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Graveyard Dream Symbol – Graveyards are a symbol of death and rebirth. If you dream about visiting a cemetery it represents that you are coming to grips with the fact that you will one day die and be reborn. If you were visiting a family member it means that you are finally accepting that person to be gone. If you see a grave that is empty or has your name on it, it means that you may be in grave danger.

Dreaming of being among the tombstones of a graveyard reflects that you do not fear death. This is a sign your life will soon improve. It is impossible to see what happens to you when you leave this world physically. Wandering through a graveyard you may meet the ghosts of people who have passed over. This is a clear sign you need to deeply explore your emotions and thoughts, and why they leave y

Grave stones in the snow in balck and white

ou feeling so unhappy. What makes you sad? Is there someone who makes you feel this way?

Although life is really great you cannot work out why sometimes you still feel down. Dreaming of a graveyard is a message that someone is trying to get a message to you from the other side. Meeting ghost of someone you cared about in a graveyard you are seeking answers about what happens to your soul when you die. This is not something you spend too much time worrying about as you have no control of what happens to you after you die. It can also simply be a dream to bring messages from the spirits of people who have passed over.

Looking after a particular grave can mean you are till mourning a loss. This is a reminder you have to accept the bad with the good that life offers. It is okay to grieve, but you also have to get on with your life. Putting flowers on a grave is a sign there is much joy and happiness shared with your friends and family. Visiting a graveyard with someone symbolizes true friendship. Leaving flowers at a grave shows the sensitive side of your complex character. A graveyard in the country can man that something or someone you thought gone forever suddenly returns to your life.

Going past a graveyard reflects your busy life and making progress towards your dreams. Seeing many graveyards can mean you may have a moral dilemma in your waking life. This is a reminder to stand tall in your truth with integrity. A messy, unkempt graveyard can warn you are being too pessimistic. If you are not careful you will end up old and alone.

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  1. I had a dream . That I was looking for my tombstone with my name on it in the graveyard. Something told me i wasn’t alive anymore.

  2. Last night I had a dream that I was back in high school again (I graduated in 2017) with people I’ve never met before. We had a field trip to go see gravestones decorated in symbols of the dead who were buried there. It was set up kind of like science fair. The teachers were rude and demanding towards all of us once we got there. Once we starting looking at the graves we all started to steal items without a second thought. Once it was time to go back to school we all left scattering to try to hide what we stole but wore it obviously. (We traveled by boat) on the way back home we began to be engulfed by the water and we had apparent superpowers arise keeping us alive. Then I saw spirits surround those who stole from them and the spirits messed with the powers we gained to start killing us off one by one. I watched 2 people die before I woke up.

    What does this mean?

    • In my dream i was inside a graveyard and there was one guy who was mantaining the tombostones and telling me they plant a tree of life in the middle of every grave but one grave they planted the tree but it ddnt grow but instead the tombstone was overlapping in the graveyard road,i tried to see if i could pass through then i couldn’t and used the other road then he explained to me one girl who was at the gravesight and was talking to the friend who was buried close to the overlapping grave and she was also to visit the overlapping grave since they had a connection.As i walked past the graves i came across one where there was a bedlike on top of the grave and a bsby was sleeping on top and they where two adults standing beside and three pillows going upwards and I passed through and woke up

  3. Diana Slaney on

    My niece keeps dreaming about talking to her late father at his grave side and in the dream she can feel the grass and he keeps telling her how proud he is of her and her siblings and his granchildren .. What could this dream mean

  4. I dreamt my husband and I was laying on a flat grave stone with a blanket laughing and very relaxed. Then I remember seeing the grave stone of my late grandfather. Does this have any meaning?

  5. I dream about walking in a grave yard first I was driving and all of a sudden I ended up in a grave yard what’s the meaning of that..

  6. I always see a large open area full of terraced walls and full of graves…spread over several several acres and my own dear friends and family and me as well are unwillingly going in through gates as if for some unpermitted exploration and then wen i am inside i am always at peace…although i keep feeling i shudnt be in the place…. wen i wake up i feel a lil confused by this dream… i always see dreams about the same place or person more than once and i know from my past experiences that it does mean something for the future.

  7. My friend told me his dream were he went alone to a grave yard with roses and the names of 4 of our friends including mine on the tombstones and as he walked by he dropped a rose on each grave he said he was older and he was alone

  8. David B Starkweather on

    I dreamt that I was standing next to the grave of an ex girlfriend. I saw the date 11/29/ ???? in this dream I was talking and paid for perpetual care of her grave because it looked like no one took care of it. woke up crying

  9. Hannah machief on

    I had a dream that I was in a graveyard later on my late sister met me there later on I was given some money to paid some lepral (meaning some works) and the money I was supposed to pay them was over n I was given some extra for mysief, so my late sister was there, so when I was abt to run I could on till lift the graveyard b4 I started running.

  10. Last night i saw that i went to use some puplic restrooms . While i was in i experienced no gravity for about 10 seconds. I was not scared. Then i went back to tell my friends but no one had noticed .

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