Growl Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Growl Dream Symbol – A growl is a menacing noise that indicates to you that the person or thing facing you in your dream is an enemy to you. If you dream of a growling dog, this is a threat facing you in your personal life.

Watch out for new people entering your life, because the guard dog of your subconscious is warning you that they are not to be trusted. Your relationship with the growling dog is important.

If the growl is meant to protect you, this means you should be on your guard against threats. If the growl is aimed at you, this means that someone in your life considers you to be an enemy and does not trust you, or that you yourself know you have not acted in a trustworthy manner to that person.

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  1. Ok I just had a bizarre dream earlier. In it I kept waking up, and every time I woke up something else was happening. Once I woke up shaking violently, but I thought it was real. Then, I woke up trying to put this like pocket watch necklace thing back into my shirt, and it had teeth on it and I could just feel it. I could also see the teeth like I was looking at a mirror. Then I woke up to a bunch of growling and barking at my back door, and I thought wolves were back there. Then I woke up again unable to move, and every time I tried my head and other body parts shook violently side to side. Then I woke up thinking the room across from me was all lit up. Everyone in my family was staring at me unblinking. Then finally my dad yelled at me to take the dog out. I was so confused, I didn’t know what was reality, and what was not real. This happened in a span of 25 or so minutes. How could I have slipped into a dream so fast.

  2. I was dreaming last night and suddenly my dream switched to what I thought was real. I was laying in bed next to my fiancee in the dark, like every night. and she leaned into my face and was growling at me ad showing her teeth… When she did that in the dream (Which I thought was real life) I woke up and sat upright, very quickly, and yelled, “Biancha!” which is her name. She had been sleeping facing away from me before I scared her awake by yelling. I have no idea where this came from. Any insight?

  3. At the early morning around 5.30am I dreamt a dream in which I am staying in my house which is completely different from my real house. I saw a dog roaming in our street and after some time I heard a continues growling sound of dog. I went to see from where the sound is…My god it sat at the gate way of my house and growling there.I was scared and made that dog to go away from there. What does it mean? How it will reflect in my real life situation? Please help me

  4. I didn’t dream about a dog but I was woken by what I can only describe as wild dog growling at me. It seemed like it was right there about to get me. My partner said I woken up saying no moving my arms defensively my heart was fast and my temperature was up. My dream did not involve a dog.

  5. The dog in my dream had only small teeth on the bottom like a puppy and opened its most at me wide several times showing me the top was all black and all gums. The bark was a snarling growl. It frightened me but somewhere inside towards the end of my dream I knew it couldn’t hurt me with out teeth. But that did not cancel out my fear.

  6. The thing that was growling at me in my dream I couldn’t see it was in my closet but I remember thinking about a porcelain doll as it was growling what does this mean?

  7. I had a dream of my dog who was growling at a salesman who told another person that you can’t sell a house because it was haunted but then the salesman started to play with my dog and it slowly started to calm down.

  8. I had a dream there was something evil near where me and family were and a dog started growling and showing teeth to the corner where the evil spirit was. Then the dog started being lifted and choked and I growled at the corner towards the evil spirit. What’s that mean?

  9. Ok! Theres a guy I dated that looks very similar to a relative of mine. In the dream it was the relative but not the guy. What I got from the dream is if your own relatives will lie to you what will a stranger do? My cousins dog was growling at me. See the guy I dated stole $36 from me. I still text him, he claim he will replace it. He also have wmn hate issues, so as your article said he thinks Im the enemy.

  10. SugarBaby17 on

    I am deciphering the dream I had – thank you for the posting. I had I was walking along and a bull dog road up on a skate board, when he stopped and looked at me he had a low growl under his breath. Who ever the person was that was near by called the dogs name (which I don’t remember that part); I do remember it was a man – the man called the dogs name to distract him so he wouldn’t’ growl at me.

  11. I dreamt my sons dad showed up at my apartment,as i was giving him a tour when we got to my room i barly got close to the door and we heard a loud growling noise. He whats that you have a dog? I said no, and went to check it out before i could go in the dog niped me on my leg, but i never saw it just felt it…then the dream changes i feel like im trying to wake myself up and i can hear the growing in my ear, its so close i can feel the moisture and hot breath on my cheek. Again never seeing it just feeling and hearing it. I woke up shaking and feeling very confused.

    • I had the same thing happen, but didn’t feel breath. It’s happened a few times. First time, I was dreaming a “normal” dream & all of a sudden, a vicious growl (something in between human/animal) came right toward my face. It wasn’t a part of the dream–it interrupted my dream–and my eyes popped open. I didn’t take it seriously & went back to sleep. Second time it was an evil hiss right in my ear. As before, it interrupted a regular dream. I did some research after that (you may want to do that yourself), and found many signs of dark forces, had been occurring around me, but I didn’t realize it (smells of sulfur, death, feces; hearing drips of water when no faucet was dripping, & much more). I started reciting prayers for protection, etc. The third time, it was the growl again but it didn’t get as close to me because a benevolent force stepped in front of me and blocked the malevolent force from coming closer. Whoever protected me had great power and it was like this power filled me as well and I struggled to get the words out to force this dark thing away from me. I can’t recall the words, but “Jesus” was one of the “words” I yelled at the thing. I was conscious of what was happening, although I wasn’t awake, but it was not a dream. I feel so much more at peace now. The power of Light/Love is much greater than that of darkness/evil. I didn’t believe in such things until it happened to me. I played with the Quija board when I was a kid. HUGE mistake. God Bless You and Keep You Safe. P.S. I’m not a religious fanatic, but I have a renewed faith in Christ after these experiences & pray/light candles on a regular basis.

      • The exact same thing just happened to me the other morning. I couldn’t sleep since 4 am, and I finally got to sleep around 5:15ish, I had a dream but it didn’t fully finish which I found was very odd, but didn’t think anything of it, so I was resting my eyes when I felt something dark come over me so I opened my eyes and it hugged all around me very tightly, after a minute or so it starts growling (in the same way you just described) in my ear but I couldn’t see it as I was laying on my side and it was behind me. I eventually felt it leave and ran in my sisters room. This happened at exactly 6 am. What should I do in this situation? I don’t want it to happen again.

  12. I dreamt that I was laying down on a swing outside my house and it was night time, I heard a mean like it hated me, but low growl, coming behind my feet, I checked, nothing was there, but in my dream I remeber thinking, it’s a dog, when I see it, it will stop, but I didn’t see anything so, I thought it’s a demon, I thought someone sent a demon, because someone did witchcraft on me and they hate me, i dont know why, but that is what I thought, then I woke up. So after a couple of times of tossing and turning and a few hours passed, I woke up again, I heard my husband snoring, but more like growling, I’m thinking it was his growling that I heard and that’s why I dreamt that or it could have be because he was on the phone before we went to sleep and I asked him who he was chatting with (was nothing, it was just me being paranoid) or because that night we got a call from a family memeber that, a uncle of my husbands side passed. So that is my dream and everything that I think could be the reason why I dreamt it.

  13. I was dreaming about someone that was lying about me and was hurting me. I remember that I was locked in a room in this dream and then this someone entered the door and when I realize it was him I was starting growling like a mean wolf. This was just terrifying.

    I think that the translation might be correct here.. someone is coming into the picture in my life and maybe i need to be aware of possible threats.

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