Hawk Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hawk Dream Symbol – Hawk flies into your dreams to warn there are suspicious people and situations around you. You may have a lack of vision in regards to this situation or people. Hawk is a keen hunter that is ‘hawk-eyed’. He is a visionary that can see its prey from afar.

Take a step back and look closer at what is happening in your life and you can see the truth with clarity. See with a new perspective. Beware. Someone close in your personal or business world is trying to cheat yHawk dreamou. What challenges do you face at this time? Who is waiting for you to slip up so they can cheat you? Are you providing yourself with enough? Are you cheating yourself?

Hawk can also be a spiritual messenger that leads you to the right path. Follow him and your life will change for the better, but others may be jealous so watch your back. Your enemies are just waiting for you to make a mistake.

Dreams of killing a hawk can symbolize success when you stand to face your challenges. This is a stark reminder to stand up for yourself and what you believe. Finding a dead hawk may mean someone is keeping secrets from you. Who can this be?

When Hawk crosses your Path

Hawk crosses your path when you are open to exploring new opportunities. Hawk looks for opportunities to feed and can spot small rodents on the ground from great heights. Hawk can remind to pay attention to small details.

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  1. Hi,
    I dreamed about a a giant Hawk was hunting down a Tiger in the sky. What is the meaning of this?

  2. I dreamt of a hawk who lost a feather mid flight passed my home, he was flying to the left. As his feather fell to the ground and i went to pick it up, he landed and leaned down, once he raised back up he had a beak filled with black feathers that he began to drag away from my home. his feather was still lying in the yard awaiting me to pick it up. This is my first time dreaming of a hawk and it felt so surreal and calming. But I cannot find any meaning to it and i know it was meant to be a message for me of some kind.

  3. Jonathan Bedolfe on

    My dream for the most part I don’t remember but I paid attention when seeing two hawks inside some kind of lodge perhaps on a bench being quite friendly and almost playful with anyone who would interacted with them. Not sure what to make of it.

  4. I had a dream last night and I can still remember it clear as day. It was dark out and it looked like I was standing in an open Field, all of a sudden I looked up and seen this huge hawk flying right for me, maybe like 20 feet away. I felt extremely scared but without even thinking I put my arm out for him and hid my face in the other direction. I remember feeling he wouldn’t land on me but I was shocked to look over and see him on my arm. We both looked at each other, then all of a sudden he moved to the top of my head and some how we were touching foreheads (lol very weird). Right after he flew off, I remember feeling a lot of happiness after.

    • I had a very similar dream. In my dream I was standing in front of a tree and in that tree was a large red tailed hawk. I was so happy to be this close to a hawk in the wild. I out stretched my arm in hopes that he would come to me. He flew over to me and landed on my arm. I felt his weight and his grip. I took my other hand and with the backside of my hand I stroked the feathers on his chest. i felt the softness and warmth. He stretched out his wings as I did this and he placed his wing on my shoulder. I felt happiness wash over me. We both leaned in and our foreheads touched and then he flew off. The dream was very real and I had never in my life had a bird of that size on my arm. I was telling a friend about it and they said it might have meaning so I looked into it and the first thing I read was that the hawk maybe trying to warm me of someone trying to do me wrong or conspiring against me. As it turns out, four days later, a customer I was doing work for was trying to beat me out of money they owed me. That same person was convicted of aggravated theft in 2008 and was sued for scamming a woman out of 50k. in 2011 The woman won the law suit and was awarded 100k … I believe in my heart that this hawk was sent to me to warn me.

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