a chair. But what hit me the most was the contentment I felt , it was the best feeling I had ever experienced in my life and I never wanted to leave there.. my mother then said to me this is were I am , and I can remember telling her I didn’t want to leave..ever.. she told me it wasn’t my time. Then I woke up… So that’s an experience I had with my mom, i believe she came to let me know she was fine, and wanted to show me where she was.. I really believe she showed me a piece of heaven that weekend and I thank her for that..

  3. I dreamed of going home to heaven Was planning to leave. Felt a sense of happiness and peace. The feelings were real.

    • I have dreamt heaven for many times Nd had seen Michael Jackson told him that people still love him Nd he will always be the king of Pop u know what he said to me he said I know

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