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Gutter – There are many things that the dream symbol of the gutter can symbolize. The common phrase of “having your mind in the gutter” is pervasive in many of our worldviews, so a dream symbol of a gutter can be an indication of dirty or inappropriate thoughts. You may have a subconscious awareness that you need to elevate your thoughts from the mundane or obscene, and feel something of a disgust at the gutter in your dream.

A gutter can also be a place where people and things are that you want to pass by and do not want to encounter or engage. Lastly, a gutter can be a factor in cleansing, as water rushes through it. The exact meaning of your dream about a gutter is largely dependent on the context of this symbol.

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  1. I dreamt that a family wedding was being held in America
    And I was in Africa.I crossed a big gutter and bridge to go to the was like from Africa to America,it was just a big gutter you would have to cross.

    • I had a dream where I am walking in gutter water but the area is full of trees and that is not really a gutter.
      The meaning coincides with the wish for a person whom I should never encounter or I wish he passed by. I had recently been misunderstood by a friend of mine and he hurt me and blamed me or rather tagged me as the one who breaks people’s friendship. I was the one who wanted to get stuffs sorted between him and my bestie and it turned on me. So now I know what this meant in my dream.

    • Raphael Mensah on

      I dreamt of,i saw a big gutter without a bridge and i was not able to jump over,a certain man i don’t know just carried me up and thrown me over the big gutter and fall at the other side.

  2. Iheagwam Chidiebere Samuel on

    Your Comment: I dreamt that my clothes were poured in a gutter with running water. But with the help of my brother and myself the clothes were pulled out and washed. what does this mean?

  3. I had a crazy dream I woke up from around 1:30. I climbed up an old decrepit wooden scaffolding missing lots of lower cross bars that was built up next to a house. I think I had paint and a brush with me, but dint remember that clearly. I felt some kind of pressure to do so, but not sure from whom or what. Like maybe it was my job, not sure. It was very scary and didn’t feel the least sound or stable. Looking down from the top looked about like 30 or 40 feet. I reached out for the gutter of the house to feel safe, but it was rotting wood and broke off in my hand. I looked down and saw one of legs on rhe scaffold fracture and I was going down. I woke up before I really began to feel the fall.

  4. I dreamt that I was in front of a very wide gutter which I could not cross because I was scared of falling into it. What does it mean?

  5. In my dream,i saw myself washing a dirty gutter with broom by adding water little by little. what does it mean?

  6. I was with my husband he went the wrong way on I-10 near the panhandle. We where getting close to where my grandma lives.i trid to tell him but he it figures it out before I could. We start to argue. He wants to go through the medium of the interstate. I don’t think it’s safe so I ask him to go towards the exit and get turn around. That is when I noticed that I was alone and walking down a sidewalk. I looked down in the sidewalk there where holes in it. then it gotten bigger with each hole I jumped over. Then it became a gutter in the ground. I look down in it as I was about to past it. There was a puppy, then there where more puppies. I go to reach for them to get them out. I pull back right a way when I see a little Wolf over what looks like a human baby with his head departed from his body. It was a boy baby. But the baby was alive. The wolf goes over the baby and knocks off some trash from the neck. I start to Panic. The baby was alive and the wolf was trying to protect him. Try to get the baby but as I do the wolf comes back. I am freaking out because I can’t get to the baby. Then I wake up.

  7. I had a dream where two men helped me to cross a gutter successfully and words a song came up that the lord will lead me

  8. my ex dreamt that he found me in a gutter, in bad shape with sores all over me and skinny as a rail, (which i am not, lol) there was a rough looking guy with me. my ex tried to help me out of the gutter and the skank told him i didn’t want to go with him and to leave me alone. we still have very strong feelings for each other and stay in touch but realize (i think) that we’re better off not together. Help me to ease his mind that i’m ok and not headed for any gutters or ditches any time soon.

  9. I want explanation on this dream I had. I was sitting down in front of compound facing the in the house, sat down on two coachs of block from the leveled grand with friend, why we where discoursting, I look up saw and a child coming out from the compound their was gutter filled up with water I did not know, the child was walking to out direction. so why we are still talking suddenly I had voice I told the person that I was talking to, is like the child had fall inside the gutter. I left the person there drowning close the water was bubbling. Before I could look inside the gutter the water has dried, I now asked somebody to bring me rope before I wake up.

  10. pls explain to me this vision. i was standing in front of a dirty gutter with a pure and clean water in it

  11. Mo'Precious on

    I dreamt that my cloth is on the line outside and it’s droped into a dirty gutter which i removed but it has no stain please what does my dream mean

  12. Dreamt that , I was chasing money being carried away by rain in the gutter. In the dream, it was a friend’s money which fell in the gutter and was being carried by the rain, but I succeeded in getting the money back to my friend after chasing it for some distance. And gave the money back to my friend.

    • I dreamt that I was in front of a very wide gutterwhich I was supposed to cross but u couldn’t because I was scared of falling into it. What does it mean?

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