Head Dream Symbol


Head – The head is the part of the body that symbolizes personality and the acuity of the mental faculty. The presence of a disembodied head that is not focused on death, but rather the head itself is representative of deep thought. This may represent a time in your life past, present or future when deep thought took place.

Perhaps it is a symbol of a person you know or a particular subject that has been weighing on your mind. The presence of a head in you dream is not meant to symbolize a course of action but rather it is supposed to trigger a thought that may benefit you or remind you of a time that will help you in some way in the days to come.

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  1. My dream was of a pretty blonde woman’s head. She was pleasant and talking to me about how she survives without a body. I told her I don’t know how she does it and she smiled and said it’s no problem. I was thinking to myself in the dream, where are her lungs? How does she breath?

  2. A head hanging on a door, eyes following me, and when I opened the door it was a bathroom. I showerd in that bathroom and then when I was about to come out of the shower I heard aggressive laughing and everything turned white and I couldn’t speak or cry out to anyone.

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