Gunpowder Dream Symbol


Gunpowder – To dream of gunpowder is a symbol of volatility and unpredictability, with a strong element of danger. It is likely that you are feeling unstable in your life, and fear that it might soon explode. Depending on your cultural background, there may be other meanings to your gunpowder dream as well.

Gunpowder can symbolize political uprisings, being connected with the Gunpowder Plot by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament. Dreaming about gunpowder may indicate your dissatisfaction with the current situation, especially with regards to authority.

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  1. I had two dreams, one was I.made a turn on my, but then was ushered into a checkpoint where I met a good friend. The love were checking my licence and my friend spoke for me saying I was all good…the second one was I was with my.wife and I was being lured to a room upstairs, told to hold something but I discovered it was a bomb…like an arrow box shaped we were getting into the room I discovered it was a bomb, I took my.wife in disgust at my.brpther in law, my wife’s sisters husband and ran with her down stair to have to blow up there…as I.was running down I saw proof on the floor little sprinkles of gunpowder…to help me know what I.was running from was real. To add to this i have had a problem people gossiping about me and slandering recently, outside people attacking me secretly….i have been aware of it but don’t see why it should be happening. Im a teacher.

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