Hamster Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hamster Dream Symbol – The hamster is a symbol of frivolity and happiness. Dreaming about this creature is a sign that you need to take a shopping spree and spoil yourself and others.

Hamsters are the bringers of simple pleasures and while it can be dangerous to overindulge in frivolity and bacchanalia, having a little fun is the prescription that your dreams are trying to give to you. Have a little fun and enjoy life for the next few days without worrying about getting ahead or trying to make big decisions.

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  1. My girlfriend had a dream that we were at my mothers shore house. There was a room full of laundry and she kept doing laundry, but she could never get it done. Then my nephews showed up and gave her two hamsters. That were normal. And she was given a third one that was small pink sick and had flees. She threw it in the sink and woke up.

  2. I had a dream the other night my pet hamster was swimming in a pool. He kept going in swim for a second then come out. Then after that at some point in the dream the hamster kept biting me. He attacked me until I had huge deep cuts all over my arms and back. I though it was just on my arms but rolled my sleeves up to find out these cuts were everywhere and I was bleeding a lot. I want to know what this means it’s really bothering me. Someone please help!!!!!!

  3. i had a dream that a hamster i had ages ago that died was in my dream and i decided to take her to school with me and she was like my bestfriend

  4. I had a dream that I had bought 2 hamsters. I put them in their new cage. When I went to feed them the next morning, one of them had a bunch of babies. Then I woke up.

  5. I had a dream last night about two Hamsters. One was a normal sized Hamster but it was dead at the bottom of the Cage, while the other one about the size of a small dog was doing a victory dance beside it. The larger one was very cartoon like with lots of facial expressions. The cage was also massive more like the size of a Medium size dog kennel. Very strange dream. Does anyone know what this could mean xx

  6. I’ve had a dream about a vengeful hamster escaping his cage all the time and leaving needles on the floor so I would step on them and hurt myself. I kept picking them up and looking for the little guy and then I felt him crawling up my leg, under my trousers and biting me repeatedly during the climb. I was trying to get him out without crushing him and it was quite scary and then I woke up. Not sure why he hated me so much lol.

  7. IusuallyLoveHamsters on

    Recurring dream of a hord of hamsters attcking me. Crawling all over me and biting me. They multiply and it becomes thousands of them just attacking me. Dream same exact dream several times!

  8. I have a dream about feeding hamster and it went on my back. I placed it down to have a drink of water and it drowned but I saved it.

  9. I have many dreams.. but recently small animals are protecting me although I seem sure they will bite me but it never happens..they seem to want to help

  10. In my dream I had a hamster and it kept escaping and my cat kept attacking the hamster and the hamster could speak English and was tame

  11. My dream was with baby hamsters. I opened a front door n I cought one pet it for s while niped my hand just a little not hurting me. I calmed it down by petting it some more. Put it down n caught another one n did the same thing over. When I would put them down they would go running to the rest of them that were at the front door. Please a me one tell me what the could mean. I was happy but a bit screared that one would bite me hard but none of them did. I didn’t like the black ones because they looked to much like rats n I did call them rats but they were also baby hamsters. I pet a brown one that was do adorable, a plain fluffy white one n one all white except for the end of its back fur was black. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIND THE MEANING OF THIS DRRSM. I am not good at interpetating my dreams. Thank you.

    • Charles Swink on

      Well my dream was very horrific it scared me so bad it’s like I was somehow able to bring it back to life just to kill it again please don’t take it like I’m some kind of psycho this is the first time this has happened to me

  12. Amazing. I had a dream last night that I was playing with a hamster called Hamlet (too cute). I was having a lot of fun.
    In reality, I reached a big savings goal today and last night an expensive new bag I purchased online arrived (I’m usually extremely thrifty). So I would say this seems like a pretty great analysis.

  13. I had a weird dream this morning and just woke up. I had a pet hamster I was walking around town and it loved to be in my pokey and with me everywhere I went and this huge 6x times bigger then normal eagle flies down huge bird then opens it mouth and one big snake comes out like it’s a tongue and tries to reach for my hamster and I hit it hard with a news paper and the snake head broke and fell ??? What the he’ll kinda dream is this…

  14. I had a dream last night I was constantly chasing after a hamster. Sometimes I would catch and hold it , other times letting it wander about! I have no clue what this means!! Please help

  15. I had a dream I was a hamster in a cage, and I kept waiting for my owner to bring me food and water, but my owner never showed up. What does this mean?

  16. I had a dream that I was running with a hamster. But the hamster was really hurt and probably dying, and I was running with it to either get it somewhere where it could die mercifully and painlessly or to get it help so it would be better again. At one point someone stopped to ask me something, and I answered quickly then kept running.

  17. Last night I had a dream of 3 hamsters . I was protecting them from my evil step father and I had them in a box with a bed for them . When I checked the box they were gone. And I looked everywhere for them because I felt I loved them. I found one and he bit me real hard . I didn’t care though I put him in the box. Then I found another one , and I put him in the box. But then I realized my step father had killed the other one. And I was very broken and lost it. I did what I could to protect the others but they disappeared from the box .. I don’t get it

  18. last night i had a dream i had 3 hamsters in a cage at my house. i let them out but never found the third to put back in the cage

  19. I had a dream about a flying hamster but when I caught it and put it in the cage it was a open top cage and it flew away

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