Heart Dream Symbol


Heart – The heart represents love and trust. Dreaming about a heart usually indicates that a new relationship is a good fit for you at this stage of your life. Allow yourself to enjoy the company of friends, family and lovers. The heart also represents vitality and life.

Dreaming about it is a good omen for positive social experiences soon to come. Take this time to enjoy good times and take plenty of photographs for future memories. If you see a heart that is broken or torn it means that you are or will soon experience a broken relationship of some sort. It does not mean that you will break up with a lover necessarily. It could also mean that a friendship is doomed to end for some reason.

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  1. Hey, my Name Is Sophia.
    I haven’t remembered a dream in at least a month, but I always had the feeling that someone was guiding me.. talking to me. (And this was before I knew what people thought of dreams back in the day )
    but, MY DREAM WAS ABOUT. I remember going down a endless tunnel of hearts (thousands)
    & It was the end of the world. Im not sure, something told that catastrophe was coming.
    But I remember
    Parties, a tunnel of a thousands hearts (red orange and maybe yellow).
    This was the first dream I rember vividly for a long time , please help me figure out what this means ! I know it means something !

  2. I dream of a heart symbol drawn at my right Rib.
    And on the sides of of the heart,( top,left and right) three stick man figure drawn on it
    what does this mean?

  3. My partner dreamt that one of his heart valves had lots of dark areas & then burst & disintegrated … Any ideas?

  4. Hi, I have a strange dream yesterday. I cough too hard. Then, there are something in my hand. Early, I don’t know what is that. Later, I afraid because that is my heart, but I am still alive. I have no reason to still alive because my heart in my hand. There are a lot of needles in my heart. What my dream mean?

  5. I always have this one specific guy i like in my dream and in the dream he was shy and walked off leaving a heart symbol drawn on the floor by him?

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