Haunted House Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Haunted – For ghost, see Ghost. Haunted places, such as houses are important symbols of our need to resolve problems that we are carrying from our past. Depending on the seriousness of the baggage from your past, you dream will be more or less vivid and will incorporate familiar items or places that you had previously not thought about in relation to ghosts or hauntings. It is important for your to work through your feelings about the issues of your past.

Haunted House Dreams

Haunted house dreams symbolize your guilt from the past. It may be causing blockages that stop you from achieving your dreams. Walking into a haunted house represents unfinished business. This is about emotional issues that could stem from your childhood around your family. What in your real life could this be connected to? Why have these fears reawakened in you? This is a reminder you need to come to terms with something that continues to haunt your life.

Haunted house dreams are telling you the are blocks to you moving forward towards success. It maybe they come as a surprise because you thought you had resolved them. But, it is a message you need to face them again to relearn the lessons. Unless you solve these once and for all, they will continue to haunt you. You will walk through life with the same challenges over and over again to overcome. Let go of the negativity. Truly forgive someone to move on. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Leave the old negative feelings where they belong in the past.

For a deeper understanding of the dream, take into account the familiarity and state of the house. Seeing a tidy, clean haunted house means your life will soon get better. Dreaming of a haunted house you recognize from your waking life is a positive omen. It will help you to see with better clarity the truth of what disturbs you.

Looking at a haunted house from the outside warns that someone close is deceiving you. Seeing it from the inside represents your insecurity in some part of your life. A haunted house thick with cobwebs is a sign of spiritual growth. Look beyond the surface to see what is truly within. Living in a haunted cottage can mean you have traded your old life for a more carefree lifestyle. Dreaming of dying in a haunted house signifies conceitedness. You may think things are not working out for you and want to expand and grow. But, your attitude can come from pride rather than hard work. Rather, than having patience working hard to reap the rewards from the seeds that you sow, you may be looking for an easy way to achieve things.

Dreaming of being in different rooms of a haunted house can have different meanings. The kitchen can indicate a healthy diet, the lounge room is about communication and well being, and the bedroom can represent rest and relaxation. Take into account all the details of your dream to get a better understanding of what you subconscious is telling you.

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  1. I had the craziest and scariest dream tonight. I dreamt that my house was haunted. But it was coming from my dreams. A man who I spoke with about it said I had to get rid of the hauntings through my dreams. I went to sleep an had to turn all the lights off in my dream. I then had to watch all those lights (which now were boxes) go out the window. When I woke up the hallucinations were gone and everything was normal. But when I stood in front of the big mirror on top of my dresser my husband can over and stood with me. There were a lot of pictures on the mirror. Mostly on his side I was only able to see my reflection. My husband smiled at me asked if I was “ok”. When he grabbed my hand I felt it but it was cold. Then a big picture from the mirror fell ad I looked at his face in the mirror. It wasn’t him, he was dark and grey and dirty looking and something was wrong with his eyes.. Cataraxs I think they had a funny frosted look. When he has seen I saw his reflection he then said “we both no who we are” and bashed in my head repeatedly.

    At that point my husband woke me up and I wrote this all down. I have night terrors quite frequently but this was the first haunting type one.. Any thoughts?

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