Headstone Dream Symbol


Headstone – Headstones represent the last words or symbolic lessons that important figures of our past wanted to be carried on after their death. Sometimes you might dream about your own headstone, which is blank. This usually indicates that you are dissatisfied in the way that your life has been lived up to this moment. It is a call to follow your true dreams and passions despite the difficulties that might be involved.

If you dream about writing on a headstone it is important to read it and remember what it says because it is invariably a message, however cryptic, that will serve as a help during some difficulty in your future. If you dream about a headstone that has something written on it but you are unable to read it for any reason, it means that your future is uncertain.

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  1. I dreamt I saw a headstone with a name on it but I don’t know who this person is. What does that mean?

  2. Earlier this morning, i’ve dreamt about being in a cemetery and looking at tombstones. I don’t remember who I am with but he ask me to pick a tombstone that has a name on it. I only remembered the first name, I cant remember the last name. What does that mean?

  3. I dreamt that i was looking at the grave stone which had only dates but i could not recognise this date,it had no name

  4. I was young so I can’t tell you my age I was younger then 15 that’s for sure but I saw my own grave I remember black marble in a shape of a book my name written in white I don’t remember what it said how I died or my age but I remember each fine line in the book shaped grave

  5. Kelly Greene on

    My father in law just died and we ordered his stone and I had a dream that the stone was out up but what was put on it was in the wrong place.

  6. In my dream I’m by a lake in a cottage not sure of era but I see a tombstone with my name on it, shortly after another name tries to appear but I can,t see it properly , but I had the feeling it was my brothers name , then I think about my mother outliving her two sons , I try and journey to my brothers which is the other side of the lake but wake up.

  7. I dreamt last night that my family and I were walking in an older town to a post office amd on the way I see a headstone in a playground with the word “GURU” written on it in dark black ink in big letters. And people left like a little shrine of paper cut outs of crabs, lobsters, pieces of coral and little candles on the grave.

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