Happy Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Happy Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being happy usually, indicates your waking state. Being happy in your waking life can mean your dreams reflect this with fun, happy dreams. These can be in relation to different areas of your life. You may even realize what makes you the happiest and follow that path.

A happy dream can also be opposite to how you feel in your waking life. This can be a dream of hope to make up for the sadness, loss of hope in your waking life, and the negativity you face each day. Is something stressing you out in real life? Are there major obstacles that constantly challenge you? You may need to consider if you are on the right path.

What causes you to be so unhappy? Are you forcing situations you are better walking away from? This is a time where you need to take time out to reevaluate all parts of your life. You cannot go on the way you are. Seek help from those who support you. They will be there. You just need to ask.

A dream of being extremely happy can warn there is something you are missing. You may need to look closer at something to ensure you do not overlook any opportunities or possibilities. This can even be about your health. Maybe you should schedule a checkup with your doctor. Being happy at the recovery of an ill friend or family member is a message of positive changes soon crossing your path. These will have a huge impact on your future.

Hot and Cold

Dreaming of being hot and cold emotionally can symbolize your own moodiness in waking life. Maybe you feel insecure. Does your heart tell you one thing and your head another? Are you tearing yourself apart? This can be a sign you need to take time out to think things through. Find some balance in life. It could be a message to follow your intuition.

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