Hang Glider Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hang-Glider Dream Symbol – Dreaming of hang gliding symbolizes your personal freedom. Do you believe in destiny? Watching a hang glider flying is a sign you long for something you can never have. Even though you may know this, you still persevere to achieve success at hat may always elude you.

It can also symbolize your desire to fly away from your personal problems. Flying the glider through clouds can mean you feel guilty about something you have done. Have you behaved without integrity? Have you committed a crime? Have you done something immoral that will shock those in your life?

Dreaming of crashing a hang glider can represent your insecurity. Do you lack self-confidence? You need to have more faith and trust in yourself. A glider that falls from the sky can indicate you have spent a lot of time and effort on something that falls apart just before you achieve success. This will cause much grief, hurt, and tears.

Dreaming of flying a hang glider when there is a problem, this can mean that others gossip about you in your waking life. Flying through a clear, blue sky can indicate an unhappy relationship. Flying close to the ground indicates tough times ahead. There may even be a long-term illness.

Landing successfully signifies success at work and in financial matters. Flying over dirty water can warn to watch out for your enemies. These could be among the people close to you. Be careful who you trust.

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