Handshake Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Handshake – Dreaming about handshakes is a very confident indicator that you are about to make a good decision that will positively benefit you and those around you. Whether you have been contemplating making a major purchase or changing career paths, the dream of the handshake is meant to give you absolute confidence that you should do it.

This dream indicates that you will be incredibly successful in the projects that you take on in the near future. This is also a great time to approach your supervisor about a promotion or pay raise.

When you dream about a handshake it reflects your confidence in making good decisions that have a positive effect on your life. You may be considering changing jobs or making a large purchase, then a dream of a handshake if positive affirmation you should go ahead. Do you have your eye on a promotion? Or, are you looking for a better career?

Shaking hands is also a sign of making an agreement and committing to honoring your promises. It brings good news and knowledge to pass on to others. Shaking hands with an enemy in a dream can mean there will soon be an end to the problems between you. A period of peace and harmony in your waking life will follow.

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  1. I wanted to know what it means to handshake someone in a dream but what if you handshake a YouTuber/celebrity. Like I had a dream where I met Markiplier and shook his hand.
    Does handshaking a YouTuber/celebrity means something more or what?

  2. Had a dream that I was shaking the hand of a fortune teller. She was smiling and I felt relieved and happy. I felt like I made some sort of deal and that it was going to happen?
    I didn’t feel scared. I felt happy and relieved.

  3. Hi, I had a dream my father introduced me to 2 men while I was holding my son… I initiated a handshake with the first man who I can’t remember a single detail about other than he warmly shook my hand back…..
    I then went to shake the other mans hand who bazaarly had quite a large blue birthmark/bruise in the middle of his face…he point blank refused to shake my hand and it became quite heated…. my father intervened and I took a step back …… wtf??

    Very strange, any idea what this could mean?

  4. I dreamt that my boyfriend’s brother was shaking my hand and gave me a kiss (not sexually or menacing). Reason I’m asking is because he is not really an affectionate person. What does it mean????


    My name is Takudzwa. I dreamt shaking hands with President Robert Mugabe and his wife. The first lady then told me about a job opportunity at state house and requirements matched with what I have studied ,Accounting & Finance.DURING THE time I am scrolling with my phone to show them I just woke up.Don’t know exactly.

  6. I dreamt a little baby i did not give birth to was placed in tray later fell down from the tray the owner came and pick her up pls what does this mean

  7. I see dream that my wife come to me touch my hand and her hand was warm and her hand shake I asked her what happened then she sayed it is becouse I greet more people, I was not belive that but I sayed okey is anyone know what dream means

  8. My wife had a dream. In her dream she aged old men with white hair lining up with smile on their face she was shaking hands with them in a row. When she got to one of them she said ‘ execuse me may i know your name’ and the old man replied ‘ i am Lt Col…
    I was with her in this hand shaking doing it together

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