Gun Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Gun Dream Symbol – A gun is a symbol of a violent solution to problems. Guns, in your dreams, indicate the final end of an argument or unpleasant conversation. It is likely that you feel the other person never listens to you, or never allows you to say what you mean to say. They are likely to be very threatening to you, and you may feel that there is no other way to protect yourself than with a gun.

If you dream of using a gun on another person, this is an indication that the relationship is harmful to you, and that you need to take a step back, take a break, or even cut off ties altogether. If you dream that someone else is using a gun on you, this is a sign that you feel the other person is untrustworthy or even hates you. Pay close attention to a gun symbol in your dream, as it shows you deep fears and even hatred in your subconscious.

Additional Meanings of Guns

gun-dreamsDreaming of guns can be scary. It indicates there is violence, fear, and a need for a strong defense in your life. Guns are a sign of anger out of control. You may currently be being aggressive to gain power in a situation or over someone. Maybe someone is doing this to you. Shooting a gun demonstrates confidence in your empowerment, but it can also represent your anger towards others.

Guns are the ultimate symbol of power and destruction. A gun or guns in a dream can represent your insecurities. You may be looking for protection. From what? Do you know? Carrying a gun indicates you have the confidence to face anything with integrity. It symbolizes your strength of will to achieve your dreams.

Loading a gun can mean you need to learn to control your anger. It may also mean you have the ability to face anything life throws at you. You are prepared. Shooting someone can symbolize your deep-seated feelings of anger and hurt towards them.

This is a dream warning that your anger and emotions are of control. You need to rein them in or you will create a whole world of hurt for those around you. And, for yourself. Someone shooting at you indicates you have some conflict with family or friends. Being surrounded by many people with guns suggests you have a fear of being robbed. You may need to look at your home and personal security.

If a gun fails to fire, this may represent your feelings of helplessness in some way. It can also mean you need to find another way to deal with things on the path to achieving your dreams. What you are currently doing does not seem to be working. It is time to make changes. Using a gun to commit suicide indicates you need to put more thought into your future. Every moment of life is precious. You can turn things around.

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  1. What about dreaming about collecting belongings, getting into a car (backseat) to leave and someone unseen shoots my unknown driver in head with a gun WITH A SILENCER? WhT does this mean?

  2. I was in a school auditorium and noticed a boy I loved was being swarmed by boys and girls alike. He did not seem enthralled by this. I walked over to the group, through a crowd of people singing an 80s-style song and chanting ‘wild’ twice, singing, then repeating the ‘wild’ chant. As I pushed my way through the crowd, I noticed I was holding a pistol. As I got to the end of the crowd, I dropped the gun on the ground and searched for my love. He wasn’t there anymore. People began swarming the gun, shouting out about it, but no one knew whose it was or why it was there. I just walked by, without acknowledging it was mine, hiding behind the crowd even though I knew my fingerprints would be on it. It was a very strange dream. Keep in mind, the boy I was in love with is fictional, as in, I’ve never actually met this dream persona in real life.

  3. Christopher on

    I fired a gun at a group robbing the restaurant my family were eating in. Only to find that once the left the barrel it hit the leader in the neck leaving nothing but a red circle like a bug bite and fell on the floor. She didn’t even say anything about she just looked at me smirked and continued taking peoples things while they literally did nothing about it. After being ignored by the assailant who just so happen to be like Supergirl I gather my family and we lefted the restaurant.

  4. anonymous dave on

    This is a rather odd one. Just note, I do have schizophrenia so I’m sure my dreams differ from the normies. Anywho, for some odd reason I don’t remember why, but I was a fugitive from justice on the run. I got pulled over for speeding in my town, in my dream I was even in my own county. kind of weird. Anywho, the cop who pulled me over wanted to search, I complied. But for some reason he somehow managed to not see the trunk full of ammunition and semi automatic rifles. After this incident things just got weird. I remember just going off on some sort of rampage, and committing mass murder on anybody who crossed my path. I’m probably going insane in my waking life. That’s my conclusion. Or maybe the hatred for mankind? I’d like to know a translation, that would be nice to know, or what I should get ready for. Maybe I was feeling paranoid before I fell asleep which is quite possible, and would probably give me some weird dreams like this.

  5. Andi Remington on

    During the past month or so, I have had a recurring dream where there are several people at my door with shotguns and they are about to shoot and kill me. I usually try to run from them and wake before I actually get shot. In reading about interpretation of this type of dream, it was suggested that I confront my attackers instread of running. How do I accomplish this, and what does the recurrence of this dream indicate? It is really starting to bother me and I am feeling that it might be time to speak to a professional about it. I am a well adjusted 58 year old woman, but have had health issues recently, as well as the fact that my housemate is going through a severe emotional crisis at present. Professional comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Wow, I had the same 3x, where someone tried to kill me, but In my mind, I knew I was dreaming sort of , so I told myself to wake up and I woke up, but one time, I struggled to wake up and got shot, this is scary, because it’s almost feels like you died or is dieing for real.

  6. Hello, I had a dream about a thief who was standing behind the back door and she was holding a pistol pointed at me she tried to shoot me but I managed to take it from her, after I took it I carried the pistol upside down so that her finger prints can be still there and took it to the owner of the house where she wanted to robe, what does that dream trying tell me? Please help. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello, I dreamt someone selling me a gun in a packet with many bullets. I open the pack and check and show that the gun is a transparent plastic. So I told the seller that this is a toy gun my 2 year old son is to play with this gun an I never buy it

  7. Ashley Brittany on

    Dreamt my daughter and I were held at gunpoint by her fathers ex girlfriend. The one he left us for. It was a kind of like a robbery yet I didn’t recognize the home. At the end, it was civil. Weird huh.

  8. I keep having a dream that my dad is chasing me down his old street with a gun he never fires it hes just aiming it at me i vaguely remeber there were other people strangers but they were frozen and it was haloween someone help me interpret this dream please

    • my mom dreampt of my dead father assembling a gun.and calibrating it many times,but my mom noticed that he got thin,when his original body build is just fair.
      my father died in a gun shot a month ago.
      i just want to know what could be the meaning of it

  9. I had a dream my landlord brought 6 men to my home were trying to cm in the back door I believe they were being robbes 1 of the men was postal happy and was just shooting the landlord snuck off somehow and then my family came out of no where I immediately had them go to the the car to leave and then I woke up

  10. in my dream I was walking among a crowd of people, when a woman suddenly fires her gun anywhere, without any target. I was crawling at first to dodge the shots and then I ran afterwards. I was running with no direction until I woke up. I was sweating and scared when I woke up. Please help me interpret this dream.

  11. I had a terrifying dream where our house was somewhat old and run down and someone was trying to kidnap me/began shooting. I remember looking out the window of my room and seeing an old man walking his dog, only to get shot in the hand and have his WHOLE arm blow off. It was really disturbing just looking at this old man without a limb, screaming with horror ;_; then my mum yelled at me to go inside. Soon after, my bedroom door started knocking and i had to barricade it with my body whilst calling out for my mum, dad, anyone to help me, but no one came ;_; there were a few more bits to the story but this part is what stuck with me the most. And honestly it was one of the worst dreams i ever had. Can anyone tell me what this means??? I’m really scared if somethings going to happen because i used to have dreams that foretold what’d happen later during the day. Please help.

  12. Mikki Campbell on

    In my dream I am lying next to a women whom I have feelings for and she has feelings for me. (I am a woman). We are sharing an intimate moment but we are surrounded by fire. This woman is quite a bit older than me and the daughter of my previous boss. (Female) My new boss took over the workplace and she appears in this dream – standing just outside the fire – just standing. I get up from the place I’m lying with this woman and I aim a gun straight at my new boss. Then the dream fades …

    It has left me super confused. I would appreciate some understanding to this. Normally I interpret my dreams very well but this one has hit me with a blow.

    • my mom dreampt of my dead father assembling a gun.and calibrating it many times,but my mom noticed that he got thin,when his original body build is just fair.
      my father died in a gun shot a month ago.
      i just want to know what could be the meaning of it

  13. I had a dream last night where I was running from gunshots in a constant loop. But they were being fired far away in the distance in a wooded forest hill area.

    There was some people that I knew in the group I was with. I don’t know what kind of dream I was having but it was a scary one.

    We were all lining up in a great big que to go down a huge water slide in a huge glass dome. Whilst trying to get inside the dome.

    The unknown that were firing the gunshots seemed to be protecting their area of land, yet our group had permission to enter the swimming pool, showing the security guards our wristbands as we entered the doors of the dome.

    No one else was allowed in, everyone around us that seemed to be “trespassing” got hit by a bullet but not our group.

    Any how, we got to the top of the slide, and a stray bullet shattered the tall, glass windows that protected us from the outside world. There were no walls. It was like a big glass, dome, but square. People were screaming, pointing the finger at me. I seemed to have binocular vision, like a horse does. The creature that was holding the gun stared at me for a split second, from it’s hiding place on the hill, which was over 50 miles away, with gun held in hand, lowered it down very slowly, shook their head and flew towards me.

    They were standing behind a tall willow tree, half hidden by a holly bush that had withered from something unknown.

    I couldn’t see who it was very well, but just a black silhouette of a tall man, with a funny stance to his walk as he touched the ground. I looked back at the group who I was with, but they had gone and left, no where to be seen. Only one person stayed behind, intrigued by the strange creature that stood next to me. I heard one final gunshot, and I heard a piercing laughter. A laugh that I knew only too well. The laughter of someone close, that I know in real life. Everything went bright for one second, and I could see clearly who the stranger was. The final gunshot wasn’t fired by the creature standing in front of me, but my friend who had stayed loyal, behind me. Everything went dark after that, I then saw the creatures face clearly and then I woke up. The creature was another someone I know really well, whom I’ve recently helped overcome some mental health issues.

    I think what triggered the final part of the dream was I’d had an argument with my someone who’d said I shouldn’t be helping my other friend with the mental health issues, because I have my own to deal with but I didn’t wan’t to let them down when I’d said I’d help them and I couldn’t understand why the other person wouldn’t let me. No idea where the gun’s came into place though.

    No one spoke in the dream, just silence apart from the crescendo’s of gunshots and the scatterings of the glass dome that shattered above us. Also the noise of the swimming pool area was also loud and clear. But nothing else.

    Never had a dream like that before. Bit strange.

  14. Sinead Mitchell on

    I had a dream last night in which our family lived in a different house on the side of a hill with a drive up to it from a road. Whilst out in the garden (snowy lawn) I noticed a red sport car drive hurriedly up a laneway alongside the house around the back of it(I remember thinking, mustn’t think much of the car driving it like that on that road). Then I was back inside the house when a loud knock came to the front door. Hubby walked past me stating that he’d answer it. When he did, there was a white car in the drive outside the front door(I couldn’t see who was inside it, just seemed like there were 2people in the front of the car. One guy said something and pointed a gun at my hubby, myself and kids were freaking out, but my hubby just seemed to shrug his shoulders and then say”I don’t know what the feckin problem is” and I was screaming at him to come inside and shut the door! Then I woke up

  15. I had a dream my boss gave me a gun. No questions asked. The next night. I dreamed a friend gave me two illegally.

  16. In my dream I pin a woman (I am a woman myself) who is out of control against the wall with her arm straight above her head and she fires the gun repeatedly. When she calms and the gun fire ceases I leave her arm pinned and remove the gun from her hand. It’s a revolver and I open it to see one bullet remains. I was greatful there was one bullet. But I remember feeling this unmoving gratitude while smiling and whispering to myself “just in case”

  17. I dream that there that Isis Men in Black Isis clothes with Mass had guns and it was serve love them and was me and my son and a couple of more people they were just pacing Outdoors trying to find us and then I woke up what does this mean

  18. This was the third time since last week that I had dreams of something like this as a theme. The first 2 times i have a hard time remembering, but I do know that i was with soldiers and we were firing at people who seem to be the enemies. This morning I still was with men. I think I command them. There was this woman eho was in charge if our enemies. She looked like that woman from Westworld. She was my mom I think. Then we infiltrated one of their hovercrafts and used their own guns to shoot them but it was firing blanks and a white flash that blinded me. Then I realized it was a trap and tables have turned. Woke up.

  19. I had a dream I heard my neighbor screamed no. My door for some reason was cracked open and I looked and he had a gun pointed at him so I quickly closed and locked me door. I then ran into my kitchen and called the police. I have no idea why I had seen my neighbor being held at gun point.

    • I dreamt that my gf gave birth to a baby boy and her father got angry that o sneaked into her room, and he threatened me with a gun but she protected me and I ran away

  20. First i dream of someone chasing me. i dont know why and who he is but he’s following me and he wants to harm me i was really scared i wanted to report it to the police and then the dream kinda change and i find myself surrounded with people whom i knew including my boyfriend, auntie, and churchmates. We are all scared because we know some bad guy will appear until that bad guy came and he was carrying a gun he started shooting at people and i was really really scared, my aunt and my boyfriend tried to cover me so that the bullet wont hit me, but it hits my boyfriend and i saw him slowly dying i cannot believe what im seeing i wanted to die with him right away but people around me wanted to kill my bf more. I woke up palpitating and really really scared. Please answer what this dream could mean. I cannot sleep in fear it might have a sequel. I am typing this in the middle of the night right away after i woke up and search for dream meaning and came upon this site

    • eronie tash on

      this dream is very serious so don’t focus on finding reason behind this dream. just start fasting now and seeking protection from God . this is real attach .it happen to me same way but after 2 weeks from dreaming date actually dreamed at 11th match 2020 till today ve been in helo someone wanted to kill me because knows that am living abroad and all airport closed so there is no way go back home to find solution.

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