Hammer Dream Symbol


Hammer – The hammer is a symbol of strength and industry. Dreaming about this particular symbol is a clear message of this being a very productive time for you to work on projects that require physical activity. This is a time to take advantage of your Do It Yourselfer side. The hammer is also a symbol of justice and order. Just like the gavel that can be seen on a judge’s podium, the hammer is an ancient symbol of finality in a decision about justice.

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  1. I have a question?
    It sound weird and may be coincidence , but I find it strange.
    My boyfriend has always been one to put animals above himself.
    Two days ago he found a pigeon that had been hit by a car and couldn’t hold it’s head up or move all that well but was alive.
    He kept it alive for two days vowing that he would not be the one to end it’s misery because he didn’t cause it to be in misery and he didn’t feel right about taking it’s life.
    Today ( two days later) it was still alive.
    After hand feeding it, and losing two days sleep trying to make sure if it did die of it’s injuries it would at least not be alone.
    Today however the bird started having convulsions and showed no signs of improvement.
    After three hours of tearful silence he got up , grabbed his air rifle and tried to put it out of it’s pain.
    He kept saying I’m so sorry, please forgive me.
    He was pretty emotionally distraught over something that most call rats with wings.
    He went out and hurried “his friend the pigeon” and found an old rusty blacksmiths hammer on the city walk way. It has a “V” etched in the top of the steel head an another on the bottom of the steel head directly below the top one.
    It’s not a manufacturers mark, but it was lying right where he hurried the pigeon.
    He took the hammer home. I was wondering if this could be construed as a gift from the gods?
    My boyfriend practices druidry and well it seems to have a lot of Norse culture to it.
    Do you have any insight into this?
    He’s still pretty emotionally hurt but seems very attached to the old blacksmiths hammer he found in the exact same spot he hurried the pigeon.
    If so I’d love to hear your thoughts.
    The hammer is rusty but in otherwise good condition and looks very old by the way the wood is greyed and there are square headed nails that hold the head to the shaft.
    They look like they were installed in the hammer when it was made.
    It’s got me curious.

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