Groceries Dream Symbol


Groceries – Dreaming of groceries indicates being preoccupied with the basic necessities of life. You are probably insecure about something fundamental in your life. You may actually be worried about having enough money for food. Alternatively, you may be worried about other things in your life, and this dream may be a reminder to consider the most important things. Many concerns can cloud our perspective of what is most important.

If you have recently been over-concerned with problems with work or a new major purchase, your dream about groceries may be a sign that you need to take stock of what you really need to be happy. If you dream of buying groceries to cook a fancy meal, this may be a sign that you need to release your creativity. Even the most basic human needs can be made beautiful by being creative.

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  1. I dreamt I was grabbing all my groceries from the cart to take them to the car and there were other groceries there that I did not buy but someone had left them and they were all things I liked so I grabbed them as well. Then miraculously all of the groceries were I. The car and I was thanking God that I did not have to carry that all by myself. I didn’t know how he had helped me but he did. Then when I got in the car to wait for my friends or family or whoever I was with to come to the car from the store I felt a sense of fear. So I decided I was going to drive the groceries to the house and come back for them or they could find a different ride. I had this looming sense of dread. When I drove I saw a woman and a man dancing on The balcony of their apartment and her boob fell out of her dress and they were laughing and I thought what a jerk to expose her in public like that even if it was just for fun.

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