Haunted House Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Haunted Dream Symbol – For ghosts, see Ghost dreams. Haunted places, such as houses are important symbols of our need to resolve problems that we are carrying from our past. Depending on the seriousness of the baggage from your past, your dream will be more or less vivid and will incorporate familiar items or places that you had previously not thought about in relation to ghosts or hauntings. It is important for you to work through your feelings about the issues of your past.

Haunted House Dreams

Haunted house dreams symbolize your guilt from the past. It may be causing blockages that stop you from achieving your dreams. Walking into a haunted house represents unfinished business. This is about emotional issues that could stem from your childhood around your family. What is your real-life could this be connected to? Why have these fears reawakened in you? This is a reminder you need to come to terms with something that continues to haunt your life.

Haunted house dreams are telling you the are blocks to you moving forward towards success. Maybe they come as a surprise because you thought you had resolved them. But, it is a message you need to face them again to relearn the lessons. Unless you solve these once and for all, they will continue to haunt you. You will walk through life with the same challenges over and over again to overcome. Let go of the negativity. Truly forgive someone to move on. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Leave the old negative feelings where they belong in the past.

For a deeper understanding of the dream, take into account the familiarity and state of the house. Seeing a tidy, clean haunted house means your life will soon get better. Dreaming of a haunted house you recognize from your waking life is a positive omen. It will help you to see with better clarity the truth of what disturbs you.

Looking at a haunted house from the outside warns that someone close is deceiving you. Seeing it from the inside represents your insecurity in some parts of your life. A haunted house thick with cobwebs is a sign of spiritual growth. Look beyond the surface to see what is truly within. Living in a haunted cottage can mean you have traded your old life for a more carefree lifestyle. Dreaming of dying in a haunted house signifies conceitedness. You may think things are not working out for you and want to expand and grow. But, your attitude can come from pride rather than hard work. Rather, than having patience working hard to reap the rewards from the seeds that you sow, you may be looking for an easy way to achieve things.

Dreaming of being in different rooms of a haunted house can have different meanings. The kitchen can indicate a healthy diet, the lounge room is about communication and well being, and the bedroom can represent rest and relaxation. Take into account all the details of your dream to get a better understanding of what your subconscious is telling you.

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  1. I dreamed about being in the old house I grew up in that actually was haunted I used to play a lot of PlayStation back then that was also in the dream my current weight scale was also in the dream and I was going off on its own and in the dream I woke up from a nightmare and woke up next to my girlfriend and started praying the ghost woke me up by pulling my feet also always been one of my fears . I woke up hugged my girlfriend and made her recite some prayers with me then boom I woke up

  2. Okay so it actually was my bedroom. And I caught it on video. The only thing different in the dream was that my bed was flipped. So knocking came from my closet, and the door nob moved like someone was trying to get in but couldn’t. It switched about 3 times before I started recording. My closet was open at the time so as I was walking to close it a force came from the closet and pushed me back. I then closed it and sat on my bed. Then the knocking started. And it was fast. Like no Mississippi 1 Mississippi 2, it was straight away just 1 and 2. 30 seconds later I aim it at my door. My cat is there. He was on a cat tower thing. But that like disappeared and my cat 30 seconds later lol. So my door nob starts moving and it’s Fast moving. I aim the camera under neath the door when it was happening to show nothing was there. And then I, very scared out me, decided to open the door and say “come on in ghosts welcome, come on in”. And then my whole room gets cold. I can feel the coldness. I watch paranormal YouTube. So coldness means there are spirits around. Anyway I have my old dresser there which is moved to my sister’s room now and I was using it to fix my hair. I stopped recording and FT my grandma and Uncle because we were heading to their house. We got there quick lol bc it’s a dream. And my other grandma was there and my mom. I told him how I was so scared and I showed it to my mom and other grandma. They actually don’t believe in the paranormal. So when I showed them how I got pushed like a force came from the closet, they thought my closet door was broken and just coming off. Then I knew it was a dream and I woke up. But waking up didn’t do much, bc in the dream where my bed is, was the place where the vision was set in the dream. So I saw my door, and my closet and it felt real but I knew it was a dream. Also again the door was flipped. And then I came here. So yeah. Don’t want to have that again.

  3. The haunted house was that of my imagination or dream Such a home like this doesn’t exist in real life.. It was in San Francisco….a place I have not lived in or at since 2007. It was a rambling white, Edwardian style with pine trees around it. Run down but still could be lived in.

    The haunted house was an “attraction” of sorts in my dream. No, not advertised by in the dream it was “just known” it was haunted and people were giving tours inside. The tour began on the outside, and then went on to the one part of the roof. There was like a welcome show of sorts. Then the tour began….I recall in the dream saying to myself “don’t be scared” but I did get scared, and didn’t go in. I saw no rooms, or what it looked like inside. I recall it was dusk going into twilight…..late afternoon, early evening kind of light and the weather was cloudy. The house was very big….and I recall in the dream thinking “big house for San Francisco”

    The tour leader was some sort of Any Warhol type-of-freak and friendly enough but I was a little creeped out by him (think “Factory” years of the 1960’s).

    I felt tredipation the whole time around the place. It wasn’t fear but a “feeling” of fear.

    Anyway….it was just “understood” in the dream that the house was hainted.

  4. All night long I was dreaming that my husband and I finally put an offer on the house. No, we weren’t legal owners yet but for some reason the lady selling the house insisted we sleep at the new house for a few nights. We were ecstatic. Well, gradually activity started happening and getting worse and worse. There was one night I was in the kitchen and I couldn’t get the lights to turn on, it was pitch black and I was screaming for my husband. He ran to me. We have a 1 year old, she seemed to be scared like she could see it. Finally it showed itself, it was a thin woman who looked like she was made of yellow light. She didn’t seem evil, just being a bitch by messing with the lights and making loud noises. We were so sad because we didn’t want to lose the house, it was perfect. So I told my husband, I promised him….I could get her out, one way or another with prayer.

    BACKSTORY: I just had a real-life fight with my mother-in-law which has been a recurring thing. I believe I must forgive her and move on so that she has no power over me? Or maybe I need to put her in her place again?

  5. I have had the same recurring nightmare for a few days now. It starts off in a small house I am unfamiliar with. My girlfriend and son live with me in this house but they do not feel that it is haunted, only me. I spend most of the time outside the house on the right side. I always go to the right side because I can feel like a strong magnetic field on that side of it. In my dream I even take a bowl and try to throw it away and it comes right back. Also there is a big dog that keeps trying to attack me. I always have a very scared feeling during the whole dream. I’ve never had a recurring nightmare before and it’s making me extremely anxious.

  6. Yung Monsta on

    I had a dream of a cursed trailer in the woods it was more like a mobile home but it was laid out with traps and stuff that kill you if you go inside the mobile home itself was cursed and anyone who set foot inside of it was killed by it instantly as if it had a mind of its own i walked in but i didnt die other people walked in and they would die almost immediately its a creepy dream i can usually manipulate my dreams and what happens but this dream i couldnt really do that at all tourist came past and tried to go in and i told then no and they walked in anyway and died you could see the doors slam close on their bodies with alot of force to kill them instantly but everytime i dream of this dream it’s different its just an old mobile home sitting in the woods with different people entering and dying

    • I had a dream I was in a home felt like I moved in it and it was haunted and one of the spirits was causing things t I gelt like it was t scare so then it felt like I was physically there with my kids but I was trying to get rid of the haunting I took care of one of the ghost which needed somthing like a gift that ghost felt like a Indian presence t me after I took care of what he needed he was ok but then there were more ghost that I wasn’t aware of it felt then like I was trying t exercise the home then I woke up first time I had this dream

      • Treyc john on

        I dreamt that I was going to swap houses but it was a very old style house with old furniture in, it had an open plan living room with a dining room table, a sofa where the spirits were sitting onit, also had a big round rug. It was quite noisy so I looked out of the window only to see mental health patients being helped outside, as it wasn’t suitable for my youngest son with all the noise we decided to leave the property, as we left as was in the garden,
        two or three black birds flew into the top window of the property and died! Then I woke up

  7. Patrick Scheper on

    I’ve had this strange reoccurring dream for years:

    I am at my grandparents house spending time there. Its 2 large beautiful homes on the sound of eastern carolina. Then always and abruptly I open a typical door, only to find myself teleported to another giant thin rectangular mansion. I usually arrive on the 2nd floor. There are many random rooms and corridors. It’s almost as if everything is magic. You enter one door, and cannot find your way back through the door you entered through (once you separate yourself from it). Or, if you enter back through that door it taked you to another random room. Everytime I’m here I get an extremely eerie feeling because I always hear mysterious voices (most often children or old woman) everything is dusty and unused, but for some strange reason I’ve always thought it was something close to me, like in a past life or even in my current life. I feel strong sentimental value here… As if I visited Someone here frequently, like my grandparents. There are many mystical items here. Wierd mirrors you can see auras, Ghost, or strange beings in, but, when turning around nothing is there. Objects that contain strange frequencies, both offputting and comforting. I’ve made it out of the mansion a few times. In this dream, it was the first time I had nephews, and cousins that were there before I made my arrival. A twist I’ve not yet encountered. They too however were aware of the strange happenings here. Any input would be mulled over. Theres simply too much detail on the dreams to put it all here. I’d be better making a movie out of it xD

  8. I have had this dream as a child (I am now 38) and I recently have dreamed about it again.
    Its a massive mansion with 6 stories all leading up. The way the house is set up is centred in a circular staircase, so from the bottom floor, you can look up and see all railings signifying each floor. The lights get dimmer and dimmer as you reach the top where it is not necessarily dark, but greyish.
    The first three floors are occupied and I am able to navigate through them, all with different connecting rooms and corridors but the last three floors are set up like a museum with different old china, jewlery and jewels. The top floor always scares me the most because I know that it is the owner of house’s tomb. She is an older woman encased in a glass casket and I dare not go there because I am scared.
    Recently, I tried to reach her because in my dream, I knew I had been there before but the floor didnt exist anymore with her tomb and instead I was trying to steal things from the museum.
    I dreamt of the house a second night in a row and this time it had changed form but I had claimed it as mine because “I” found it and corporate people were trying to take it from me to do renovations and turn it into a hotel for festival goers it was near to. Very bizarre.

    • This reminds me a little of my dream. Mainly in that I’m the house in my reoccurring nightmare, the house is 3 stories, and the first two stories are livable, but the 3rd story is haunted and I’m always terrified to go to it. Everyone that comes over wants to see it, or sometimes (like tonight) I will be listing the house for sell and saying “as is”, and recommending that people just don’t look at the 3rd story. There’s especially one room in particular that terrifies me. It’s the center bedroom, and there’s not much in the room except for some old tattered drapes and a rocking chair. Sometimes. 5$3 chair is occupied by a doll that is haunted and sometimes by a very old woman that doesn’t move, but I know she is bad and people shouldn’t go near her. But they always want to look at the 3rd floor.

  9. I dreamt that I encountered a haunted house during a travel to somewhere. I saw the house. It looked like a normal two storyed house but the house was very dark blue almost black. As soon as I saw it, me and my sister attempted to escape. My sister went inside the car (it didn’t have a roof and it was rusty) but she couldn’t start the car. So I took her place and started it. We were slow but we were moving at night. We passed tall grasses and bumpy roads. The headlights were working perfectly.

    After a short period of time, we reached a small town. It gave out a Jamaican vibe. Their clothes , black people, houses etc. We kept going and we stopped at a peculiar place. There were glass doors and 4-5 boys who looked like they were in high school were playing basketball. They wore blue jerseys and shorts. Their ball hit the door twice towards us. We hesitated but eventually went in leaving the car.

    The doors swinged open. To my surprise it was a whole school. But the strange thing was all the students are trapped here. Because nobody can leave this town. This school acts as a protection for the students. But from who? We explored. There were less girls than boys. Teachers took classes because they had nothing else to do. The student’s food was supplied through farms done inside. But everyone looked lively. Some guys started flirting with me but I was just trying to be polite. So…we were welcomed as if it were nothing new. Just a moment later, two girls hurriedly entered. I went to see them. Along with them a bad odor came. It was pungent. Almost like ammonia. I looked through the glass door and the town seemed empty.

    Everyone was getting ready for bed. Me and my sister were given a room to sleep with a female teacher. My sister went first. I couldn’t sleep. So I went upstairs in the veranda. CRACK! something broke. I looked down to see two weird looking creatures were ravaging the town. One of the guys was awake. He told me that the people of the village mysteriously disappear as night falls. At this time, no one is present. We looked at the creatures. One was tall and had long limbs and claws. It had no face, only a mouth. Its color was the same as the haunted house. Other one was red and had no body only a face and limbs. It was shorter than the other one.

    They broke the window in front of me. The pulled me back and told not to look at them. He then went away. When I turned back, a small black spider was saying in a human voice, “Damn these creatures destroy something every night! Now I have to fix this.” I touched it out of curiosity. It just ignored me.

    I went back to my room and started locking and closing all windows and doors. I sneaked in a room where many were sleeping and started locking the windows. But the lock didn’t work. I kept trying and trying.

    Then I woke up.

  10. Jacob Whisman on

    So my haunted house dream is reacurring. I’m always in the same house, though it usually starts in different rooms, sometimes outside. I have knowledge of secret passage ways in the house. It’s usually a different time period everytime I’ve had the dream. Dating back to the 1800s even. The twist is, I’m never scared. I’m always rescuing loved ones or strangers from this haunted house, and we always all make it out. I’m starting to think that I’m the ghost in these dreams.

  11. I keep having a recurring dream about moving into a haunted house. It’s always in disarray when I get there, and all the rooms still have someone else’s things in them, so I try really hard to clean it, but whatever is haunting the house messes with my efforts the whole time. There’s also a ‘Jack in the Box’ demon living in the basement that I go down to banter with?? I feel terrified the whole dream, although my actions within it are very calm and dismissive..
    Any thoughts? What’s the jack in the box mean? Is it good that I try so hard to clean the house when I’m there?

    • I had a dream so similar to this last night. Everything you said until the part of the jack in the box, for me, it was a closet attached to the kitchen and there was a demon inside the closet. The closet door was open and the scariest sounds kept coming from inside. I did not get close to it as I was scared but I still stayed in the house. What does this dream mean? Like I said the first 3/4 of my dream was exactly the same. I bought a house that was filled with the previous owners things, it was haunted, I kept trying to organize but I wasn’t getting anywhere, there was so many things in every room, brand new things in packages, etc. old things, please help decipher what the demon inside the closet in the kitchen means?

  12. I’ve had this dream for quite a few years I Dream that I’ve seen this house ( I’ve never seen this house before and I don’t know where it is) it’s three stories high thin but long nobody knows who the house belongs to so it can’t be put up for sale but I keep going back to the house because I know it’s haunted the spirits lives in there and I need to find clues to be able to set the spirits free then I’ll be able to move in to the house and each dream it seems like I’m getting a little closer to sitting the spirits free ???

  13. Iris marino on

    ,, well I had a dream where I was in my room and I’m still a kid right now it was a video of my room and everybody around me watching the video sad. My room is haunted and then after that everyone in the room got a notification that said we had to do certain things I did not know what this meant and I was scared the people in it that sent the notification we’re wearing all black and black ski masks what does this mean

  14. Any thoughts…..

    Reocuring things in the dream
    1. House starts out as house Ive never seen in waking life, Ive either jist bought it or am thinking of bying it.
    2. Its near water dont know ocean or lake think its ocean (but i did grow up near huge lake erie)
    3. Once Im in the house walking around its like Im the only one who feels uneasy
    4. Theres always a set of stairs (very very narrow) that lead up to my cousins room from when I was a kid (I dont know if I was ever in their room?)
    5. In my cousins room lots of small attic doors, most of which I am scared to even look at but no one else seems bothered?
    6. Almost always eventually turns into a duplex I lived in with my ex husband. He looks like my ex and acts like my ex but in my head I know its not really who i am married to, very strange feeling as I know who he is supposed to be (my current husband) but he looks and acts like ex.
    7. Dogs, exmother in law and back staircase to yard always in there somewhere as well.
    Its driving me mad. Havent had it in a while then last night bam lol. I wake up really confused and frustrated.????

  15. I have a recurring dream of the same haunted house, it is large and beautiful. I am the only one who can navigate it and there are a lot of hidden rooms and stairways on the upper levels. There are ghosts in the basement and I am trying to keep everyone from going down the stairs, at the same time I am afraid of what is down there. I have this dream at least once a week.

  16. hi, my ex recently tried to follow me on social media. we have a lot of history, and i loved him. i reached out to him not too long ago because his mom passed away. the relationship ended sour and he has a new girlfriend. last night i had a dream that i was in a haunted house “game” type of thing. i wasn’t chasing from some of my college classmates, and other random people around trying to get thru. i remember getting caught by a worker and begged for them to let me go because i was looking to find something. while i was getting thru i stopped with a friend (idk who) to play skee ball. the workers for skee ball were dressed in black and white dresses. i woke up before i was able to play. can anyone help me interpret this?

  17. I dreamed that in the middle of nowhere was a team of people living in a converted house made from a wreck of an old underground line. Inside it was haunted by a woman, she didn’t want them to leave. I was staying with them and she began haunting m to, turning on taps as we were sleeping, blowing up lights, messi g with electrical items ect.

    The ghost soon turned out to be a young child posing as a women she didn’t want them to leave because she wanted to have a family, she grew up with a father who beat many times and eventually hit her wrong and she died.

    In the dream I went through her memory’s and haunted her dad as he was in her time, beating him before he could get to her.

    I remember having discussions with the child about why she didn’t want to go to heaven she said she couldn’t get in because of how bad she was and she would just end up in hell… (I’m not even religious)

    I wish the dream ended with me getting her to heaven like a film. Unfortunately I woke up.

  18. I had a dream last night that i was in a old house and sprirts wer putting pressure on my so i couldnt walk into other rooms or cupboard i tried to look in no1 else could feel it tho only me. A small door i tried to open an it kept shutting again i then came down old stairs wooden dark and a ghost grabbed my ankles to pull my down the stairs stopped an told me about 17 grand then went i left amd brought my cousin back but couldnt get amy spirits. Can anyone help what does this mean

    • I just had a dream that I was in line to enter a halloween haunted house (the kind you pay to get in) with my best friend from high school. I felt excited (like you do at an amusement theme park, etc.) but I was worried about the money charged to get which was in euros (I donʻt live in Europe!). Iʻm having financial flow challenges right now, so I guess this dream means that I am having financial flow issues because of something Iʻm repressing from my younger self that I need to look at. My best friend is opposite of me: carefree, outgoing, vivacious whereas I am quieter, studious, and idealistic. Today her business is flourishing and I am having struggles keeping constant work coming in. Maybe a clue that I should be more carefree and do what I love.

  19. I repeatedly dream about a huge house. Sometimes it’s the same house but many times not.
    It’s always about hidden rooms that I didn’t see before. I always seem to wake up before I can get to the room.
    In the dreams, I know what ever area of that house I can’t get into has something bad in it. I’m usually in a big bedroom that has more than one door but only one direction to the haunted room. And it always feels like that untouchable room is a bedroom.

    • I too have a similar dream and feel nearly exactly the same as you describe. I am unsure of how many times I have had this dream but I when dreaming it, I am scared but more curious. When I last dreamed this I felt another presence in the final room I was in, and although I couldn’t seem to be able to turn around and look to see who or what else was in the room I knew with certainty that it was a young girl and that she was sad. This ending of the dream (the feeling of a presence but not being able to turn and look while already being certain of what was there) really unnerved me, and it’s what made me search out a meaning but so far I can’t find anything

      • I have been having dreams for years about a large haunted house that is “in Disneyland” but it is not the haunted mansion and not the tower of terror. Also not in Disneyland, sometimes I can see it’s on my elementary schools’ blacktop. It’s huge on the inside and has multiple very different rooms, and I am always looking for something/exploring the house. I have never found whatever it is. I have always seemed older in this dream than my real age and last night I had a dream my new boyfriend (real person) moved into the house, and I kept warning him and making sure he thought he was making the right decision. He was totally down to move into to one of the rooms though.

  20. I had this dream where I was in my grandfathers house and I was trying to communicate with two young girls cryning they kept pushing me away and all of a sudden I couldn’t speak And they started smiling I felt like I was choking up and I woke up.
    The house was dirty I was moving around in the hall one was sitting in the floor and other girl was in the room adjacent to the hall and was smiling as I choked. What does this mean ??

  21. The house was my house, here i live with my parents , the dream was that we put a vigilance camera and when we looked we saw some ghost kids and a big brownish kind of demon, all my family was there and we were thinking about leaving but then we didnt , tje dream felt so real because it ismy exact home and i was movimg throug all the house, i remembwr in the dream we light lots of incense sticks and we open the door , we were all scared but then my dream webt into another level i dreamed thst i went to a phicologist and told him that i am bi or something wich i am not, and he sid he would help me but we got into an argument, after dreamimg that i also dream of a supermarket but all the food was bad and lots of flies and fungus allnof these in one dream .

  22. I had the craziest and scariest dream tonight. I dreamt that my house was haunted. But it was coming from my dreams. A man who I spoke with about it said I had to get rid of the hauntings through my dreams. I went to sleep an had to turn all the lights off in my dream. I then had to watch all those lights (which now were boxes) go out the window. When I woke up the hallucinations were gone and everything was normal. But when I stood in front of the big mirror on top of my dresser my husband can over and stood with me. There were a lot of pictures on the mirror. Mostly on his side I was only able to see my reflection. My husband smiled at me asked if I was “ok”. When he grabbed my hand I felt it but it was cold. Then a big picture from the mirror fell ad I looked at his face in the mirror. It wasn’t him, he was dark and grey and dirty looking and something was wrong with his eyes.. Cataraxs I think they had a funny frosted look. When he has seen I saw his reflection he then said “we both no who we are” and bashed in my head repeatedly.

    At that point my husband woke me up and I wrote this all down. I have night terrors quite frequently but this was the first haunting type one.. Any thoughts?

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