Handicap Dream Symbol


Handicap – Dreaming about handicaps is representative of feeling inadequate in some fashion. If you dream about someone else having any type of handicap, it means that subconsciously you think of them as not being good enough for you.

If the handicap is associated with a sport, it means that you are in a social circle that is challenging you and that you should stay with it in order to become better. If the handicap is associated with mental capacity it indicates that you are experiencing a mental block that you need to work through before you can make progress in your life.

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  1. Thank you for this interpretation! I have had a two re-occurring dreams involving me (a woman) and men that I meet who are handicapped and in wheelchairs. In both dreams, I am in a public space or at a public event and I run into a these men and I am very attracted to them. In the first dream, I go somewhere private with this man and he eventually stands up to show me that he is not handicapped *anymore* and now only sits in his wheelchair to support others who have a handicap like his. In the second dream, the man’s handicap feels mental/emotional and related to his family environment. In both dreams, each of the men has a mother who is either very strict/uptight or not *all there* in mind/heart/spirit (there is no father figure), and the mothers are very wealthy/materially stable, but with an ugly heart or a huge sense of emptiness.

    In these dreams, I interpret the handicap as some sort of past struggle that leaves its mark on someone, leaving them feeling vulnerable and/or insecure; in the second dream, the insecurities are related to family of origin and/or lack of proper nurturing/lack of father figure. In the first dream the man takes the experience/struggle/pain and uses it to help others. In the second dream, he tries to escape his family and find acceptance elsewhere, only to find himself lost in a maze (at which point I step in to help).

    The handicaps in these dreams definitely link to a feeling of inadequacy, but also to a sense of humility and vulnerability– in both of my dreams, both men are from well-off families, but their handicaps have humbled them and they are totally unattached to material value and instead focused on mental/emotional/spiritual value. As me being a woman attracted to these men, I feel that the handicaps also call forth feelings of unconditional love, as the handicaps in no way deter me from my attraction towards them and/or my willingness to help/want to be with them. With unconditional love, one loves another for their resilience and strength in the face of adversity, and also loves when another is struggling and lost in pain and confusion.

    I can definitely see how these men and their stories might represent parts of myself and my family–the parts of myself that I have healed already, as well as the ones that I continue to heal (as sometimes these parts are one in the same!). Through these symbols I know I can continue to heal these parts through the magic of unconditional love; both through the love that I give myself, and through the love I can receive from another.

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