Hair Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hair Dream Symbol – Hair is a symbol of strength and empowerment. Dreaming of hair signifies prosperity, knowledge, and your thoughts. Long hair is a sign of spiritual and physical strength. It can also mean the enjoyment of sexual pleasures. Short hair demonstrates you have integrity and are trustworthy. White or gray hair signifies the wisdom that comes with age and how your body weakens with age.

Dreams of being covered in hair mean you need to analyze your goals for the future. What was important in the past may have changed to something new. Is this you? Hair covering your body can also mean you are protected. Dreaming of a trip to the hairdresser may be in connection with a negative outlook on life. It is a warning to be more positive. A new hairstyle can help change your attitude.

Cutting your hair represents recreating your life. Cutting someone else’s hair represents your fear of losing control. Seeing a bald head indicates someone questions your knowledge. You may need to prove yourself. Dying hair means you may need others’ advice about your future. Curling your hair indicates you soon overcome any challenges. Curling someone else’s hair means they will help you out somehow.

Wearing a wig foretells there are fake people around you. This is not something you appreciate having close to your life. You need to seek them out. Dreaming of washing your hair brings positive outcomes to a new project or relationship. Hair falling out means there is a loss coming while growing hair indicates having to soon make a choice.

Additional Interpretations

Hair is vitally personal to children. They weep vigorously when it is cut for the first time; no matter how it grows, bushy, straight, or curly, they feel they are being shorn of a part of their personality.” Charlie Chaplin

In dreams at least, the children are correct. Hair is related to an aspect of our personality.  It is connected to our self-confidence. If we feel good in our physical body, our outlook is positive.  We are ready to take on the world.  If we are not pleased with our appearance, some find it very difficult to face the day.  Think of the times when someone comes to your door or invites you out before you are ready. “My hair isn’t done yet. I can’t go out now.” You may not even open the door and only peek your nose around, so as not to be seen.

hair-dreamsIn life, we spend a great deal of time and money on the maintenance and upkeep of our hair.  Why is this? Because, we know or more importantly, we believe that we are judged by our appearance. We put a lot of our value in outer beauty. Before others will see us for whom we truly are on the inside, the outside is what is seen first.  The hair, being placed on the top of the heads, would by hierarchical designation, making it the first thing we worry about when it comes to how we look.

Think of the anguish and tears that come after an unfortunate trip to the hairdresser which results in your hair being cut too short, a bad dye job, or even worse a failed perm. Once the damage is done, you simply have to live with the results.  Men sometimes become reluctantly resigned to the loss of their hair as they go bald. For many, it remains a sensitive topic. Like the children Chaplin describes, it may affect your confidence with lasting consequences.

When you dream your hair is dirty, this represents that you feel unworthy or feel that you are being judged. To dream of washing your hair means you feel in control of your life. To dream about getting a haircut means that you are confident about letting things go from your waking life. If you are not happy with the outcome, it means that you feel that you have lost some of your self-worth or have had your personal power taken. In this case, it would be interesting to know who did the cutting. Like Samson, whose strength was in his long hair, it would be valuable to know the identity of your dream Delilah.

To dream that your hair is growing means your confidence is growing. If your hair is growing uncontrollably or your hair is very long, you may be prideful and possibly arrogant. To dream that your hair is falling out means that you are losing confidence or feel defeated either personally or in a certain situation in life. To dream hair is growing in strange places means that you feel under attack in some way personally or that you have lost control of a situation.

Our own inner judge is much harsher than the world will ever be. Ironically, we believe our hair matters, but even though you may anguish with a bad-hair day, most people never even notice. They are too busy dealing with their own hair issues.

Barber Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a barber is a sign you may soon see the world around you with a new perspective. Having your hair washed and cut can mean you are preparing for a future important social event. You want to make a good impression. If you know the barber, consider what else is happening in the dream to work out what this dream may mean to you. It may simply be a reflection of what is happening in your waking life to prepare for a big social event.

Dreams of a barber is a message to let you know your hard work will eventually pay off. It can also mean there is someone around you hiding who they really are. They may have ulterior motives to stop you from achieving your dreams. A barber shaving someone can mean you feel frustrated by a tough situation that persists in your life. You may need to see things with a new perspective to solve your frustrations.

A barber shaving you warns you will soon face uncertainty in your life and financial problems. You need to prepare. Seeing yourself at the barber is a sign there are arguments within your family. These may be simply resolved by spending some quality time together. Seeing yourself visit a barber warns of huge financial problems. You will need to be careful to overcome this. It can also warn not to be the one to spread the malicious gossip you may hear while sitting waiting.


Dreaming of being a hairdresser can be a sign you are forcing yourself onto others. This is a sign that you need to work on the way you see yourself. Are you lacking in self-confidence? It can also mean you are ready for a change and to move on in a new direction. Are you thinking of making major life changes in some way?

Being in a hair salon can mean you worry about how others see you. It can also represent the secrets you keep. Have you been misleading others with what you say? Or, do you hide something from others? This may be the time to come clean.

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  1. My boyfriend dreamt that I shaved off the sides of my head and left the center part long. Does that have any meaning?

  2. I have long straight dark hair to my bra strap. I dreamed I cut my hair all jagged but left the back long. I wasnt that unhappy with the outcome but was anxious to get a hardresser to shape it properly. Any idea what this is about?

  3. Oboro Ejiro on

    See my self drying my already weaved hair with a small hand dryer a woman gave me,and latter stud up and gave the woman a bowl of already granded pepper

  4. Grace Silfavan on

    I dream I have a beautiful shiny and radiant hair and the parlorist combing my hair carefully.. And then she just mumbled “oh s***” I asked “What? What happened?” I knew in my dreams that there is something wrong.. Some portion of my hair got bald or got brittled.. So I stand and check in the mirror.. I still feel beautiful. Yeah some got bald and I dont care I feel beatiful in my dream.. I only said to my self it will still cover with the other hair.. That’s it.. Tell me what is the meaning of my dream???

  5. l saw a girl with long hair twisted beatifully and touched the end at the ground in my morning dream. what is the meaning of my dream. explain in detail

  6. I dreamt that I was drunk, again. My sister was there for the first time. She didn’t like what I did and told me to go take a shower. I was telling her how tired I am from not sleeping last night. She was not pleased.
    Then suddenly we were at the grocery store and I pointed out a guy to my sister. I told her he was the reason why I got blacked out drunk. She went to confront him. He just brushed both of us off. Then suddenly my sister threw a strand of her hair to catch him. She binded the guy with her hair. It was so long and very think, not to mention how strong it was. Then my boyfriend woke me up. I’m wondering what all this means?

  7. I dreamt about my friend who came at my place with big bottle of shampoo and then got busy washing her own hair… Wondering what this could be….

  8. I dreamed I was in a strange little town preparing for a public festival of some kind. My family were preparing but felt like outsiders. I was walking alone down a street on my way to or from where they were staying and getting ready… I felt oddly off balance and as I was walking down the street I tripped on a toy that some children had discarded near where they were playing. I fell which made my skirt dirty, muddy spot down the right side. A wise woman who I seemed to know made me wait, I felt helpless, she berated the kids for leaving things around for me to trip over. I was embarrassed because I had tripped and fallen the day before in the same manner. Finally, she calls me into her white apartment building. Once inside she pulls my arms toward her and I can see they are unusually hairy (blond hair) she very purposefully and efficiently plucks three hairs out of my right arm. I think to ward off some bad luck or some kind and then says..”And what does the wolf care?” after which I wake up.

  9. I wear my hair short and typically wash every few days. I dreamt I was planning to go somewhere and trying to decide if I would wash my hair. Somehow I came across this stylist in a room. She offered to style my hair. I was skeptical and she could tell from my expression. She offered to do it for free and I’d pay her if I liked how she styled it. I ran home and got my shampoo and In her room began shampooing my hair at the sink…while my head was down in the sink…she came over and ran a shave through the middle of my head…I was shocked at why she would do such a thing, as I pulled my shaven wet hair from my head. Next she turns into a child like person. I ask myself why I would trust a child to style my hair. I was confused and sad my style was damaged. What could this mean?

  10. I dreamed of my friend wearing black clothes and carrying a mug of hair which looks like the hair was growing out of the mug. It was a closed mug. Please let me know what it means.

  11. I dreamed that family members came to me asking that I cut my hair of for a head band they are making our of natural hair for in case someone loose their hair such a person can wear this headband. In my dream their hair was cut off already….but this headband was already too big (about 1m in diameter). In this dream I’m telling them to please use hair that I already cut and gave my mom for a wig when she went through chemo….which she never used, as I’m trying to regrow my hair.

  12. i was dreaming that my hair is falling when i hold it its become so much thick hard then every wind blow its twisting !

  13. I dream that there was a group of dark skinned guys in their twenties and for some reason they all had gray hair…and thats about all I remember and dont know if its a cause for concern or what…

    Any comments…?

  14. Vesister Abbiw on

    Your Comment In my dream my hairdresser want to cut my hair to became short i warned and she did cut it and as she was doing that i bite her. please what does this dream means?

  15. Janet Tolley on

    I dreamt my husband had his hair tied back in a small pony tail, i asked him who tied your hair back like that, he replied with a very cold look saying I’m not telling you, inside I felt he has changed so much, i started to feel very alone

  16. I dreamed that a woman stroked m y hair, then ripped some hair out of my head! What does this mean?

  17. Daniel barraza on

    I dreamt my bald friend had wavy hair ive always known him skin bald. Never seen him with hair. In that same dream I asked him if he had tools on him so I can fix the bike I was getting around town in. I haven’t ridden a bike in like 20 years. The town I was getting around in was the town I grew up in. I left there over 12 years ago. I met my bald friend in my new city. With no connection to the old one

  18. Cassandra Kray on

    I had a dream that almost without warning my whole back and arms where covered in dark and grey hair much like a mans. It distressed me in my dream that I was frantic to find my daughter who is a beautician in real life, to wax me. After reading this, I feel the dream may have a more positive meaning than when I woke up. Thankyou

  19. What do you think finding someone else’s hair means? Specifically someone who passed aways hair?

  20. felix carrasco on

    I am a bald man i resently had a dream that i grew my hair in braids strong looking and long liike those on football players please let me know what this means

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