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Heaven Dream Symbol – Heaven is the symbol of absolute happiness, enlightenment and eternal life. Dreaming about heaven is a sign that you are blessed by the gods.

Dreaming of heaven rarely has anything to do with death or the afterlife, but rather usually is a symbol of happiness and joy on earth. When you are happy beyond explanation, your subconscious naturally tries to find a way to express what it is experiencing.

Additional Heaven Dream Meanings

Dreaming of heaven is about bliss, joy, and happiness. Everything in your life is going well. This is a time where everything you work for is unfolding. You feel positive and filled with joy. You are optimistic for the future. Heaven is intangible. It is not something we can experience while being in the physical world. Dreaming of heaven can reflect your desire to strive for perfection and happiness throughout your waking life.

Related Dream Interpretations

It can also mean there are tough things in your life you are trying to avoid. Heaven does not exist in our physical realm. It is more a state of mind. You may dream of heaven to remind you what you work for when times get tough. This does not mean you will be wealthy. But, it does remind you that things always get better. It also allows you a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals.

Dreaming of going to heaven can mean there are new opportunities coming your way that will take you closer to your goals. Visiting heaven in a dream can symbolize reuniting with the people you love who have crossed over. This means you need to reconnect with friends and family in your waking world. Spend some quality time with those you love.

Negatively, dreams of heaven can mean you spend too much time wishful thinking. You could also have unrealistic expectations and goals. Do you expect too much of yourself or others? Do you expect strangers to have instant answers? You need to accept the fact that you are responsible for solving your own problems. It is not wise to put too much faith and trust in strangers to find you the perfect solution. You need to take responsibility yourself.

Being refused entrance into heaven can mean there is something happening in your waking reality that blocks your way forward. Do you feel jealous of others? Do you feel anxious you are not good enough? Yu may need to build up your self-confidence.

Additional Heaven Dream Meaning

A dream of being in heaven represents peace and harmony. It is something we all desire. Are you seeking perfection? Do you seek happiness in everything? Do you know that there is no such thing as perfection? Heaven can reflect the stress and worries in your waking life. Are you desperate to get rid of your worries? Do you need help to find a solution?

Heaven also relates to spirituality and this can represent your deep connection with spirituality or religion. You may be dreaming of heaven because you are about to make a bad decision. Take more time to think about the decision you are about to make. Heaven is a reminder that there is success in doing good things and reminds you when you are going to make a mistake. What mistakes are you about to make?

Dreaming of entering heaven is a sign you will have an amazing lie. Your marriage and family life, as well as your career, will all bring you happiness and success. This is also a sign that you that you take the good and the bad, positive and negative, all in your stride as you walk through life. This I the basis of your harmony.

Praying in heaven symbolizes your desire to achieve success. This may even just be that you wish for the happiness and good health of your family. You will have success. Just trust your intuition to guide you. Life will be good. Just keep living your life with integrity.

Seeing a fountain in heaven represents financial matters. This is a sign that abundance will soon flow into your life. Sometimes heaven visits your dreams to bring you together with those who have crossed over. This can help you deal with the challenges in your waking life. Is there someone you long to meet up with again?

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  1. I had a (dream), or an experience back in 1992. Since then I I’ve have mentioned my experience but I am unable to know what I actually experience for being a dream or did I actually go to heavenly me tell you my experience Dec. 17th my mother passed away a few weeks later it was a Friday afternoon and I had taken a nap, this is what I dream… or experience I say experience because I don’t believe it to be a dream… it began with myself driving up to my parents home and I seenalit of cars there, as I was walking up to the door I was wondering what was going on. As I went into the house there were alot of people around alot of friends and co workers of my mother.. as I made my way through alot of them I see my mother sitting at the kitchen table, which I was completely shocked because I know she had just past a few weeks prior. There were papers she was trying to fill out, and people had Christmas presents for her because they were unable to give them due to her passing, it toookme a few minutes to actually get to my mother and have her attention completely.. I asked her what she was doing here, your not supposed to be here. Her response to me was that she was giving 3 days to come back and finish up things she wasn’t able to do before she had passed. At that point I woke up and for obvious reason very upset seeing how she had just past a few weeks prior. On Sunday I went and took another nap, and I found myself in the same experience again I was talking to my mother in her home I was still trying to get done answers from her asking her where she went how was it what could she tell me, her response was my time is now up it’s been 3 days which it had it was now sunday… So he was asking her anxiously well what do you do there are you alright anything I could get out, my mother brought me into her living room and she reached for a book on the mantle which I had never seen before, it was a good size book and looked very thick, when she opened the book it was as if the sun was beaming out of it , she explained to me at this point that what she does now, she told me that she helped people who pass, she helps them cross over. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She wanted to show me where she was going but she wanted me to gather my family so she could show us all. So I did , i had my husband my 3 kids my dad my sister. At the time of my mother’s passing behind her home was farmland with corn crops. As I gathered my family we were all holding hands my mother was In front of us all as we walked towards the farmland. My mother was telling us that we would feel some pressure and not to be afraid we would be fine as we continued walking it felt like we were all lifting up and there it was the 1st feeling if pressure nothing serious but enough that it felt like for some reason I needed to look to make sure my family was still with me and they were, i could see them all. As the feeling of going up higher this happened a few more times. Then my mother told us that we were going to feel the pressure this time it was going to be very strong always telling us not to worry we would be ok, as we went through the last pressure point it was extremely powerful and it took breath, and I looked fiend the line as I did for every time I felt that pressure, but this time I didnt see my family ,but I know they were there, i know I still felt my kids hands in mine. I saw alot of different flashes of things ,a house ,a dog an old man in a chair. But what hit me the most was the contentment I felt , it was the best feeling I had ever experienced in my life and I never wanted to leave there.. my mother then said to me this is were I am , and I can remember telling her I didn’t want to leave..ever.. she told me it wasn’t my time. Then I woke up… So that’s an experience I had with my mom, i believe she came to let me know she was fine, and wanted to show me where she was.. I really believe she showed me a piece of heaven that weekend and I thank her for that..

  2. I dreamed of going home to heaven Was planning to leave. Felt a sense of happiness and peace. The feelings were real.

    • I have dreamt heaven for many times Nd had seen Michael Jackson told him that people still love him Nd he will always be the king of Pop u know what he said to me he said I know

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