Greeting Card Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Greeting Card – Greeting cards are timeless ways to send happy thoughts and feelings towards those we care about and, more recently, those we care nothing about but who we want to think kindly of us. Unfortunately, greeting cards have gone from cute to absolutely overdone and meaningless.

While most people simply throw their old greeting cards into the trash after a cursory check or money, dreaming about greeting cards have a completely different meaning. In fact, if you dream about greeting cards, you should pay close attention to who they are from and what they say. These almost certainly reflect the actual feelings of the person in question.

Greeting Dream Symbols

When you dream of a greeting it means there will be benefits from whoever you greet. However, greeting your enemy can mean you are going to have a major argument with an old friend. Seeing an old man greeting you is a sign you have been forgiven for your mistakes and failures in life. If you know the old man, it is a sign of future prosperity and abundance. You have much to look forward to in your waking life.

Greeting a farmer can mean you are focused on growing your own food. Dreaming of greeting a young person means you will escape from the trouble your enemies cause. If you greet a stranger and the greeting is ignored, this signifies your marriage proposal is refused. Seeing two business people greeting each other brings news of business success.

If one of them does not return the greeting, the business can fail. Dreaming of angels greeting you let you know you have greater insight and understanding into the situation. Maybe more than you know. You just need to look deep inside yourself to find the answer.

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