A Guide to Interpreting Family Dreams and Scenarios You May Encounter


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Family Member Dreams – Dreaming of family members can represent different aspects of your character. Your mother may represent your maternal side and your father may stand for authority. When family members enter your dreams you need to consider what traits in you they represent in your life. They can also come as a warning when a trait or characteristic affects you negatively.

Dreams of family can mean you will have some arguments arise among you. Especially if the dream shows you as being stressed. It also indicates you are protective of yourself and those closest to you. Dreaming of being a child can mean there are things in your current life that are out of your control. You may wish your life to return to times where there was little or no responsibility. You may dream of simplifying your life.

Your relationship with the family member and the situation all need interpretation to give you a greater insight into the meaning of the dream. Analyze your relationship with the family member. This type of dream can represent all sorts of things such as rivalry, love, protection, security, warmth, and jealousy.

Dreams that include family members can take you back to your past. It could be a recent event or someone you met has reminded you of these times. You could also be anticipating a visit from family members or remember them around special occasions. It can make you feel warm, loved, and protected when surrounded by family. This dream can be a reminder of these times. It can also raise old issues, jealousies, and arguments. This can bring back old fears. This is a great time to face them and leave them behind.

Dreaming of a family member that has a face you do not recognize indicates they will be involved in an accident of some type in the future. A female family member in your dream can represent you in your waking life. Relate your real life relationship to the relative to help understand the meaning of the dream.

Seeing a stranger among your family warns there may be some sort of drama or conflict before you can move your life forward. It is a warning to be prepared. Seeing yourself sitting outside of your family, looking in, can mean you do not feel supported. This may be a difficult time but your family may not be able to give you comfort. They have their own issues to solve. This indicates you need to develop a more intimate relationship with yourself.

Family Dream Scenarios


Dreaming of adopting a child is a sign you want to help someone grow. They may be alone and need your help. It can also signify you want to mentor someone to help them achieve their dreams. This may be at any stage in your life. This type of dream can also indicate you are starting something new. You may even adopt a new attitude. You want to take your responsibilities more seriously. You will do what it takes to achieve success.

If you are adopted by someone in a dream, this can mean you may long for a child. Your motherly instincts are at work. It can also mean you want to go back to the simpler times of childhood. A man dreaming of adopting a child indicates you are a generous person. You care about those less fortunate than you and help where you can.

Dreaming of adoption can symbolize transition and change going on in your life. You may be moving house, states, jobs, or be separated from the ones that you love. You may feel you have lost connections with some people. This is a time you may need to make extra effort to stay in touch with each other.

This type of dream can also indicate you will have a happy life if you are about to get married. You may feel sad and nervous about losing your independence, or about whether you are doing the right thing. You need to examine this more deeply to ascertain the truth. Do not be afraid to talk of your fears to the person you are about to commit your life to.


Dreams of family conflict can be a warning to look at how others perceive you. Dreaming of rivalry between your parents can highlight there is a third person involved causing all the trouble. Seeing a family member and the one you love argue indicates you need to appreciate both these people for their individual, unique qualities. Have you been comparing them to each other?

Dreams of family arguments foretells they will materialize in real life in the near future. You may need to stay impartial or you could get dragged into the dramas.



Dreaming of being a foster parent represents your caring nature. This is a message you will soon be financially rewarded for taking risks in your career or business. Dreams of having foster parents indicates you will soon receive a call for help. This will be unexpected and most likely come from within your family. Listen carefully before you agree.


When you dream of an orphan this indicates rejection, frustration, and a sense of abandonment. Maybe you feel totally alone in your life. Do you feel as if there is no one to turn to? Because an orphan has no roots, when they appear in your dream, this can signify a fear of abandonment. It can also raise any old feelings of rejection. This may indicate how you feel after a relationship break-up or when someone you love dies. You maybe grieving for what is lost. You may not be thinking clearly so cannot see there is still much support around.

Seeing yourself as an orphan can mean you have always believed yourself to be alone. This is a reminder that now you are an adult you can change this. You can make choices to erect base foundations to build the rest of your life on. It is also a warning that playing the victim for a lifetime will soon wear thin. You need to take responsibility for yourself sometime.

Helping a lost orphan find their way home can mean you have the ability to make your own home wherever you are. This dream can occur when you move in with someone else, and you are building a home and life together.

If you are caring for an orphan in your dream, this can mean you need to take care of your own feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Take time out to spend with family and friends. This will help you to reconnect with those that love and support you.


When you dream of your parents you can be looking for stability in your waking life. This may be a time when you are becoming independent or may even be starting a new venture or project. You may need to express your childhood worries and fears about yourself you feel your parents did not accept in the past. This type of dream can mean you feel you need the acceptance of your peers. Your parents will have loved you unconditionally and you can rely on their wisdom.

Sibling Rivalry

Dreaming of sibling rivalry indicates you may have current feelings of insecurity. Or, there may be trouble brewing within your family. The family member in your dream represents who you may need to offer support to during a trying time.


When you dream of a family member suffocating you this can indicate that you feel suffocated by that person in real life. They may try to render you powerless. Do they try to control you? Does their constant negativity wear you down? Have you become disconnected from your maternal instincts? Have you hardened your heart against your constant troubles?

Seeing yourself suffocate someone reflects your behavior in real life. You need to consider how you behave towards others. It can also warn that you are repressing a vital part of yourself. Is this something you do?


Dreaming of transformation is usually about changes. If your mother transforms into someone you do not recognize, this can mean growth is coming into your life. It can also indicate you may see some women around you in a completely different light.

A woman dreaming of a father, brother, or partner who transforms into someone else is being clearly warned this is the end of that relationship. You have done all you can to salvage it, but still things do not seem to work. It is time to walk away if you want a better life. You have the choice.

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