Hallucination Dream Symbol


Hallucination – Dreaming about hallucination symbolizes the vision quest of the Native Americans. Hallucinogenic ingredients were often used as a pathway to enlightenment in ancient cultures, from the peyote of the Native Americans,  the Soma of the Hindus, the Lotus of Egypt, the Opium of the Middle east, or the marijuana of eastern Asia.

While some of these natural plants are only mildly hallucinogenic, ancient cultures used them as tools to help them come into connection with the divine and they were oftentimes restricted to the priest class of their societies. Dreaming about hallucination is a sign that the divine is trying to contact you. Pay attention to the hallucinations in your dreams and try to allow yourself to interpret their meaning.

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  1. I had a dream that I was stuck in a second floor apartment and kept imagining bad people outside. The people I was with in my dream kept telling me I was hallucinating. It was a very lucid dream. What does that all mean?

  2. Had a dream that my cousin who is basically my best friend, died. And so I posted pictures on Instagram with her and I would text her and she’d text back. But I was hallucinating the whole “her texting back and her being in the photos” thing and I convinced myself that my aunt just wouldn’t let her leave the house which is why I couldn’t see her. My mom took me to a therapist and there was a montage in my head that showed a slide show of the pictures that I took with my cousin thinking she was in it, but then the actual picture and she isn’t it in them the messages of me texting her, but I would just text myself and text back a reply as if she said it but it was on there twice so that’s how they knew I was like texting myself as her. Next thing I know I’m at a small get together with my cousins and one of them makes a joke about my other cousin (who died) and then I started bawling with tears. Someone asked if I knew and I replied with something between the lines of “I know now”, as I looked to the sand a found coral or like a shell and it looked like a doodled sailboat and that’s when the dream ended

  3. I just had a dream that was extremely short, because I awoke from it pretty quickly due to the fact that I just didn’t want to be in the dream, and it was creepy and really strange because I was hallucinating in the dream…
    First of all I was on top of a train and trying to get people off for some reason, and my dog happened to be there so I let him off the train somehow, but he was the only one to have just fallen off accidentally, and I jumped off the train to see if he was alright. When I jumped off into the snow, because it was snowing too, I saw my dog running towards me, and I picked him up and turned around to see my brother coming as well, which I’m really sure didn’t tie into it all, I released my dog and I’m pretty sure it started talking saying that he was hallucinating and giving details of it, and then I saw them too… Then he started walking on two legs which was weird as well, and I started talking and giving details about hallucinating and then seeing them… Then I had the sense and fear that someone was behind me… I awoke feeling really paranoid about something being in my room which there wasnt anything. Ive had a similar dream before at least I think…. I’d just like to know what this means please.

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