Harmonica Dream Symbol


Harmonica – Harmonicas are the symbol of independence and care freedom. Just as harmonicas are considered to be a little ‘different’ in terms of traditional musical instruments, they are also considered to relate to a transient or ephemeral lifestyle that allows for an open and carefree life. Dreaming about this symbol could be a call to leave the burdensome and crowded life of technology and things and try to lead a simpler and less crowded life.

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  1. Koheeallee on

    I dreamed about an old harmonica, one that my parent gave me when I was younger before our family teared apart. It meant a lot to me.

    I dreamed about my old village and I helped someone find there way because they were lost and when helping them, I found my old harmonica rusty in the grass. At that moment in my dream, I only thought if it was possible to play it again. My dreamed continued. But this is what I needed to share.

    After reading your description I understood that my trip of 1 year is a way to re-embrace my lost liberty that I haven’t made the effort to search for since 3 years.

    Thank you.

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