Halo Dream Symbol


Halo – The halo is a symbol of enlightenment and divinity. Dreaming about having a halo is representative of the culmination of your terrestrial life into a perfect completion. When you see the halo on another person in your dreams it symbolizes that that person is essential to your successful journey to enlightenment and happiness.

It does not represent anything having to do with romance, but is rather associated with a connection to the divine inside yourself. By allowing this person to send messages to your heart, you will be able to free yourself from the mortal coil that hold you back from your true potential.

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  1. A person shared with me a dream in a parking garage and I was walking in front of them when 3 snakes came out between us and one jumped up at my head but then halo’d around my head…what does this mean

  2. In my dream I saw a halo on me. Then I showed it to my friend in that dream and we hugged. What does that mean?

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