Grasshopper Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Grasshopper Dream Symbol – Grasshoppers have a few significant meanings. As a sign of pestilence, grasshoppers are kindred to the locust, which has an infamous record in the tables of history. If you dream about a cloud of grasshoppers it means that bad fortune is stalking you and will soon overcome you and your loved ones in a series of nefarious misfortunes.

On the other hand, the grasshopper is also associated with the new student or the one who learns under a master, as heard in the common phraseology, “You have learned much young grasshopper.” In this meaning of the symbol, dreaming about a grasshopper is rather positive and indicates that you are learning important things in your life.

Grasshopper brings messages of freedom when she hops into your dreams. This is a message you are spiritually enlightened and an independent soul. You are free to choose whatever path brings joy to your heart. She brings messages of material prosperity when she is in her natural environment.

Grasshopper DreamBut, when grasshopper is in your home it can mean a new career or way of earning money. Grasshopper can also symbolize you have trouble making commitments. What or who makes you feel undecided? What stops you from committing? You have all you need to succeed.

When grasshopper hops away from you, you may feel there is something just out of reach. You may have to change some things in your life to attain them. What do you dream of? What would make your dream come true? How can you stop things slipping away?

Killing a grasshopper in your dreams may mean money is on the way that you will share with your family. Finding a dead grasshopper can mean your parents or other family members may help you out financially. When a grasshopper is jumping, your money will soon be spent. Grasshoppers flying around in your dreams can indicate you will inherit wealth from family elders.

Additional Meanings of Grasshopper Dreams

Dreaming of grasshoppers symbolizes speaking before you think. You may currently be distracted and absent-minded. This may mean you dither about never being able to commit to a decision. Do you open your mouth and blurt out whatever is on your mind? What is it that you are so fickle about?

Grasshoppers also indicate there may be mental illness somewhere. This may be you, someone in your family, or a close friend. They will need support from their network of friends. Grasshoppers tend to suggest pessimism, though they can bring fleeting success. It may be fleeting because of your perception. You may have success within your grasp but you may think you do not deserve it. Or, you may even not believe the success is true. Taking this type of attitude will cause any success to simply fade away. You can wish it out of existence.

Seeing grasshoppers in green grass mean means your love life will reach new heights of passion. This may mean you spend more money than usual on romancing your partner. Grasshoppers dying in the grass warn there is an illness of some sort about to come into your life.

Watching grasshoppers in the bright sunlight is an omen of successfully dealing with your problems. Seeing them around other people is a sign you are a trusted keeper of secrets. Many seek you out for your wise counsel.

Trying to catch a grasshopper is a sign you will soon change your life for the better. Catching this little creature means your lifestyle changes become successful and you never look back to the old ways. Hearing the sound of grasshoppers in a dream is another sign there is trouble on the way. It is a sign you rely on others’ opinions of you too much. This should not matter unless you can take their feedback and use it constructively. You limit yourself by being too concerned about what others think of you.

When Grasshopper crosses your Path

Grasshopper crosses your path to let you know you may need too ‘take a leap of faith’. You have the wisdom to meet any challenges head-on. You just need to choose to make that jump.

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  1. I was dreaming more of camping out with my grown kids, kind of reunion-like, nostalgic. In it I sort of an after thought, saw several grasshoppers, just there, it wasn’t significant in any way, but later I saw one trapped in a lost face mask, not struggling, but not well.

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