Gynecologist Dream Symbol


Gynecologist – Dreaming of a gynecologist is a symbol of feminine health, and having a doctor take care of your most vulnerable aspects. This is a fairly rare dream symbol, so if you dream about a gynecologist, chances are you are concerned about your female health, or your subconscious is trying to tell you that you should be.

You may be pregnant and in need of prenatal care, or you may have a health problem that needs to be addressed. Our bodies often tell us about physical diseases and dangers through dreams, even when our conscious minds are not yet aware of what is happening inside of us. Therefore take medical dreams seriously.

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  1. About a week ago I dreamed I was waiting FOREVER to be seen my the gyn. In the dream I was pregnant and was waiting to go into labor. Saw 7/7 stamped on my file as my due date. I ended up leaving the appointment after the doctor told me the baby wouldn’t come out.. (?) Then I went to the parking lot to find that my car wasn’t stolen.

  2. I had a dream where I went for a pelvic exam… And they had a look down there and said everything was fine … I was just wondering should I listen to my dream. You see I had a miscarriage almost a month ago… So I.was worried why I had the miscarriage is all

  3. I had a dream I was at the gynocologist office and she was doing an ultrasound and showed me I was ovulating and I saw what I guess would be my eggs it was so weird. I do have fertility issues associated with p.c.o.s so I guess it could have been related to that but to see it and feel like I was really there was so crazy lol

  4. Amra Becirevic on

    I had a dream I went to one but they were first doing regular check-ups (blood pressure, etc.) and they didn’t get to check anything further because I was afraid of my parents coming in and finding out. What does that mean?

  5. Last night I dreamed that a nurse wanted to do a gynaecological test on me, I asked her if she could ‘just test the water’, she said no ‘she would have to go in deeper.’

    For me, I believe this dream is about my need for certainty. I am just starting a new relationship and can feel myself falling in love very quickly, and I want certainty about this man NOW…at the ‘testing the waters’ stage, and I cannot have any certainty until I have ‘gone in a little deeper!’

    That’s what I believe this dream to be for me, please feel free to comment.

    • Actually Penny, even if this is two years later on, that’s how I feel too. There’s a certain man whom I just met and am wondering if he is the right man for me, and yes, I can truly understand the “going in a little deeper” statement. I hope we both find love.

  6. I had a dream last night that I went in for a pap. It was just a check up and while on the table 5 male residents walked in to watch the female perform the exam. I told her I was not informed and I was uncomfortable with this and I would have to reschedule. She told me I didn’t have a choice. My alarm went off right on time! !!

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